Wednesday, 24 September 2014

one step closer

Final Semester of my 20 months stint in university.
So excited at the prospect of being that much closer to receiving my degree, yet at the same time, all sorts of worried for my future. But that aside though, looking at my near future, what I can say is, I'm gonna have to put in so much more effort this semester as compared to previous semesters.

As if it isn't enough that studying in a private university means having to be highly motivated, and having the drive to self study (which I obviously do not do enough of), I happen to be highly unfortunate this semester, and have the same lecturer for both of my marketing mods. The thing though, is that this lecturer is a total uncle, who can't seem to speak much less teach properly. Especially when I look at past modules, the concepts he teach doesn't even sounds the same half the time.

So my only hope, is myself, but that really doesn't sound to promising either. Which means, I can only pray. HAHAHA.

Ok, but my whining aside, I really have so much I wanna blog about, but can never seem to find the time and sit down to draft it out proper. Assignments are already piling up to my neck, and it's only week 2 >:( I'll try my best though.. We'll see how it goes.

And for now, it's back to report writing for me..

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I didn't die


No, I didn't disappear. Was just so overwhelmed by school and exams the past few months.
Never have I worked on a project so much. I can't say I did so diligently, because, I definitely did slack off sometimes, well, who wouldn't. But then to be honest, it was really one of the hardest project I've ever worked on, and also the most time consuming one. Yet at the end of the day, it made me so happy to know that we've attained a distinction for that project, and the presentation to the organisation went really well, and they gave us loads of praises for the project, so it was really satisfying.

Then exams started right after the projects was done with, so I barely had any time for myself, what with studying and everything else.

And immediately after exams ended, right now even, I'm working on SG Night Festival!
It's my third year working on this project already, and it gives me so much satisfaction to be able to work on this project continuously even after I've left my internship company and all. This being such a huge event and on a national/government scale as well.

That aside though, I really do intend on keeping up this blog, and will try my best to post more often!

Now though, I better be getting back to work! So, see ya'll around!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Make up woes

First off, long time no see 囧rz // I didn't mean to leave this space empty for all that long, but I guess I've just kinda been drowning in a sea of never ending assignments. This semester's pretty much heavily assignment based and just all sorts of self discipline (which I honestly lack in). Well, to cut the story short though, just gotten 3 submissions and 2 presentations out of the way over the last 2 weeks, and am looking at 1 presentation next Tuesday, 1 test next Sunday, followed by 2 submission the following week (which also coincides with my birthday chalet weekend, ugh)!

Alright, anyway, to get back to why I'm here typing this post out on my mobile (while I should actually be getting my readings done, to be honest)... 

Make up woes. Or rather make up woes for people living in Singapore. 
Just popped by Sephora the other day to get myself some new eyeliners because I was out of one and running out of another, and lo and behold, prices have went up!!!!! Make up is really way too expensive in Singapore (first world problems!) Just take a look at all the Korean cosmetic brands, sure you may think it's cheap compared to what you can get in Sephora etc, but they probably cost 1.5-2 times as much as what you can get them for in Korea! Anyway, back to My buys at Sephora, Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner is now $32, $2 up from it's previous cost of $30 :( ok you may say that it's not even that much of an increase, but for someone who goes through an entire length of eyeliner as quickly as I do, you'd definitely feel the pinch. (It's only $20 in Sephora US, which comes up to 25SGD). 

Which brings me to the next make up woe! Lining my eyes! Being someone with a monolid, and as many other ladies with monolids would know, our eyelids swallows up the eyeliner. So drawing a thin line along your lash line is never gonna work out. It takes probably 3-5 times what someone with a double eyelid would apply, for us to even look like we have eyeliners on. But that's only when we have our eyes open. The moment we close them, you'd probably be looking at a mountain. 

