Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Over thinking?

Not sure if its just me, but I have that feeling of being unwanted again.

But seriously, it's the final lap already. Why can't things just move on smoothly? Why must things be as such?

It makes life so difficult and miserable beyond belief.
So upset right now actually. I could cry.

A lil sorry

Actually turned my laptop off and wanted to turn in since I've a 9am lesson tomorrow, but decided to post this up.

So we were having dinner just now, then the parents were discussing about our year end TW trip, and so for some absurd reason or something, mummy seemed to be in a bad? mood... I just asked like so how many days we would be in Taipei, and she got liked all worked up over nothing and 'scolded' me. So I was feeling kinda agitated already. Then we were walking some more, and I just happened to ask about whether 大伯 confirm joining is, and got like 'scolded' again. Wah even more pek chek I can't even.

So like daddy went to pay and I was asking where Tampines central CC was located then cos mummy didnt know and said to ask daddy, and so I did. And he just like totally told me to google map it. Thing is, when I use my phone, I'm so apt at where all the things are I can totally swipe through and press it even without fully looking at it, and continued talking to him and asking stuff to find out where it is. Then, he just sorta scolded me to tell me to just shut up and look at the map before asking. Can't you just let me finish my sentence?! Then cos I was so annoyed I actually raised my voice and said the thing haven't even load. And yea, well, now that I've calmed down from it all, sorry!
Really didn't mean to, but how one thing leads to another and things just happen.

And it's not like I actually mention it, seeing how I've long stopped sharing my personal issues with my parents, they actually wouldn't know the things I'm going through in school. But some stuff really leaves me feeling so mixed up and unhappy and I just don't even know what to do.

Truth be told, I really regret not choosing gaming so that I could have a chance to be in the same class as JY.
But then I might regret it even more because it's not what I really want.

But things just don't go as planned do they. Seldom does things goes the way you want them to, but what can you really do other than to suck it up and pull through with it. And as much as I don't like the situation I'm in right now, well there's just half a year more to go. So hang tight, and fight it through.

Monday, 29 October 2012

weekend movie dates ♥

So had 2 impromptu meetups over the weekend!

Saturday first yea.
Had tickets to catch the premier of skyfall (Many thanks to SonyPicturesSG for that! ♥)
And like totally last minute jio-ed Linghui to watch it together!
Spent a bomb on that day cos I was at Orchard area for a job interview(which I ended up turning down, might talk more about it in another post). Yea, bought a pair of sandals, though not the one that I originally wanted, but have to settle for because my fat feet can't take the strap of the one I wanted. Woes of people with broad feet/fat ankles.

Then headed over to Vivo to meet Linghui, but since I was early and she was late, I went shopping around, well, headed to sephora cos my urban decay eyeliner that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is already near finishing, and spent money there. Totally worth though cos it's ultra smooth to apply.
But NTS, I really need to get myself a felt/liquid/gel liner which is major waterproof cos the waterproofness of this urban decay one is just not up to standard enough. It smudges, sadly. And I totally need one that has a strong hold seeing how we actually have PE as part of our module this sem due to NAPFA, no less. Don't even see the point of it, being that NAPFA is actually not compulsory for girls to take in poly. Ok, I digress too much.

Well, then she reached, and whilst we were like walking around really aimlessly to find a place for dinner, walked into another shop and ended up buying this pair of studded flats for like a mere $19. Dirt cheap la. It's selling online for at least $23-25! But, it's half a size too small actually... So now I kinda regret :(

Then ended up eating at some japanese place, which I swear, have terrible service although the food isn't all that bad. So I'd never go back to that outlet even if I really wanted to eat from that shop again.

Then finally went to collect the tickets, it was such a mess, what with them using at least 3 halls for the screening, and having like 3-4 different ticket collecting counters for the different companies like heineken/sony pictures/whatever was sponsoring...
So took us like a good 10 mins before we finally located the right booth, and another 5 mins of going through a queue, only to find out we were queueing for the wrong theatre. The place was soooo crammed and all, and everything was just chaotic.
But that aside, the movie wasn't all that bad, though I did feel that it could have been slightly shorter(less draggy) and more actionised.
It really is the first time that I went hrough an entire movie(action one) without screaming and/or squealing, because if you've ever watched one of those sorts with me, you'd know I just can't take the bloodshed and violence :/
Anyway, I'm just gonna leave it at that, because the movie ain't out yetm and I'm not going to spoil it for you who have yet to watch it!

And so, met JY the next evening to catch Taichi Hero! Was suppose to go catch it after school on thursday, but cos her sunday plans got cancelled, we went yesterday instead!

