Friday, 27 December 2013

Beyond thankful

More than thankful to have this bunch of friends with me, and even for that short few hours which we spent together once a month, your presence is greatly appreciated. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for having you three with me, but whatever it is, I love you all very much.

Was really glad, that we had met up on Monday, because even though the time we spent was short, it managed to take my mind off the depressing thoughts that were plaguing me recently. Felt so much at ease with the both of you by my side, just talking about everything, but really, nothing at all.

We're all really busy, but I'm glad we  make time to meet at least once a month. Brian, come back and join us soon! We miss you :((((

Sunday, 22 December 2013

UPDATE: Missed chance

Sibei sian I cannot :(
Today whilst having Tang Yuan (It's DongZhi today) Daddy was asking about next year's trip, and where we would like to go... So we almost decided on Tasmania, but ended up scraping it since it's Christmas period, and Aussie is infamous for not having shops open on holidays as well as closing early regularly.
So, we then were choosing between Taiwan and Okinawa, and daddy was prepared to let us countdown in TW, which would have been a total dream come true for me. I mean like HELLO, 6-8 hours of a countdown concert with all those mandopop artiste is seriously too good to let up on. But my vote got over written by the rest...
So we're most probably, if nothing else fails us, will be heading to Okinawa and Tokyo for our year end trip next year. Which according to the sister, is the best of both worlds, since we'll be heading to the beach for some sun, and then to the city for the winter, and hopefully, snow. But truth be told, I LOVE the sun, and would rather be in the sun all day then freeze my toes off. Not saying that it isn't going to be cold in Taiwan, but, shopping in Tokyo would be a tad pricier than in Taiwan.
Not complaining though... Just sorta upset that I won't get to countdown in Taiwan. Because, such family trips would be harder to come by in the future already, and it'll most probably be the last for a long time... That and the fact that we aren't going anywhere this year...
It seems, we will be going to Taiwan after all!!! Yes, because mummy dearest has decided, it'd be a waste not to go snorkelling if we go to Okinawa, and as such, the Okinawa trip is being put aside for a later date and we're heading to Taiwan again! Whooohooooo!!! And, I'm getting my countdown concert too! Totes excited, heheheh!

Saturday, 21 December 2013


This post, is just as the title says.
It really bothers me, that I am unable to cry, no matter how much my emotions takes over me. I can be so upset that I'm literally drowning in the emotion, and yet, I am unable to cry.
Truth be told, I can't remember the last time I cried because of my emotions. I seem to be unable to let it out at all, and if I do cry, it's not even because of my own issues, but because I am watching a drama or something of the likes. And that, is seriously unsatisfying. It doesn't matter how bad I cry. I  can be bawling for that matter, but because I am crying for the characters, and not for myself, it leaves me feeling even more troubled after that. Because, I am unable to cry for what I am feeling.
I can't begin to explain, how bad this is. It's been so terrible, that I am getting insomnia because of it. I have so much feels inside of me that needs to be released, but there is just no outlet for it. The tears simply refuse to come. For over three weeks, I have been lying in bed unable to sleep at night, until maybe 3am just because my brain is running amok, and yet I can do nothing to release this inner turmoil. It's getting to be so frustrating, and all I want, is just to be able to have a good cry and get it over with. Yet, it seems like the impossible, akin to trying to push a mountain aside...
If you knew me... A few years back, while I was still in secondary school, I was a kid, that cried at the littlest things. I for one, am extremely sensitive and emotional, and was triggered easily. Shit happens, I guess. Ended up crying too much, and perhaps, I've ran out of tears. It's not a nice feeling at all though. To be unable to cry. Because, honestly, we all need to let it out. And being unable to do so is like... being unable to shit. The toxic is kept there, in your body, and it just accumulates.
It's really bothering me so much, and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this without combusting. I feel like it's a time bomb inside of me which I have no idea when it's gonna go. And when it does finally bombs, I feel it's going to be bad, kinda like an atomic, and it will probably wreck me apart, with no proper way to be pieced back again.
Not that I'm not already broken enough... Considering how I feel like humpty dumpty most days. It's not easy when you feel you lack so much, and just basically, unworthy of the people around you, and unwanted/cast aside by others. It's quite painful in fact... Like hanging on to a cliff just by the tips of your fingers, trying to haul yourself back up, but knowing, it's probably not gonna work out, and just letting go would be so much easier... Or being stuck out in the big ocean, and trying to swim your way to shore although all you see is water for miles...
Whatever it is though, I know one thing for sure, and that is that I really need to find a way to release these emotions inside of me, and find a way to get those tears flowing.