And this is also why, a smudge proof eyeliner will always be a monolid girl's best friend. Because when you open your eyes, they'd most probably rub off on the upper half of your eyelids leaving you with a dirty eyeliner look, which no one really wants. And that's why my favourite pencil liner, would always be Urban Decay's 24/7 in Perversion (which could probably pass off to be blacker than charcoal!), which is really, smudge proof! And honestly, it's not easy finding eyeliners that actually stay for over 8hours without budging a bit. So this one is really a gem. It's just a pity that the prices went up though...

On a side note, the other eyeliner that I finished and wanted to get again, Stila's smudge stick water proof liner which I had actually finish sometime ago was still conveniently out of stock, so I've decided to just forgo it since I've been looking for months and in multiple outlets to no avail, and decided to try out one from NYX. Haven't actually tested it out for the wearability yet, but when I tested it in the shop, it actually dried really quick, and didn't budge at all! So, I'll just have to test it out for a day wear and see if it's really just as good!! P.s. This costs only $11! 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Movie break!

For someone whose last movie in a cinema was in November of last year, I ended up catching both X-Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent within a week in cinemas!!
It was somewhat of a nice breakaway from everything else for that short two hours though, I must say. Just sitting in the darkened theatre, and thoroughly enjoying myself without a care for anything else... It has been a long 2 months, without rest for me, and this really came as a thorough enjoyment for myself!

I must say though, the ending to X-Men is gonna be hard to understand if you are slow on the uptake. But, Maleficent was just so wonderful! Sleeping Beauty had always been my favourite Disney princess, and this is just totally the icing on the cake!

OK, and now, as much as I would like to stay and blog more, I have to get back to work. Assignments are piling, and it sucks. BUT, many thanks to Tris, who has so kindly gifted me with a pair of tickets to catch BAP tonight, so at least it's not gonna be too dull a day for me!! :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


It's only week 2, and I feel like I'm already swamped with a whole lot to do. With an entire subject that is almost as good as working on a professional proposal, coupled with the need to actually go out and contact/meet stakeholders, conduct (professional) surveys and what not.. It seems like I'm actually looking at weeks of sleepless nights, countless research and report writing. Hopefully I can pull through this sem just fine. So stressed out by this project, and honestly, projects have never been my forte, but this one here is just downright scary. Probably one of, if not the toughest project I've even had to take on in all my years of education, and I just pray that we can do well for this..

POL seems to be almost as bad, because of the topic issue. Considering that 3 assignment are interrelated, it really shows how wise one must be when deciding on the topic to broach. Choosing one wrong topic would literally mean the death of your grades, and that's just BAD.

Really praying to all the gods out there, to see me through this sem well. I don't even ask for fantastic grades.. It really isn't necessary. I just don't wanna fail anything at all.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

is it meant to be?

Honestly thought I have improved, and am stronger, and more capable of managing my emotions now. But it turns out, as shown through last night's episode, that I am indeed still lacking a lot in this department. It's not that I don't have the means to solve problems thrown at me. I know I can, but I tend to let my stress levels eat me up, and my emotions to run me down. The bottom line, is actually that I think too much. About things that I honestly should not let affect me.

I guess, one thing I need to overcome the most is the monster in my brain. That monster that keeps me thinking thoughts that are wholly unnecessary, that makes me upset when I don't even need to be, because I could just as well view any issue in an entirely opposite light, but I choose to think of the worse case scenario. Which, probably might not even be what is happening in fact.

However though, last night has led me to think, if this is really the path I should take in the future. As much as I do enjoy it, I tend to be afraid, and swallow myself up. And like I did say, my emotions are always running amok, which may not be the best for me. I suppose, I do need to revaluate myself, and what I want for myself in life. Be it personally, as an individual, or even just for the general future ahead of me.