Swear, major upset with the producer! Totally cheat my feelings la! Using all these big names to promote the movie, but ends up, these big names appear like only 5 mins in the movie. In Taichi zero, ShuQi appears as LuChan's mother who died a sad death in mere minutes of her appearance. At least though, her beauty still was evident.
But, Daniel Wu was like totally disfigured and all in Taichi Hero where he appeared as a crazy monk for slightly more or less than 5 mins.
Was totally looking forward to the performance to these two, but alas.

Well then, there was still Eddie Peng whom I have liked since his early days of acting, but his character was just to pathetic, lol. But somehow, he pulls it of well enough.

For those who have yet t watch it and would like a good laugh, do go and watch Taichi Zero and Taichi Hero. I assure you will enjoy it! It's like slapstick with kungfu and action. Totally worth it! :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween horror night 2

Good morning folks:)

So, I'm posting this from my phone, because I've nothing else to do apart from manning this counter and since I'm alone and there's no one though, I shall just take some time to talk about my adventure last night!:)

Met 姐姐 & Jan at the office, around 7plus though really, I reached and was waiting for them at the lobby for like forever:( and left for USS.

Swear, I was soooo excited. Cos it's like my virgin trip to USS/a Halloween event. And night walks have always been amusing to me. To see how much I can go before getting scared. So I was really tons excited seeing as there'd be all the really cool effects and all.

Though, the event was really quite disappointing cos the queues were all so unbelievably long and had waiting times of longer than an hour. Yes, I suggest you get an express pass if you're going over the next few nights.

We went in and had dinner, so that was already half an hour of time that we could have spent more worth qhile gone D:
First stop, the haunted house. Walked to the first one, but upon seeing the one hour queue, we just actually walked on to the next(death alley). This, though is what disappointed me the most. Like seriously, spending over an hour queueing, only to walk through the not even scary enough haunted house in under 10mins. Makes me feel ultra cheated really :(

Then cos battle star galactica was so close, we went for that next. The queue, was equally long. Took the one with loops and all(Cylon?). Sooooo fun omg! Hahahaha. But the going down damn scary I can't even. Hahahaha
And just like that the ride was over. It was like all but 3mins? Sigh:/

Then we were like just walking around, and I was walking in front of jan and ShiHui, so when someone tapped me, I really thought it was jan, but when I turned my head back, it was the ghost's head in my face. Damn funny omg! Then was like talking and laughing with ShiHui and this ghost placed his hand right in front of my head as I turned my head back to the front. Had I not leaned back a little, my face would have ran smack into his hands lol.

I think the ghosts gets quite annoyed with ShiHui and I. We really don't get frightened by them, it's funny.

So, walked towards the next haunted house, because what is a horror night without walking into haunted houses right! But the queue was snaking around so ridiculously we just gave up. Then we went to the canopy walk ride. Oh god. Thought it was some tame shit ride. But cos we sat facing the back and can't even tell when the turns are coming/the restraints are just around your belly/the turns are so abrupt that ShiHui and I kept swigging around and ended up laughing non stop for the latter half of the ride.

And with that, we went to queue for our final ride already. Because, it was 12:30 already. Woah, how time flies when your having fun eh. Went for the mummy ride. But honestly, my Stomache was so queasy, and my throat so constricted with the I wanna puke but nothing's coming out feeling cos I think I drank too much water that I couldn't even enjoy the ride :((((
Totally just sat and closed my eyes the entire ride. Quite upsetting really. If I was feeling well though, I'm pretty sure it would have been damn enjoyable cos we were sitting front row!!!

And yea, that sums up the night! Hahahaha. Paid $60 to queue 2/3 of the night and only managed 1 haunted house and 3 rides. Whut?! Yea.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

wednesday night dinner date

Not technically MY dinner date, even though it started out that way where I was supposed to have dinner with my office 'daddy' because from the day before I left KM, where we were supposed to have lunch together and him being stuck on site and unable to come back for lunch, we have yet to have a meal together yet.

So when I was back to office on monday to meet ShiHui, we actually decided to have dinner together today(at the airport because he still has his ongoing midnight set-up there). But while I was out with ShiHui, she saw that Ah Meng had no dinner date for today, we ended up asking him to join us for dinner and so, the 3 of us, together with jan and daddy had dinner together, at Momoya just down the road from KM just now.

