Saturday, 3 August 2013

EVIAN: Baby & Me

I bet most if not all of you should have heard about the Evian Baby and Me app, and most probably played with it too!
I tried it out finally, after having downloaded it, and left it there for like close to a month.
My babies, all turned out to be a boy, no matter the amount of times I tried!
I want girl babies!!! :(((
But anyway, here they are~~
Other than the bottom two babies where I used my hair to cover up the uneven jawline, it seems, my babies would take after my uneven ugly jawlines. HUH, sian:(
I hope fate won't be so mean to my babies in future though...
And that they won't be so mean as to not give me any daughters either! I would really love to have a baby girl to dress her up all pretty, and bring her out on dates to pamper ourselves with, like high tea, mani-pedis and stuff like that!
On a side note, mani-pedi date with the mumsie on Monday! Can't wait:)))

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