Wednesday, 19 February 2014

28th Sea Games (Singapore 2015) Launch Party!

Was so glad I got to be a part of this event. Always have this sense of satisfaction in me, when I am involved in the set up of an event, and then see it run smoothly, and successfully. Even if I was roped in really last minute for this, and did not really do much, this event, is really not one that would happen every day. So to have been a part of this was just fantastic, to say the least!

Plus, got some perks, being able to loiter backstage! Saw my fave mediacorp artiste Tay Ping Hui, along with the rest of the cast of World At Your Feet and Scrum. /Although, I really did not recognise a single of the cast member of the latter except Felicia/ But, yea, got a photo with Tay Ping Hui and Zheng Ge Ping (really is super happy ok!), and even managed to make small talk with Zheng Ge Ping about me and his daughter having the same name [Tay Ying]!

With Tay Ping Hui *^*
With Zheng Ge Ping!

The really cute mascot, Nila. 
Nila the mascot, who was so aptly named after the "original" ruler of Singapore, Sang Nila Utama.

 New friends I made, the really enthusiastic bunch of boys, ogling girls back stage, but what can I say. Boys will always be boys..

The gorgeous Daphne Khoo
And of course, Daphne! Her voice was really good live! "We are the greatest~~~" Yea, it was fun singing away backstage with the boys to her songs! And, she's just so friendly, its unimaginable!

Oh! Saw Kim somewhere for a moment and only managed to briefly say hi before I had to rush off to finish some wok. Would have been great if I had managed to catch up with her though. 

But overall, the event was just wonderful, and honestly, worth every bit of the lack of sleep I had for that 3 nights I was involved! /Except for the ridiculous tan line I came out with, despite being in the shade for almost the entire time. It's not that I don't wanna be tan, in fact, I'd love to go tanning, but I wasn't prepared for a tan, considering how I barely get out of the shade and into the sun, and now I have ugly t-shirt sleeves tan lines :(

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Anyone who knows me well enough, would know that the one thing I hate the most is tardiness. To the point where I can even use the word loath. I really cannot stand being late, and people being late. I HATE WAITING.

Swear to god, I've ditched appointments before because the other party was late, and I'd do it again. In fact, it happened just this afternoon.

Seriously though, life has the meanest streak. They play the cruellest most evil tricks they can on you. For someone who hates tardiness as I do, it really is just my luck to be (best) friends with people who are FOREVER LATE. I'm not even kidding. I honestly lost count as to how many times I've had to wait, for hours on end for them. It's not even funny, considering how I give them leeway, and leave the house later than I would to meet any normal time-abiding people.

Truth be told, I just can't even bring myself to speak to the person whom I was supposed to meet today. The disappointment I feel, coupled with total annoyance, and anger. If I even tried speaking to said person, I think I'd end up saying a lot of mean things I wouldn't mean, and it's just gonna be everything uncalled for. But really, more than anything else, I just don't think I can hide the disappointment in me for the moment.

Been left feeling all moody, upset and just plain chised off the whole day, and was even pulling a black face around the house all day. But whatever I guess, its kinda my fate to deal with, and there's not much I can do about it but to suck it up and get on with life.

To the fella I was supposed to meet today, if you happen to come across this, I'll reply your texts when I'm not so angry anymore... Although, it has already almost completely dissipated, I still am all sorts of upset at you. I'm sure you know.

/on a side note though, I really just wish my future boyfriend would be anything BUT tardy. It really is not a value, and in fact just a bad quality that would reflect badly upon anyone.