One thing I know for certain, is that I need to stop being so soft, and be firm with my words and actions. To be more confident, and sure of myself. There's a lot I can change, and a lot I need to work on, but baby steps. Knowing what my main issues are at least, would allow me to make baby steps I need to improve myself.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


It's not easy knowing that I spent 10 years of my life in a place, and walking out of there without any true friend by my side, and I guess, just recently, I've came to that realisation that whatever I do, it will not bring back the past, and what's gone is gone. There is no going back to those young and ignorant days of mine, trying to make things better, and all I can do for now is to just move on and look forward, and try to make my life in its current stage better and more fulfilling. To treasure those around me even more, and to spend more time with them, as much as I can. And even if I am someone who don't often text people, that I should still contact them every once in awhile to show them that I still do think about them often. That even if I may not show it, that they do in fact matter very much to me.

Personally, I'm not someone who knows how to show people my affections well, I tend to get very clingy when close, and when we're still in the getting to know each other stage, I may appear all distant and what not. I'm not the easiest person to talk to, that's for sure. I have my bad days too. Being someone who's mood runs on the extreme, whereby I may be all cheerful one moment, and moody the next, it really isn't easy for those around me. But stick closer, and you'll come to find, that I'm someone very deserving and worthy of your friendship too.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I can't seem to hold on to people very well. Perhaps it's my lack of effort put in to contact someone when I don't see them, but please don't hold it against me. I just don't quite know how to keep a conversation going when it's through such virtual means. I'm just more of a physical/face-to-face person...

Feeling really emotional these past few nights. Surging thoughts and just crazy emotional rollercoasters of feeling like I'm never good enough, for anyone. Honestly, I think I'm such a hypocrite right at this moment, because I just told a friend "nobody is ever not good enough" but here I am, belittling myself, because I really don't feel like I'm a good enough person to those around me sometimes, most of the time. And just, I don't feel very well liked, or wanted, and well... you get my point..?

But I guess, some scars never do fade away entirely, even if they do lighten over time (like that huge one on my leg :< ) And, it just leaves one feeling all sorts of insecurities, and making one erect walls all sorts of unnecessary. And it's just not easy to there them down again, even if you try really hard. Perhaps one day though, I'll be able to put down my load and start as new as I could possibly do so, and I'll be looking forward for that one day's arrival.

*Special thanks to those who's been telling me through WA that it's not the quantity but the quality that matters, and that no matter what I'll still have you by my side. It's comforting to know that through it all, there's still people who care, and really, I can't be more than thankful for this fact. Because at least I know, that I don't have to stand strong alone. That there's gonna be someone I can fall back on when I need to. Thank you for being there! And I will always be there for you too! <3

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Korean lookalike

So, ever since I chopped my hair off and permed it just before CNY this year, I have been receiving comments on how Korean I look especially coupled with my make up. But those was just some really rare comments I heard here and there, and it really wasn't till month of April, that I've been hearing that comment pretty much. Like more than 10 times in the span of just mere 30 days.

The most unbelievable one that I heard, just last week in fact, was that someone here at KM (where i'm working temporarily for a month) said that I look more Korean than the Korean designer seated upstairs. Like WHAT??!?!! How can that even be so. It's honestly quite amazing to hear that I look like a Korean, considering that they are pretty damn popular and stuff, and mostly on the pretty end of the scale.

 And so, as much as I cannot see the resemblance however much I look into the mirror or in my photos, I suppose there has to be some sort of a semblance at least for me to be hearing so much that I look like one of them. And, I could take it as a compliment too, cos like I said, they are really mostly pretty and pretty good looking.

SO, do you think I look like a Korean? Let me know your thoughts! ^^~
 XOXO, Aubs!

Sunday, 27 April 2014


This may apply to anyone with a long torso in general, but since I'm a female, I'm writing this in the perspective of one.

1. Dresses always ends up shorter than it's meant to be.
It's always kinda annoying that dresses ends up shorter than it would be on any other ladies. What's worse is that you'd be at risk of zao-geng more easily than anyone else. Mini dresses ends up as tops.

2. Maxi Skirts are always too long for you.
Actually most any skirts and bottoms ends up longer because the longer body means shorter legs, and thus clothes always needs to be altered

3. Wearing pants actually makes you look shorter.
As mentioned, proportion matters a lot when wearing clothes, and the shorter legs just tends to make you look shorter when you're wearing pants, especially those cropped at the ankles. But at least there are high waist clothes to make you look like you have slightly longer legs.