Wow, the food was actually so much better than i expected.Always going past there and wondering if their food was good and all, but having finally tried the food just now, yea, I can so totally say that YES, the fod is fantastic. Their dinner buffet is priced at $32++ for adults, and for the 5 of us, the total bill came up till about $208. So all in all, still quite worth if you happen to be big eaters. However, if you don't eat too much, then maybe just go for the ala-carte. Would be more value for your money, I'm sure.

We had like soooooo much sashimi OMG! Damn shiok leh! Hahahha. Oh, but DON'T order the miso soup. It's like worse that drinking salt water, quite gross, I swear. And the age dashi has like way to much flour coating. And they said the breaded oysters tasted disgusting? HAHHAHA.
Other than that though, everything was pretty good.

Yes, and HHN2 tomorrow. Damn excited yet scared at the same time? I can't even explain lor. Cos I've never been scared of school's night walks before, mainly just cos I know the person/I know they're not scary, but well, this is just different lol. BUT really damn excited. HAHAHA, virgin trip to USS leh. #swaku or what ah? But well, looking forward to it so!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So generally, school's back again. And honestly, I just wish I was back at Kingsmen doing my SIP still. School's a chore. It's only day 2, and I feel as if I've been back a week already. AND, it's only 2 lectures I've been through so far, seeing how week 1's tutorial-less.

Yes. But somehow, we've already been informed on 3 field trips of which 2 is for Spa, and the other's for Cruise. Though I really can't decide if I should go for the escorted field trip for Spa, because I'm gonna have to make my way in to sentosa at my own expense, and be at the Spa's lobby at 8:20. which just means I'm gonna have to make my way out of the house by 7:10 latest, which is, quite an ungodly hour if you think about it. Plus the fact that it isn't compulsory... well, let's just say I'm not all that bothered by it.

And... I still don't know more than half of who's in my class. How much more awesome can things get huh... Never did have much close friends in poly up till now with the exception of one or two, but sadly, we don't have the privilege of being in the same class :( But then again, life sucks, so I can only live with it.

Well, let's deviate some bit from school now...
Went back to KM on monday to meet ShiHui before heading for our trial Korean lesson, and damn... Leon said "Wah, back again, you 灵魂不散 hor"... Sighhhhh... Well, at least this shows I have good relationship with the colleagues what. /LOL self comfort/

Then Imma meet Jerwyn and someothers for dinner again tomorrow... But I guess I'll stay away from the office for some bit now. If not really too much ah... Back in the office twice in 3 days. LOL. And I'm not even working anymore. HAHHAHAAH.

Ok, so I guess that's about it so far.

OH! Right, and I won myself a pair of tickets to catch the preview of skyfall this saturday evening! How awesome.

Alright. Signing off. HAHAHHAAH.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


I really LACK self control.
It's been especially apparent in the last 2-3 months!!!
Like I just spend and spend and spend thoughtlessly.
Even though I'm not earning all that much.
And what's worse is right now, I'm not even working.

And in the past 3 weeks, I've successfully spent over $100.
On things I really can do without - clothes.
It's not like I don't have enough, but for absurd reasons, I always feel like I do not have enough, and I just continuously buy more.

Yes. It's that ridiculous. I can't even comprehend it myself.
Tops after tops, skirts and more skirts. Make-up even.

Seriously need to put my money under LOCK AND KEY!
If not I'll never be able to save any!

And to think I need money for the TW trip at the end of the year!
Really thankful beyond words that we're going in winter and not summer because it only means lesser clothes that's appropriate for wearing in Sg's weather. Or I'd most probably spend a huge bomb there. Like make-up/clothes/shoes. Yea... I can just picture myself coming back with excess baggage even if it were summer, and not with family. Luckily we're only spending 3-4 days in Taipei! And one day out of the city with the local tour...

I'm just gonna end it off here then. And, really... I NEED TO STOP SPENDING!!!!! Don't even understand how my spending became so excessive and terrible ok.

That's it.

It's finally come to an end. The holidays that is. After the longest 7.5 months of a short break followed by 6 months with Kingsmen and another 3 weeks of break, it's finally the last day of holidays.

And as much as I wanna tell myself, go out have a blast, be happy, make merry and all for one last day before resuming with school, I am honestly extremely reluctant to be going out and spending any unnecessary money.
I really overspent in the last 2 months.
*to be honest, my rate of spending has escalated to an eerily scary height right now!

Ok, well, back to the point here. Schools gonna start again, and this time around, I really can't afford to be all slacked and playful like I was in year 1&2! Having already decided that upon graduation, I would go further my studies, it is obviously, apparent that I would need to do something about that GPA of mine. Even though it is already impossible to being it up to a point where I can get into a local university, I've to at least make it more decent and presentable right? Like at least a 2.5 minimum. It's not that unacheivable. Although I'm holding on to a mere 2.12 right now.