Friday, 20 December 2013


I'm pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere before, though I'm not entirely too sure where, but one thing is for certain, is that thoughts of this has been in my heads for a good 3 years already at least.
Maybe, it's because I really lack that bit of self-confidence, and that I feel this would help it a lil, but I do believe, that the underlying factor, is more just that looking pretty really does makes a lot of difference to one's life.

So, this thing that I'm talking about here is plastic surgery...

Yes. I want to change my face so badly, it's almost ridiculous. It first started out with me just wanting to get double eyelids, what with me really disliking the hooded monolids that I have, all the whilst being immensely jealous of my younger sister who has double eyelids. Then, as I grew older, and gotten more aware of my face and the imperfections on it while I played around with makeup, I couldn't help but see that there was so much about my face that I disliked, and wanted to change.

There's the uneven jawline, where one side is more square and the other round, and I just want that V-line face so much, it's like an obsession. Then of course, there is my zygoma. Although not that obvious, my zygoma does stick out of my face that tiniest bit, and, it is also uneven. I have one zygoma bigger than the other, such that when I wear my specs, one side always sticks to my cheeks... And so,I would never leave out the bronzer and contouring when I do my face, just to attain a sharper jawline, and a more dimensional face.

Every time I come across programs that shows people who have new faces, and with that, improved lives, I really can't help but to long for surgery even more. I just feel, that if I look better, people would treat me better, and I would also be more confident about myself and all... And these programs really just justifies my thoughts... Truth be told though, if I have the money, I really would do it, no matter how fucking scary it may seem. What do you think though? If given a chance, would you go under the knife?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Midnight updates

Been having some pretty bad insomnia the past week or more. 
It's like I'm so ridiculously tired, but I can never sleep regardless. At least not till past 2am. 
The worse part is some weird body alarm that wake me up around 8ish most mornings, rain or shine. 
And then because I'd be so tired, I just lay in bed hoping to fall back asleep most morning for naught till like 11ish 12.
Sucha slob really. 

On a side note though, got 2 papers done, and just one more left to go on Saturday before I complete this semester.
Time flies... To think, it felt like I just embarked on my BA a while ago, and here I am, about to complete 40% of it already!
Just 3 short semesters left before I attain my bachelors, that's like a year! Gosh. It'd be in my hands before I even know it, really. 

And, I seriously need to do something about my broken arm. Every to it gets around to healing better, there's bound to be some shit to make it worse again. 3hours law paper just about killed it. I swear I walked out of the exam hall feeling like my wrist was rotten for good. Barely had any strength left in it to even type out a message on my phone at that moment. Which just shows how bad it really is. Hate that it's not healing/will never ever heal completely no matter how much I spend on it at the doctors. 
*i need to train myself to be ambidextrous, I really do. 

Anyhow, I shall get back to attempting to sleep. Yes. I've been attempting to do so the last maybe 3hours already. It's all sorts of ridiculous I swear. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

mini update

Exams, are honestly such burdensome things to go through with. And, the fact that my subjects for this semester are more coursework heavy, has resulted in a very slack me. I just cant dredge up the mood to study even though I know, I really should.
Completed one paper already, and that leaves me with two, of which I guess, is significantly easier than the one I've already went through with, which just only makes me more lazy to study than ever. Which, really is just bad news for my grades.
On a side note though, what I really want to say is, when doing a good deed, there really is no necessity to broadcast it to the world, because it only means that you are showing off, which then offsets the deed you had done. It makes people think and feel that you are just looking for praises and recognition, and turns them off. ALWAYS, ALWAYS REMAIN HUMBLE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Keep your feet on the ground. /Mother Theresa didn't become famous for her deeds because she went around telling people she did them./

Saturday, 30 November 2013

GZ's Wedding

The third cousin on my mum's side to get married, and I must say, they really are a stunning pair!
Zen is just so pretty, and she is really nice, so Gary Korkor is really just so blessed to have her!~

So, we got up all bright and early to go for the tea ceremony... It really is different when it's a Groom's side versus a Bride's side eh.