4. Rompers never fit
They somehow always gets jammed at your crotch, because it's made for regularly proportioned people. I.e. the body is of the clothe is short and it's never enough to cover up your chest.

5. Shirts sometimes are just too short
They tend to end up looking weird if you're wearing them with low waist bottoms. There'll be some skin flashing and all, and it just doesn't look good. Crop tops only ends up accentuating the fact that you have an extremely long body even more.

These are just the main issues I face when it comes to clothes. *let me know what are some of the problems you face with a long torso!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


//For those who can't read Chinese, the title to this post means (literally translated) hugging Buddha's leg in the last minute//

I've been lamenting to my friends, mostly my group mates how unmotivated I have been this semester, and it's just t getting any better. Down to literally the last 3/4 days before the semester comes to a close with the two exam papers I've to sit for.

Anyone who knows me well enough, would know that as a student, I rarely leave the studying till the extreme last minute. Because no matter what I would try and start my revisions at least 3 weeks before my papers to give me ample time for note making and memorising as much as my pea brains can hold. No really, I'm sure I have brains the size of a pea. /I always have issues when it comes to memorising school work. BUT none when it comes to memorising the lyrics to a song./ ok, but that's beside the point here.

So this semester, has proven to be the actual worst in my whole life as a student. I have been feeling soooo out of it I don't actually know how I managed to even pass my assignments. Seriously. I worked on my 2000 word report just he night before it was due to be submitted, and miraculously scored a 60/100. Missed my test because my brain remembered the wrong timing, and I failed to double check after a night of partying, and took a retest without much revision from what I initially studied and passed by the mere breadth of my hair.

And as I was saying, I normally start studying about 3 weeks before, but this time around, no matter how much I told myself to sit down and start, it just never did happened, until last Friday, where I only managed 2 chapters, and then spent Saturday lazing around before heading for SY's birthday party, and finally attempting again on Sunday. So you could say, my actual start where I managed more than just 2 chapters was actually Monday. Considering that I didn't pay much attention in class at all this semester, I mean like zero attention, there's actually A LOT that I have to study for especially since I have two papers on the SAME DAY!

I just pray that some higher being out there gives me the strength and super human memory that I so definitely need to pass these two papers. I don't need much, and I won't ask for much, but just a pass grade would be more than enough. I really cannot afford to fail a single module at all, because remoduling actually costs money, and that's just a definite no go. SO PLEASE PLEASE JUST LET ME PASS!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

i give up


Honestly, I cannot take this anymore. I try so hard to give my best effort, and make an effort to bringing our relationship closer, and stuff. But if the effort is not reciprocated, or even at least met, it just makes me feel so dejected. It's like, what am I even trying so hard for? I don't have to. I'm not obligated to.

We live under the same fucking roof, but we don't really know much about one another do we... 20 and 17 years of being your older sister respectively, but what do I really know about the both of you. Other than what I can see on the surface, and what I can tell about your personalities, NOTHING. ZILCH.

I sometimes, wonder if we really are family. Or if any other family out there is like this too? Never understanding one another beyond what's visible.. I understand that this is a sensitive topic and stuff, but right now, I just kinda need to get it out of my system.

I mean, like if you were in my position, and you constantly tried to make plans to go out with your sister or brother, but is always rejected for reasons like "I rather sleep" or "Don't think I'm free" or "huh, lazy la" wouldn't you feel as upset as I was, and currently am?

I don't know, but I think I've hit the breaking point, and I've had enough of putting in effort only to see it wash down the drain fruitlessly. I just can't anymore.

Monday, 10 March 2014



If you haven't already saw, I had shared this maybe quite a few days ago on tumblr, and fed it to my twitter as well. But here's the news!


