Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Make up woes

First off, long time no see 囧rz // I didn't mean to leave this space empty for all that long, but I guess I've just kinda been drowning in a sea of never ending assignments. This semester's pretty much heavily assignment based and just all sorts of self discipline (which I honestly lack in). Well, to cut the story short though, just gotten 3 submissions and 2 presentations out of the way over the last 2 weeks, and am looking at 1 presentation next Tuesday, 1 test next Sunday, followed by 2 submission the following week (which also coincides with my birthday chalet weekend, ugh)!

Alright, anyway, to get back to why I'm here typing this post out on my mobile (while I should actually be getting my readings done, to be honest)... 

Make up woes. Or rather make up woes for people living in Singapore. 
Just popped by Sephora the other day to get myself some new eyeliners because I was out of one and running out of another, and lo and behold, prices have went up!!!!! Make up is really way too expensive in Singapore (first world problems!) Just take a look at all the Korean cosmetic brands, sure you may think it's cheap compared to what you can get in Sephora etc, but they probably cost 1.5-2 times as much as what you can get them for in Korea! Anyway, back to My buys at Sephora, Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner is now $32, $2 up from it's previous cost of $30 :( ok you may say that it's not even that much of an increase, but for someone who goes through an entire length of eyeliner as quickly as I do, you'd definitely feel the pinch. (It's only $20 in Sephora US, which comes up to 25SGD). 

Which brings me to the next make up woe! Lining my eyes! Being someone with a monolid, and as many other ladies with monolids would know, our eyelids swallows up the eyeliner. So drawing a thin line along your lash line is never gonna work out. It takes probably 3-5 times what someone with a double eyelid would apply, for us to even look like we have eyeliners on. But that's only when we have our eyes open. The moment we close them, you'd probably be looking at a mountain. 

And this is also why, a smudge proof eyeliner will always be a monolid girl's best friend. Because when you open your eyes, they'd most probably rub off on the upper half of your eyelids leaving you with a dirty eyeliner look, which no one really wants. And that's why my favourite pencil liner, would always be Urban Decay's 24/7 in Perversion (which could probably pass off to be blacker than charcoal!), which is really, smudge proof! And honestly, it's not easy finding eyeliners that actually stay for over 8hours without budging a bit. So this one is really a gem. It's just a pity that the prices went up though...

On a side note, the other eyeliner that I finished and wanted to get again, Stila's smudge stick water proof liner which I had actually finish sometime ago was still conveniently out of stock, so I've decided to just forgo it since I've been looking for months and in multiple outlets to no avail, and decided to try out one from NYX. Haven't actually tested it out for the wearability yet, but when I tested it in the shop, it actually dried really quick, and didn't budge at all! So, I'll just have to test it out for a day wear and see if it's really just as good!! P.s. This costs only $11!