Giving tea to grandma

Giving tea to parents

Family photo~


With the cousins who went that morning

#OOTD for that morning

Super nice, OMG! They had their photos taken in Bali!
With the groom, I honestly never seen him looking happier!
/Congrats Kor!/

Table with the cousins, Yes, just imagine how loud we must have had been, and how much more fun it is this way, as opposed to sitting by family, hehe

As what the host said, this must be the best champagne they've ever popped in their life. It can't be any truer, looking at the happiness that was on their faces that night
#OOTN for that night
And once again, congratulations to the happy couple, and may you have a nice little baby soon!

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Ever since a young age, I've always had this love for make-up. Although, I must admit, not applying it on my own face, but for someone else. This was due to me being put into the make-up department over at my drama school from around the age of 13 to help out when there were performances.
It really was very amazing how a person face could be made up to be so many things and more with just a few strokes of a brush, and some colour here and there. The best part of all these was the fact that it was stage make-up. IT HAD TO BE DRAMATIC! I could go all out and play with the colours, extend the strokes way more than any normal person would, and the colours were all so intense. It was brilliant.
At first, though, I wasn't all to enthusiastic about being put into the make-up department, to be honest. But it soon grow into a love. Make-up is more than just an art. On stage, it does wonders to a character, bringing the character to life. While for a regular person, it beautifies and enhances one's look.
I could go on and on about how much I love make-up, but then I guess, you may end-up being bored of me. Honestly though, I haven't had much chances to work on stage make-up outside of the performances held by my drama school, and even then, they only have the big performances which requires it once every 2-3 years. It is my dream, to one day take on a course in professional make-up artistry, especially in that of stage make-up.
But for now, I shall focus on my studies, and work my way towards that goal.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

值得吗? (Is This Worth-It?)

School is making me really cranky nowadays.
I cannot stress enough how cranky and angsty I am now.
But, earlier this evening, this one thing flashed through my mind, and I can't help but think, is this all worth it? As it is, I am going through a shorter and faster track as compared to my peers in local or overseas universities by going through the private education route which ensures that I complete my degree in 20 months (or 24 months max). But is this really worth going through?
If you look at it the way I am, yes, a degree may guarantee you a higher pay than a diploma holder, but at this time and era, does it really make a difference? Ok, so you may say, now having a degree is now a basic requirement, and to at least stand out, a Masters would be required. However, what's the use of all these papers? It's just a certification to said that you have studied so much, which, in my honest opinion, is a waste of time really.
To me, what employers are looking for is experience and character, aptitude and capabilities over being able to study. Because, after all that you have studied, if you have a bad attitude, can't work well, and is inexperienced, why would they want to pay you that amount of salary when they can just as well offer it to someone who knows very well what they are doing in the palms of their hand, and has the capabilities to do even better than you.
Sadly, the world right now is very superficial, and it is true, despite what the ministers seems to claim, that a degree is in fact necessary. And so, all I can do is bury myself in books and assignments, and tough it out for the remaining 13 months, to receive that piece of paper which would determine my future, a future that seems pretty bleak at the moment.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


You don't have to read this, because I'm just here to let off some steam/whine.
Seriously, I think my period is coming, and coupled with the stress of the last few assignments which are all heavy weightage and exams in like 2 weeks which I haven't got time to study for in the least bit, YES, I can say that I AM beyond stressed.
Getting so ticked off at the littlest things recently, and I like just wanna slam some doors and kick some walls more than half the time. It doesn't help that I work at some kids playground where it's just noise, chaos and mess all the time.
Things are just not going as smoothly as I would like it to, and I can't seem to get a single word, much less a sentence out for my events report that's like 30% worth of the module! That's like A LOT, and it's due Friday noon, meaning I have like under 4 days to wrap it up.
This is only just the tip of the ice berg really. So under prepared for my exams it's not even funny. 3 papers, and the only one I'm confident in is an open book, so that really is just a giveaway anyway. But not all that much, since it's Law we're talking about. I could still make it for events, since I can bring cheat sheets in, so as long as I can find the time to prepare the cheat sheets, I should be safe. What I'm worried for though, is MRA. The teacher is really one useless fella, and I have no idea what is going on in class half the time, and even less of an idea what to study for the exam. So honestly, just a pass would be more than enough for me. I don't expect much of it, just let me pass.
Yes, and on a side note, I'm typing this and working on assignments at the same time IN THE DARK because someone was being inconsiderate as hell, and turned the lights off just because she needed to sleep. Seriously, and I still always wait up for her when she gets back late to let her blow dry her hair before I sleep. Talk about 好心没好报.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Life has been whizzing by in a blur for the month of November, and I honestly can't wait to wrap this month up. I've been having lotsa fun of weekends, as you may already know had you been following me on my instagram Instagram /twitter.