But as the saying goes, impossible is nothing, and I would definitely work hard to achieve my goals. And with determination, I'm sure it can be achieved.

So, schools reopening, and for some reasons I can't describe, as much as I would love to be going back to school because lazing home all day (to prevent myself from heading out and spending doesn't really help anyway) is just way too boring for me.
But yet, I kinda dread it soooo bad. Like just thinking about it gives me the shivers and nightmares.

Either way, I'm done to my final semester, and it's full steam ahead for now. To put in my best effort, and graduate happily!!!! :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The belated farewell dinner

So yesterday, almost 3 weeks after I had officially left Kingsmen, I went back and met up with the team for my belated farewell dinner with them!

To be honest, I was just so happy, really! These people made so much of a difference in my life, and I just can't come close to saying how much I love them and how much they mean to me!

The fact that although I am just an intern, but they go out of their way to plan this for me really has me so touched. I feel so loved and appreciated, really! :*

So, we had dinner at Al Forno at Upper East Coast, and what can I say, I was literally craving for pasta and ramen just days ago, and it totally satisfied my craving I tell you.

The food and everything was just supreme! so we had like 6 appetisers to start of with. Damn a lot I know! I can't even name the food cos the names are just to long for me to remember. But we sure had a lot of salads and cheese! And the vongole, ohhhhh, perfect! then came the mains, it was just right and all! Really delicious. Had seafood spaghetti (tomato based) wrapped in foil and al funghi fettuccine (my favourite!), and this fire baked pizza which had a damn good crust, and this wrapped pizza which is really delicious beyond words. We were all so bloated beyond words by then, but yet, we still ordered another 4 dessert to share. Yes, such pigs we are, sooooo much food for just the 7 of us!

But I really did have the time of my life last night, so much laughter and joy, just catching up with them all. Although, it is quite a pity that James couldn't make it cos he was on site! :( Miss my buddy! Talking cock and bitching with him...

Well anyway though, I won't be uploading pictures of dinner here cos I didn't manage to get nice ones cos everyone was to eager to eat so I could not manage to take proper photos at all :'(

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Forever and ever, the best thing in the world to me.
No one could ever replace these 4 people in my life!
I just love them soooo much :)

Had dinner as 5 again last night at mushroom pot, and contrary to the previous night, dinner last night was  just fabulous! We had so much fun just eating together and chatting over dinner about nothing. I love days like these really. Gives me so much pleasure to just sit and unwind and all.

Had dinner and the mushroom pot again, cos we just LOVE mushrooms! Sadly though, mushroom park closed down or we most probably would have went there instead. They have so much more interesting mushrooms. Mushroom pot was just as good though, with their ala-carte side dishes and all, even if we didn't order those (except for the musrhoom roll), and just stuck with the steamboat.

So, we had the LingZhi soup base(healthier choice), with like 9, or was it 10 different mushrooms, as well as a load of veggies and some meat, heh! Yea, no matter what, we just can't live without meat, LOL. I think I would die if I had to turn vegetarian :(

Looks good aye! Hehehe, it tasted superb, really! ^^ Love steamboat, and I love it even more when there's mushrooms!! Anyway, we were all soooo bloated after dinner, but guess what, the sister said, let's go for ice-cream. And daddy even readily agreed cos he said "mouth itchy"!

Yea... but we went for a walk around first to 'digest' some of the food. HAHA! 

Really loved how pretty the night lights are around the area, even if it's nothing fantastic, and basically just building lights coming from the city. But the night breeze, and subtle lighting just makes evrything seem so much more nicer than it would as compared to in the day!
And yea, so after that little stroll, we headed of to Tampines Mall for Haagen Daaz, teehee!
Had myself a perfect harmony, but I changed 2 of the flavors cos I never did liked chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice-cream all that much. Oh, I was pretty disappointed by the matcha flavoured served as well. Had quite a weird after taste, unlike most of the other matcha ice-creams I've had previously.

But Overall, the ice-cream I had was still delish. Well, being the sweet tooth I am, ice-cream is always good! HEHEHEH :D

Saturday, 6 October 2012

dinner in lieu

So, in actuality, I should still be out right now, rather than typing away here...
But apparenty, Jas got held up at her event, and wouldn't have ended till at least 10pm, hence, our outing to the night safari has been postponed to further notice :(

However, went out with the family for some dinner.
Though, it ended up pretty damn disappointing I must say.
Really don't know what happend to their service, but it was literally, terrid. It's the worse I've ever received to be honest. Quite upset about it. Made dinner such a bad experience tonight.
Even the food wasn't as good as it used to be before... Like more salty and all. :/

Well, anyway, I've got some pictures of dinner.