Finally getting my wish come true~ We'll be counting down at the 101 in Taipei. Yay to spectacular fireworks, and 7-8 hours of concert with mandopop artiste (although I don't yet know who the line up is, I really don't give two hoots even if there isn't someone I remotely like performing that night right at this moment)! I honestly can't wait! It's like gonna be the most exciting, EVER!

We'll be headed to Kaohsiung; Kenting; Yilan; Taipei & Taoyuan this time around. /It's gonna be our third time in Taiwan this year end. First time was what seemed like a gazillion years ago, back in summer of '08, and the previous was also during the Chirstmas period in '12. Missed the countdown then by like a mere half a day. Our flight was on the morning of the 31st. It was really upsetting, considering 2013's countdown saw major acts like Aaron Kwok!!!

And although the itinerary is still really loose yet, all that matters, is that the hotel in TPE has been booked, and we're all set to spend two nights (30 & 31 Dec) there, before heading off to Taoyuan for some major R&R time, most probably gonna book a hot spring resort or something, and come back on the 3/4 of January.

Oh, and... Daddy just happily tasked me to set the plans for Kenting on my own. Like, he just threw me free reigns to do what I want entirely, from booking of the hotel/resort to the day's plans, including where we will eat, and how we will drive there from Kaohsiung, to the point we reach Yilan. But then again, it's just one night in Kenting, so it shouldn't be that bad. Just have to find a reasonably priced accommodation in a convenient location to the places worth looking at... 

On a hindsight though, Kenting in winter. HAHAHA. Prepared to freeze my butt off. Sea winds are literally no joke.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


I've dieted so many times I can't even count how many different types I've tried.
Some, gives me good lasting results, whilst others, are mere temporary water weight lost.

I've been on a variety of fruits and/or vegetable diets, often lasting 3-5 days which sees me losing 2-3kilos by the end of the third day. Low carbs, or as low as I can manage.. I love rice.
But the most recent, (on-going) diet I'm attempting is just dismal, and makes me really miserable.
It's a 7 day fruit and vegetable diet which I came across, with fixed meal plans, and depending on how closely you follow the diet, it states that one should be able to lose 7-8kilos at the end of the diet.
Am currently half way through D4, and the results are proving to be far from so.

Started of as such:
D1: _2.4
D2: _0.8 = >1.6kilo
D3: _0.4 = >0.4kilo
D4: _0.3 = >0.1kilo

Which makes it only a total of 2.1kilos down from my start weight, on D4. If, judging by the rate I'm dropping the kilos, it'd never attain the 7-8kilo weight loss it stated.

But, that's still fine, because not every diet works for everyone. What has me so miserable is that fact that even on my one meal a day diet, which I maintained for 2 months and lost 8kilos and maintained for over a year and counting, with another 2kilos shed somewhere along the way, didn't have me feeling quite as hungry constantly as I am on this diet.
My tummy is constantly growling, and I have this urge to snack so bad from the moment I wake up, that I actually end up eating a few nuts here and there to quell my stomach because the fruits and vegetables just doesn't cut it.

Perhaps that's why the weight didn't go down after day 2, because that's when the weird stomach happened, and even at this very moment, my tummy is growling, ferociously!

I still have another 3 days to go, and hopefully the results would make a turn for the better over the next few days, and since I get to include a cup of rice in my meal the next 3 days, my stomach wouldn't be quite so bad anymore, but honestly, I have half a mind of giving up on this diet already. Really never have I felt so upset and miserable when dieting, this is just crazy.

/give me strength to carry on!/

P.S: Although my BMI is now within the acceptable range based on height and weight, it really is just barely scrapping through, and I really do hope to be able to bring it down some more... About 5-6kilos from my own goal to an ideal weight for myself. But let's be honest here, I definitely won't say no to losing more, so let's just hope this works out well in the end, yea!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

28th Sea Games (Singapore 2015) Launch Party!

Was so glad I got to be a part of this event. Always have this sense of satisfaction in me, when I am involved in the set up of an event, and then see it run smoothly, and successfully. Even if I was roped in really last minute for this, and did not really do much, this event, is really not one that would happen every day. So to have been a part of this was just fantastic, to say the least!