Each week has been going by like work/school/assignments/school/work/concert weekends for the last two weeks.This week onwards though, there's more assignments to be completing, and it's just ugh! I've also a cousin's wedding to attend this Saturday, and work on certain days, so I'm really not to sure how I'd cope with my assignments and stuff...

Can't wait for this month to be over, as I've already said, but once this month comes to a fullstop, it'd means EXAMS. And that's something I'm NOT PREPARED for entirely. Haven't gotten an inch of studying done, and I've three modules this semester, of which the 2 marketing mods are extremely content heavy. That and, I have absolutely ZERO idea what I should be studying for my tourism mod.

Life as a uni student in a private uni is really no joke if you don't have the discipline to sit yourself done and study. It's no longer like poly education where you get LOTS of help from lecturers and if you ask, maybe seniors even. And in comparison to regular unis where they have longer semesters for them to better absorb their lectures, and at least 1 lecture and 1 tutorial, in a private uni, it's all condensed, and mostly self-help. (Not trying to whine here, but just to breaking it down for you...)

Either way, this next 2 weeks will see me being really busy with my reports, and then the last minute mugging other wise known as 零时抱佛脚 will take place in the following 2 weeks, so this space would most probably turn barren.

Hence, bear with me for a little while here, and I'd be back as soon as I can with pictures from the concerts I've been too the last 2 weeks and also updates on the wedding and a few other stuff that I'd said I'd blog about but have yet to get around to doing so :(

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


OK, no pictures yet since I'm still too busy to get around editing them, BUT, I've uploaded the videos overnight, and it's all up on my youtube channel now, so go see!

It was an amazing night to say the least, and still quite upset that I didn't get to shake his hands cos the fans were swarming around. But well, what can I do...

Really loved how this concert featured so many more ballads than he usually perform at concerts, and how there were more than a few songs other than the really standard ones from the first few albums he released!

The concert opened with my favourite song <灵魂的共鸣> from the previous album <学不会>. Was really happy, and honestly, the arrangement is just so good!

Closely followed by 御龙三国志 and 木乃伊.

The second segment was just fantastic, seeing how some of the older songs like 不死之身 & 美人鱼 was sang. It was wonderful, and just everything I could ask for.

And of course one of the first few songs that caused me to fall in love with this talented homeboy back then, 8 years ago... 害怕

And here's one of my two favourite stage of the night, 小酒窝 with a verse and chorus of 关怀方式 added to it.

And, one of the special guest for the stage that night, JJ's very own elder brother, Eugene Lin with 飞机.
Albeit a little too shy, he was still really good, and had a really clean voice. I found it extremely adorable when he whipped out his phone at the end of the song to take a selca with JJ!

Now... this must have been the most exciting performance, where he came out decked in MJ's style, and performed to Billie Jean and then went right on to 就是我 all along the extension stage with water play and all. Of which, he even ripped of his muscle tank at the end of it, but promptly ran off stage within 10 seconds after he did so. Why JJ, WHY.

Although one thing I have gripes about is that, this really isn't a fresh stage, considering how he performed it the previous concert he held back 3-4 years ago!

But what really had the fans screaming though, was the fact that no one ever expected to see Stefanie Sun walk out from behind, to join voices with JJ in 她说. Still feeling so overly happy that she chose to give her return stage to the music industry after her long hiatus for her marriage and childbirth to JJ! The song was beautiful, and just so, so perfect!

The concert soon came to an end after that though, where he sang 2 more songs, and then followed by the encore stage. A little upset that the concert seemed shorter than his previous 3 in Singapore, but still really happy, and had a really wonderful time.
The encore had an atmosphere pretty much akin to a club, and the songs were rearranged to such preppy and upbeat tunes, it got the whole stadium up and jumping along.
Especially after he jumped off the extension stage hallway through the first encore song of 因你而在!
Yea, things got a little chaotic there, and that's why my video got chopped off too. HEHEHE.