Yea, so those were during dinner... Then we had desserts at Max Brenner at I12 Katong.
And I got lazy to take so many photos, so just... mine. HEHE!
The S'mores Concoction.
PS: I didn't really like it though :(

Screwed body clock

Ok this is damn ridiculous. Back when I was still with kingsmen, I just had to sleep around 11pm or I'd literally die the next day. I wasn't even able to survive those overnight set ups properly.

I mean just look at it... Night Fest and spikes is the best example. Forever dying off around 11plus and yawning non stop.

But since I left the company and had nothing to do, I end up surfing the net till 2-3am and sleeping till 1pm daily.

This is absolutely bad, really!! I should like stop it right here, right now. My immune system is steadily falling as is evident with my slight flu right now. And I totally wouldn't be able to continue like this once school reopens anyway.

I really need to go get myself a job to stop myself from spending all day lazing around at home on the laptop or in front of the teevee really. Hate when I've nothing to do at home. Yet I don't wanna head out as I would definitely overspend as usual.

So the only way out would be to get a job, which is better in fact. As it kit only gets me out of the house, but I would even earn money as well!!! ^^

Heh, but even so, I've been quite unsuccessful in my attempt at looking for a job uh:(
Seeing how I would want one nearer home, and at least pays $7/hr. And absolutely not anything related to MLM. Sighhh.
Just hope I can find one soon!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Le iPhone5

So, I did post about how happy I was to have gotten my iPhone 5 the other night on my wordpress, and now that it's been a few days since I've gotten it, I'm gonna give a better testimony about it...

Well, the front camera is really tons better tbh. It doesn't have the fuzzy feel that the old iPhone gives, which really a thumbsup, especially for girls who loves to snap away with their phones! :)

Howeverrrr, the battery life really sucks! Like it dies damn fast. Just yesterday I went out with a FULLY charged phone, and just after half an hour, when i BARELY used my phone other than a few minutes of whatsapp, my battery already dropped down till like 90%. Quite ridiculous really, considering how Apple claims the I5 has a better battery lifespan on a full charge as compared to the I4S. So technically, I should have been seeing battery that was at 97-98% then, and not 90%!! And by the end of the day, well, around 9pm, my battery was already below 50% so to speak. Seriously, Apple, you're nt holding up to your words :(

Well, on the brighter side though, the grip is really good. Just that maybe, cos my hands are ridiculously small, I can't quite reach the entire screen when I use just one hand as compared to the I4. So that's just a downside for me I guess... Or anyone else with small hands for that matter. But the slimness of the phone really makes it so much better. And it definitely feels lighter as well which is great!

I also went and got myself screen protector for both the front and back, but unlike the I4, the I5 has the aluminium backing, and the 2 lines across the back which makes the protector have bubbles between the phone and the protector. Which, I really dislike. But, seeing how 'chor lor' I am, I really have no choice but to keep it there, if not I would see scratches all over the phone by the end of the week. And, tbh, I already have one scratch on the back of the protector which I really have no idea how it came about. :/

Other than that though, I still haven't had the chance to try out the google map, so I really can't say if landmarks had been shifted or anything for that matter. Though I wouldn't know for sure even if it was seeing how bad my sense of direction is. HAHA. Well, but I can read a map, so i guess if things were really out of place I should know? LOL.

Oh, and some apps, like whatsapp and kakao talk unfortunately, has not yet seen an upgrade making it fit for the I5, and hence the interface looks kinda weird as you see 2 strips of black top and bottom of the screen as the display is meant for the I4. makes typing abit troublesome really... cos you have to adjust yourself to not type on the entire screen and all.. If you do get what I'm saying...

The display of the phone keypad though, is REALLY ugly! I would much rather they stuck with the original look. It's just quite ridiculous how this came out to be. Although, the new display for the music player turned out quite pretty cos it looks sleek and all now.
See for yourself and judge^^

Well, the only thing that I don't quite like, is that Apple has not yet found a way to improve their video functions! And by this, I mean having the video to be able to zoom in and out while filming! This would be absolutely terrific if they could make it happen!!! :D
Ok, so that's about it... For now I guess...

Thursday, 4 October 2012



Finally decided to make the shift.
Yes... But I'm still gonna leave the wordpress around just for the time being.
Maybe a few months or so till I've gotten back into the blogger stlye...

Either way, welcome me back to blogger again^^