Plus, got some perks, being able to loiter backstage! Saw my fave mediacorp artiste Tay Ping Hui, along with the rest of the cast of World At Your Feet and Scrum. /Although, I really did not recognise a single of the cast member of the latter except Felicia/ But, yea, got a photo with Tay Ping Hui and Zheng Ge Ping (really is super happy ok!), and even managed to make small talk with Zheng Ge Ping about me and his daughter having the same name [Tay Ying]!

With Tay Ping Hui *^*
With Zheng Ge Ping!

The really cute mascot, Nila. 
Nila the mascot, who was so aptly named after the "original" ruler of Singapore, Sang Nila Utama.

 New friends I made, the really enthusiastic bunch of boys, ogling girls back stage, but what can I say. Boys will always be boys..

The gorgeous Daphne Khoo
And of course, Daphne! Her voice was really good live! "We are the greatest~~~" Yea, it was fun singing away backstage with the boys to her songs! And, she's just so friendly, its unimaginable!

Oh! Saw Kim somewhere for a moment and only managed to briefly say hi before I had to rush off to finish some wok. Would have been great if I had managed to catch up with her though. 

But overall, the event was just wonderful, and honestly, worth every bit of the lack of sleep I had for that 3 nights I was involved! /Except for the ridiculous tan line I came out with, despite being in the shade for almost the entire time. It's not that I don't wanna be tan, in fact, I'd love to go tanning, but I wasn't prepared for a tan, considering how I barely get out of the shade and into the sun, and now I have ugly t-shirt sleeves tan lines :(

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Anyone who knows me well enough, would know that the one thing I hate the most is tardiness. To the point where I can even use the word loath. I really cannot stand being late, and people being late. I HATE WAITING.

Swear to god, I've ditched appointments before because the other party was late, and I'd do it again. In fact, it happened just this afternoon.

Seriously though, life has the meanest streak. They play the cruellest most evil tricks they can on you. For someone who hates tardiness as I do, it really is just my luck to be (best) friends with people who are FOREVER LATE. I'm not even kidding. I honestly lost count as to how many times I've had to wait, for hours on end for them. It's not even funny, considering how I give them leeway, and leave the house later than I would to meet any normal time-abiding people.

Truth be told, I just can't even bring myself to speak to the person whom I was supposed to meet today. The disappointment I feel, coupled with total annoyance, and anger. If I even tried speaking to said person, I think I'd end up saying a lot of mean things I wouldn't mean, and it's just gonna be everything uncalled for. But really, more than anything else, I just don't think I can hide the disappointment in me for the moment.

Been left feeling all moody, upset and just plain chised off the whole day, and was even pulling a black face around the house all day. But whatever I guess, its kinda my fate to deal with, and there's not much I can do about it but to suck it up and get on with life.

To the fella I was supposed to meet today, if you happen to come across this, I'll reply your texts when I'm not so angry anymore... Although, it has already almost completely dissipated, I still am all sorts of upset at you. I'm sure you know.

/on a side note though, I really just wish my future boyfriend would be anything BUT tardy. It really is not a value, and in fact just a bad quality that would reflect badly upon anyone.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Not the nicest thing to hear

I might have mentioned this somewhere before, maybe here, or maybe on my wordpress back then, but just so you'd have a clearer picture of what I am going to be talking about, here's what happened.
Daddy gotten into an accident just months after I was born, and it was pretty bad. Bad as in even until today, 20 years later, he still has screws embedded in his bones in his leg; Bad as in the car was mutilated so badly, it had to be scrapped; Bad as in there was even newspaper articles about the accident when it occurred.

From what I know of it, from the age that I was able to understand things well enough, that the area where the accident occurred, was an accident prone zone, and he was not the first to have encountered such an accident, and neither is he the last.

However, he likes to (jokingly, as I am inclined to believe), put the blame of that accident on my shoulders. Because, as he says, he took care of me in the night after a long day of work to let mummy rest, and so was lacking the 精神 to drive that day, which thus resulted in the crash.