Nontheless, really exhilarating to be part of the throng of fans running up and trying to cop a handshake from him, although I failed pretty miserably, with my short arms and being a little too far back and all...
But still, the night was peppered with songs that kept me on the edge of my seat, and screaming till my voice was hoarse! So forgive me, when you watch the videos and just kind of die a little from my piecing screams. I can't help myself. Yes, I had such a sore throat the next day, and to think, I had to work some more...

Anyway, if you wanna watch more videos, just hop on over to my youtube by clicking on any of the videos above.

I practically videoed the entire concert... Only didn't manage to get one song, and one video got chopped in half, so that's never gonna see the light again unless I figure out how to combine the two videos when I have more time again.

And, if you are ever interested to know the tracklist for the entire concert that night, feel free to tweet me up at Aubrey_TY.

Monday, 11 November 2013

To the bestfriend:

Haven't gotten any post up for a long time, but I've been swamped by assignments of which I've barely gotten over with, and also the fact that I've just started a part time job, which thus takes up almost all the spare time I've left and leaves me with nothing. 

Honestly, my social life is almost mon existent right now. 

Anyway, this post is dedicated to Tai!

Really really thankful to have found such a close and knitted friendship in you!
Although we haven't known each other for very long, it really is amazing how we've gotten so close to one another and came so far in our friendship. 

The many hours spent over the phone, the sporadic text messages just because we're both not texters :')

How we can talk about literally anything and EVERYTHING and not have an ounce of shame or embarrassment, well, mainly you...

I'm still extremely glad to have you as my friend. And let's keep it this way forever alright!

Because I wouldn't ever want to lose you as my friend!!!

Thanks for spending time with me tonight for supper! And paying for over half our cab fare. And for remembering that I had work today, and coming over to say hi! 

Seriously, love you to the moon and back! 

//on a side note, I'd try and clear my report due Friday as soon as I can, so that I can start editing some of the photos from the JJ Lin concert last night and do up a mini post on here/tumblr. Because there really isn't enough time for me to edit everything and upload it anytime soon, what with 3 reports being due over the next 3 weeks and exams the week after the final report is due.//

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Celebrated Bryan's 21st in advanced last Friday, where he held a chalet over at NSRCC.

A great opportunity to finally meet up with the cliquers whom we were close with, and yet due to other reasons, not seen in such a long time.
Especially Jeph!

A really warm night, just hanging around and chatting, catching up on one another's lives. Talking about any thing, and everything...
Even ghosts stories, following which, something rather creepy did happen.

Took 2 polaroids with bbg, one self taken, which turned out fine, but the other one which Jeph helped to take, turned out entirely brown. Really kinda eerie, LOLOL.

Hanged for a little more after we left the chalet over prata at simpang.

All I wanna say though, is that we should really treasure our friends well, and not let distance and time cause us to drift apart!

Once again though, happy birthday in advance to you Bry!
Will do another one with you again when you book out nearer to the date though aye! ^^

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


By far the worse restaurant I've ever stepped food into.
Came across a few not too bad reviews, and decided to give it a try with Tai the other day after collecting our pay, but it turned out to be such a HUGE disappointment!
Upon entering the shop, we were left waiting for over 15 minutes for a seat, just because they were taking way too long to clear the tables that had been vacated from even before we entered the shop. But it's ok, that much I could understand since there was only 2 wait staff.
BUT, what I could not understand was how they left us seated there for another 15 minutes, and countless times of gesturing for their attention before finally coming to take our order.
So anyway, we placed our orders of a plate of the pandan leaf chicken, a mango salad, a beef green curry, clear seafood tomyum soup, 2 plates of white rice and a mango sticky rice to be served after the mains.
So one would definitely expect the mango sticky rice to be served quickly, considering how it is an appetizer. But no. That was the second last dish to come. OK, whatever.
But guess what, 12-15 minutes upon ordering, only then did they come out and inform us, that they had ran out of beef, and asked if we would prefer chicken instead. We agreed, because, I mean what other choice do we have right...
Waited yet another 8 mins before the first dish was served. Asked for our rice, and was told to wait a moment. At least 8 minutes had passed, and yet no sight of rice, or second dish was delivered. Asked after the rice again, and was told only 5 minutes later again, that THE KITCHEN RAN OUT OF RICE!
SOMEBODY PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME, WHICH CHEF EVER ALLOWS THE KITCHEN TO RUN OUT OF RICE HUH! /was fuming at this point already, and trying so hard to tame the fire.
Another 8-10 minutes later were we finally beginning to see the rest of our dishes appear, but by that time, the both of us was kinda to mad/waited to long to still be hungry anymore to eat.
So, if you add up all the time, that would be about 25 minutes from the time they told me they had ran out of rice, they doled up 2 plates of rice to us, and just one bite into it, my temper short-circuited.
Literally summoned the waiter back and shoved the rice back into his hands and tell him to take it away because it was undercooked.
Look, as if it was not bad enough that the chef ran out of rice, he still had the audacity to serve undercooked rice.
I was feeling like a dormant volcano that got triggered at that point!
AND, the mango sticky rice still took FOREVER to be served even though I asked for it to be prepared even before the dishes were fully served. Plus, it was served with the skin still attached.

