Monday, 13 January 2014

Not the nicest thing to hear

I might have mentioned this somewhere before, maybe here, or maybe on my wordpress back then, but just so you'd have a clearer picture of what I am going to be talking about, here's what happened.
Daddy gotten into an accident just months after I was born, and it was pretty bad. Bad as in even until today, 20 years later, he still has screws embedded in his bones in his leg; Bad as in the car was mutilated so badly, it had to be scrapped; Bad as in there was even newspaper articles about the accident when it occurred.

From what I know of it, from the age that I was able to understand things well enough, that the area where the accident occurred, was an accident prone zone, and he was not the first to have encountered such an accident, and neither is he the last.

However, he likes to (jokingly, as I am inclined to believe), put the blame of that accident on my shoulders. Because, as he says, he took care of me in the night after a long day of work to let mummy rest, and so was lacking the 精神 to drive that day, which thus resulted in the crash.

But, daddy, as much as I love you, there is a limit to such jokes. Because, don't you think, it would hurt? Once, twice, maybe three times, I can accept. But every time anything to do with the accident comes up, you'd just so conveniently say "It's all your fault lor..." Don't you think I'd be affected?

Do you think I would have wished that accident upon you? That I want you to have gotten so hurt that you were in hospital for such a long time? Honestly, each joke should have it's limit, and this has gone way past the acceptable line. When you mentioned it over dinner earlier, I was so terribly upset. To the point that I barely said a single word from that point. But, you didn't seem to realise at all. And to think, you are actually quite observant. I honestly didn't and would never peg you as someone to be so obtuse, and so I hope, for my sake and mental well-being more than anything else, that you'd just seriously drop this joke forever. Because, it really hurts to be labelled as the one at fault for an accident, one which I have no intention of causing, and also could not have in any way made happen. Really, it's not the nicest thing to hear, or even feel. Put yourself in my shoes, and I'm pretty sure you'd feel the same as I do.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Week 1 of 13

Just like that, I have completed week 1 of 13 of sem 3.
Assignments seems to be manageable, with only one group work for services marketing and one group and one individual for sustainable tourism. Projects mates are people I'm more than familiar with, so that's definitely a plus, wayyyy better than last semester I must say. Now, let's just pray, that I can get my act together, and ace these subjects, and do well for this semester!
No more shoddy results! I know I can do it! /brainwashing self/

Monday, 6 January 2014


Dreading this moment oh so much, but then there's nothing I can do to delay it any longer. Not unless someone has the ability to stop time at this second, and freeze it for an eternity. School officially begins again for me tomorrow, and I'm just sooooo not prepared for it.

On the bright side though, infinitely thankful for the fact that I managed to grab classes with my friends for this semester unlike the previous one, so I definitely won't be alone/have to worry about finding project mates for group work! Also, the fact that I only have two mods this sem is really quite a good thing.

So, stepping into my third sem now, and that means, I'm left with only 2 more after this! Can't wait! Gonna be a graduate by the end of the year! This is actually all sorts of exciting, other than the fact that it means I'm going to have to step into the working world REAL SOON, and that also means less play time, but still, BRING IT ON!

Ok. I'm just really trying to find things to do, because I don't feel like sleeping, and there's nothing that seem to be interesting to do/watch. Recommendations, anyone?

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Walked into sephora today, and totally fell on love with the NYX Bohemian Chic palate. And it's at such a steal, of 39SGD with 24 eyeshadows and 2 blush shades!

Only thing is, I really can't decide if I should be spending such unnecessary money! Ok, one can never have too many make up, but! all the palates I own are in nude/earthy tones and so is this... And, considering how little I earned last month, I really don't have the spare cash for this! BUT STILL, it's extremely tempting. 

Should I go back and get it????

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

And so, a year has gone by just like that. It's been an eventful year, with a few ups and thankfully, not so many downs. Got closer with people whom I treasure so very much, and love with all my heart! And, for once, made true on my new year's resolution.
Every year, my resolution would be to lose weight, and this year would be no different! Lost a whopping 10 kilos this entire year, and am hoping to lose another 8-10 more! It's not easy to achieve, considering how lazy I am, but I WILL GET THERE.
This year's goals include successfully completing my degree at the end of the year, with better grades than I am currently scoring. Just three more semesters to go, it's not a long way, and I know I can do better!
Further goals includes curbing my excessive spending, and saving money! Am always such a shopaholic, which totally leaves me with as good as no savings, and I really need to change this! Am going to complete my studies soon, and step into the proper world of adulthood. Can't honestly enter the working life without savings, so yes! I must start saving properly now!
And of course, adulthood. Am turning 21 this year, which makes me entirely legal now. This means I must be more matured, caring, understanding and independent. Some things may not be as easy as we think it is, but I will learn to manage myself well, and definitely be a better person.