But, daddy, as much as I love you, there is a limit to such jokes. Because, don't you think, it would hurt? Once, twice, maybe three times, I can accept. But every time anything to do with the accident comes up, you'd just so conveniently say "It's all your fault lor..." Don't you think I'd be affected?

Do you think I would have wished that accident upon you? That I want you to have gotten so hurt that you were in hospital for such a long time? Honestly, each joke should have it's limit, and this has gone way past the acceptable line. When you mentioned it over dinner earlier, I was so terribly upset. To the point that I barely said a single word from that point. But, you didn't seem to realise at all. And to think, you are actually quite observant. I honestly didn't and would never peg you as someone to be so obtuse, and so I hope, for my sake and mental well-being more than anything else, that you'd just seriously drop this joke forever. Because, it really hurts to be labelled as the one at fault for an accident, one which I have no intention of causing, and also could not have in any way made happen. Really, it's not the nicest thing to hear, or even feel. Put yourself in my shoes, and I'm pretty sure you'd feel the same as I do.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Week 1 of 13

Just like that, I have completed week 1 of 13 of sem 3.
Assignments seems to be manageable, with only one group work for services marketing and one group and one individual for sustainable tourism. Projects mates are people I'm more than familiar with, so that's definitely a plus, wayyyy better than last semester I must say. Now, let's just pray, that I can get my act together, and ace these subjects, and do well for this semester!
No more shoddy results! I know I can do it! /brainwashing self/

Monday, 6 January 2014


Dreading this moment oh so much, but then there's nothing I can do to delay it any longer. Not unless someone has the ability to stop time at this second, and freeze it for an eternity. School officially begins again for me tomorrow, and I'm just sooooo not prepared for it.

On the bright side though, infinitely thankful for the fact that I managed to grab classes with my friends for this semester unlike the previous one, so I definitely won't be alone/have to worry about finding project mates for group work! Also, the fact that I only have two mods this sem is really quite a good thing.

So, stepping into my third sem now, and that means, I'm left with only 2 more after this! Can't wait! Gonna be a graduate by the end of the year! This is actually all sorts of exciting, other than the fact that it means I'm going to have to step into the working world REAL SOON, and that also means less play time, but still, BRING IT ON!

Ok. I'm just really trying to find things to do, because I don't feel like sleeping, and there's nothing that seem to be interesting to do/watch. Recommendations, anyone?

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Walked into sephora today, and totally fell on love with the NYX Bohemian Chic palate. And it's at such a steal, of 39SGD with 24 eyeshadows and 2 blush shades!

Only thing is, I really can't decide if I should be spending such unnecessary money! Ok, one can never have too many make up, but! all the palates I own are in nude/earthy tones and so is this... And, considering how little I earned last month, I really don't have the spare cash for this! BUT STILL, it's extremely tempting. 

Should I go back and get it????

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

And so, a year has gone by just like that. It's been an eventful year, with a few ups and thankfully, not so many downs. Got closer with people whom I treasure so very much, and love with all my heart! And, for once, made true on my new year's resolution.
Every year, my resolution would be to lose weight, and this year would be no different! Lost a whopping 10 kilos this entire year, and am hoping to lose another 8-10 more! It's not easy to achieve, considering how lazy I am, but I WILL GET THERE.
This year's goals include successfully completing my degree at the end of the year, with better grades than I am currently scoring. Just three more semesters to go, it's not a long way, and I know I can do better!
Further goals includes curbing my excessive spending, and saving money! Am always such a shopaholic, which totally leaves me with as good as no savings, and I really need to change this! Am going to complete my studies soon, and step into the proper world of adulthood. Can't honestly enter the working life without savings, so yes! I must start saving properly now!
And of course, adulthood. Am turning 21 this year, which makes me entirely legal now. This means I must be more matured, caring, understanding and independent. Some things may not be as easy as we think it is, but I will learn to manage myself well, and definitely be a better person.