Honestly the worse service I had ever came across, coupled with food that wasn't all that good even, it is definitely not a place I would ever recommend anyone to go. AT ALL!
At least though, the day didn't end to bad with a light dinner at 85 with Tai and his friend after I packed some hours in to study for my law test, and he ended his driving test, followed by a few hours of lounging and just chatting at the Gelato place near 85 where I managed to catch up some with LingHui who works there after not seeing her since FOREVER!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So, as I did mention on the previous update, I previously went for THW with the bestfriend a few Fridays ago...
*Not gonna upload any photos, because it really wasn't all that fantastic*
To be honest, for something that was a Michelin star restaurant, I was quite dissatisfied with the food quality. Although the Char Siew Bun was good, that I'd give them, and the carrot cake was really quite spectacular, most of the other things on the menu was just alright, or something you could find at most other timsum place for less. Seriously, it's not anything that I'd be willing to queue an hour for again, although I wouldn't cross out going back there when the queue becomes almost non-existent.
Thankfully though, the lunch date was spent in good company, so I guess it really didn't turn out too bad.
It was a pretty short day out, considering that J had to go meet her mum for dinner, but no matter what, any time we spend together turns out good :)
Thankful to have you bbg! <3

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

quick update

Haven't been back here for over 10 days now, and it's really more cause of the fact that I'm busy than anything else.
I've been wanting to post something up here for the longest time, but studies takes priority right now.
Can't afford to be failing in any of my modules because resitting for any one of them would just means additional school fees to be paid, and that just isn't an option!
I've a test this coming Sunday, and another report to be submitted the Monday after the test!
And that's just crazy, because, if you did see my instagram/twitter posts, you would realise that the test I'm sitting for is just no joke. How is it that Law student manages to remember all these sections, OH LORD, dying here, and this is only a mid-sems, which means less than 5 chapters/topics.
But the amount to be remembered is already overwhelming! :(
I guess the report isn't too bad though, so hopefully I can churn in out within two days max and be done with it/get back to studying after!
Sooooo much to update on what's going on in my life, since regardless of busy I am, I did still make out some time for my friends, to just meet up/catch up and celebrate birthdays...
Will definitely get around to posting up about all these as soon as I'm done with this test yea!
Things you can look out for:
Review on Tim Ho Wan from the previous Friday's date with BBG,
Last Friday's day out with Tai and his friend.
And, yesterday (Monday)'s meet up with the BBG for her belated birthday celebration
as well as abit more from here and there...
Till next time, XOXO.

Friday, 4 October 2013


A Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Youth Troupe Production 新加坡福建会馆青年团 呈现: FAT HOPE 赘肉无罪
I don't normally watch the productions except for 学生剧场, but I'm more than glad I did purchase the tickets to this production!
It's extremely close to heart as well, being that I am a "fat person", someone who lacks in self confidence greatly and knowing what it is like to be lonely/not have many friends through periods of my life that I never want to revisit, I guess I can relate to the story more than most.
But even more than the story of a fat person whining, what really got to me about the show is that it touches upon the fact that no matter how good you are, you will never be good enough to others, even if they themselves are not up to your standard.
I.E, scoring 99/100 but being expected to score 100/100 by parents who barely made it through O'levels; being slim, and yet having people around you who are obviously fatter than you telling you that you are not slim enough etc.
This I guess, is something about life that we can never escape. People will always be there to judge you, and how well you are doing. Nothing will ever be good enough just because.
I shan't say much more now since there's still another 4 more acts over the next 3 days, and as much as I would encourage you reading this to purchase tickets, I am sorry but tickets have already been sold out!!!
//On a side note, I kinda miss being involved in productions and theatre works. Having been rather actively involved in such stuff since young, not limited to HKHK acts I mean, I really do miss the fun involved in productions and all. AND, I really long to be back on stage! Not just involved behind the scenes like I normally am, but on stage and performing for the world to see. YES.
Alright, that's all for today, till the next time~~

