Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Korean lookalike

So, ever since I chopped my hair off and permed it just before CNY this year, I have been receiving comments on how Korean I look especially coupled with my make up. But those was just some really rare comments I heard here and there, and it really wasn't till month of April, that I've been hearing that comment pretty much. Like more than 10 times in the span of just mere 30 days.

The most unbelievable one that I heard, just last week in fact, was that someone here at KM (where i'm working temporarily for a month) said that I look more Korean than the Korean designer seated upstairs. Like WHAT??!?!! How can that even be so. It's honestly quite amazing to hear that I look like a Korean, considering that they are pretty damn popular and stuff, and mostly on the pretty end of the scale.

 And so, as much as I cannot see the resemblance however much I look into the mirror or in my photos, I suppose there has to be some sort of a semblance at least for me to be hearing so much that I look like one of them. And, I could take it as a compliment too, cos like I said, they are really mostly pretty and pretty good looking.

SO, do you think I look like a Korean? Let me know your thoughts! ^^~
 XOXO, Aubs!

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