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm back

SO, I have not updated this space in FOREVER (3 weeks actually), and seriously, it's not that I don't want to, but more like there's nothing worth putting up here at all!
My life is a big bore I swear.
But.. It's looking up, slightly at least since last week, and I'm glad.
Quite a few impromptu meet ups last week, and last minute decisions for this week even, but all's good, since I'm getting to meet people I haven't seen in EONS.
Fine, I'm exaggerating, but still, some I haven't seen for one month, and others WAYYYY more.
Monday, had dinner with the Kwan siblings over at the ramen place at Tamp 1, heed my advice, it's not worth it... Even if you think it looks good! The worse thing though, is who even adds hard boil eggs in ramen?! I WANT MY SOFT BOILED EGGS!

Cakes at Bakerzin after since Tris didn't finish her noodles and wanted more food!

Thursday had me spending a day out with the precious Melly! Glad to have found such a friend after just 3 days of work at the NATAS fair!!!
Spent a bomb that day on lunch & my superga, but I had fun being with her, and I guess that's what counts most!
Lunch at The Sushi Bar was really good, and yea, I would definitely go back if I'm not too broke that month!
Just about half of what we ordered, heh! Yea, we're such gluttons :P
Really enjoyed walking all around orchard window shopping from mall to mall with you my dear!
Impromptu Saturday lunch date saw me having chicken rice balls with Cally! So proud of this girl for not being late and actually waking up early!
Didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have liked to with her, but still, a great mini catch-up nonetheless!
Missing Faith though! We need to get back together and gossip and talk cock together with my sis as well soon!!!!
Sunday was spent at the HKHK road show at Changi City Point with the lil ones, and to support Dekyi's act. Then I realised, Doctor JiaJia was Dekyi's classmate too!
Ok, anyway, that's beside the point. It felt nice to be around the HKHK people again.
My only disappointment is that once again this year, I would be unable to help out with huibao again. Sighzzz, clashes with school is pulling me away from doing what I love:(
Really miss being surrounded by those lil kids, and applying the makeup for them, and seeing them do well on stage.
Kinda can't wait for the next big performance to come round so I can do this all again... SBML seems so long ago right now.
Dekyi's the lil girl in the polkadotted leggings. She really reminds me of myself eh. Lacking in so much self-confidence and all, and constantly hiding behind her classmates.
(spot her hiding!)
Hopefully though, with all her extra curricular activities like HKHK and ballet, she'd be able to grow out of it soon!
And, there he is, the 小明星! So adorable ok!
AND finally met up with the bestest earlier today, or well, considering the time, you can say yesterday! But who cares about specifics right now!
Really glad to finally have the time to meet, since we haven't seen each other in a month!
And as always, 2 broke people over spending on food again! Had dinner at the imperial nan bei place at tamp 1, then aimlessly walked around whilst passing time waiting for our movie.
Bought Ritz Mango strudel to bring into the movie too! Yes, we are such pigs /oinkoink!
The movie though, was such a big disappointment in comparison to it's trailer. Caught runner runner, and seriously, the only plus points of the movie was the fact that Justin Timberlake and Ben Afleck were the leads! Second and a half wasted movie that I've caught this year!
Good trailers can be seemingly deceptive, sighzzz.
At least though, we had a good time catching up and just spending time with each other!
Super glad to have a friend in you, Tai! XOXO!!!!
Remaining plans for the week would be Fat Hope this thurs to support HKHK with the sissy, hopefully, the date on fri with the BBG, and dinner with cliquers on Saturday! mmm, good things to look forward to despite the many assignments due.
I'd be in such a rut if not for the fact that I have all these to look forward to!