Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top Table!

So, feeling quite bad cause I've been neglecting this blog for a reallyyyyyyy long time now. But I really can't help it. Projects are such a pain in the ass, and I barely have time to breathe. It's just annoying how many there are, BUT, we're finally down to the last 2 reports, and we'd only be left with the presentations and subject interviews.

Sadly though, it's these 2 reports that are the most burdensome. I just don't understand how it can even be so bad. But I must say, from these 6 group projects, I have came to a decision, I will NEVER work in anything remotely related to marketing, EVER! It's such a chore and just OMG.

Well, anyway, took some time off, before settling back down to work on projects and had lunch at Top Table with the group on Tuesday afternoon! Made a booking for 11:30, and not surprisingly though, there were late comers. HAHA...

Set meal of the week:

Mocktail of the day: Orange Candy, it's actually a mix of orange and mango juice.

 The Bread; Pumpkin seed with cranberry, and well, I've never seen the other before even while I was in the kitchen, so that, remains a mystery.

Jicama Salad; Basically, turnip, green apple, capsicum, lettuce and rocket in a lemon-yoghurt dressing garnished with pine nuts. (The portion became much smaller than when I was in kitchen... Maybe it's just the HTM students? LOL)

Pumpkin soup with wolfberry seeds; something went wrong somewhere. Should be served with fried wanton skin on the side, but well, like I said, most probably it's just the HTM students...

Pan fried sea bass in dill cream sauce; I'm not too sure of the standard of this since I didn't try it, BUT, it's definitely a little over done looking at the colour. Shouldn't be so black.. :/

Beef striploin served with red wine sauce; Totally over done... Dry beyond believe :( But the potato was done really well.

Praline Mousse served with coffee ice cream and hazelnut biscotti; The ice cream was really super fragrant, and the biscotti was perfect. Loved the biscuit at the bottom of the mousse too!

Overall, a really enjoyable meal still. Loads of fun and all. Relieving our SSM/Culinary days, trying to help the LRM juniors stealthily and totally comparing our culinary skills to the HTM people's. Our's was DEFINITELY better! hhehehe...
And, well, the teachers were still assholes to the students as usual.. Way too nit-picky. But it's funny seeing them getting all flustered.
That one boy, Bastion especially, damn funny and all when serving! But, GOOD JOB LRM Tuesday Top Table batch!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

An update, finally.

LOL! Finally back with an update!
I've really been neglecting this blog, but there's just so much to be done, it's mad cray!
Had 2 submissions the week I got back from Taiwan, not to mention how one was a next day submission.
And then, internal submissions for group projects one every week starting last!
And now, I've a test tomorrow that I barely started studying for.

GOD, the teacher's such a liar. So he claims, we just have 5 topics from 7 Lectures to study for.
It's a one hour test mind you, but it's so content heavy it's crazy.
OK, nevermind that, then today during tutorial, he actually mention that oh this, this, this topic can just briefly read through no need study so much, won't come up so much... BUT, this topic please understand more, however, it's just application? AND, please understand lecture 8 as well. It's linked to lecture 7. Hello. Don't be so contradicting with your words can?

Alright, enough with ranting about school anyway!
Caught Les Miserables with joyjoy gugu on sunday! such a beautiful tear inducing story.
Doesn't matter whether through what form. Read the book, watched the musical's DVD, and now the movie.
Though, I must say, Hugh Jackman really didn't live up to my expectations seeing how he was of a musical background. I just don't see Jean Valjean in him.
Russell Crowe however, was just FANASTIC! He really portrayed Javert really well!
And of course, Samantha Bark's take on Eponine was just WONDERFUL!
Always did love Eponine's character, and she really did justice to it!!! <3
Can't say the same for Amanda Seyfried though... Don't really like how piercing her high pitch was. It's painful to hear.
And, the raw emotions dripping from Anne Hathaway's I Dreamed A Dream, just WOW!
The Thenadier's were of course, BRILLIANT. Always did love when Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter acted together! Especially since Sweeney Todd. They make such a good pair. Their on screen chemistry is really unlike any other.
Eddie Redmayne, was just AMAZING! I totally loved when he sang acapella. You could just how well his emotions came. AND, the fact that he's so good looking was a total bonus! He really doesn't look 32 y'knw. So freaking good looking it doesn't even make sense.
Oh, and little Cosette, she's really very good for her age. Her voice is just so clear and strong!

Well, so that's about Les Mis. You should catch it if you haven't! Totally worth it! :)

AND, for School 2013.
Caught an episode by chance on KBS World the other day, and I got hooked.
So i went and watched all 10 episodes that has already been realeased so far in 2 days.
Yes, all these just the previous 2 days, when I have a test tomorrow. What am I even thinking right :/
But I just love how raw the emotions in the show come, even if the actors are mainly rookie ones.
The lead, Lee Jong Suk did act in quite a few, though, I didn't watched any of those he did acted in, but this is his first lead character if I'm not wrong. And well, I must say it is indeed pretty good!
And the fact that Daniel Choi is in it is just a bonus. LOL, he's so charming. HAHHAHA.

K, I should get to studying now. So, till next time~

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A little cray

So I just completed my freaking stoopz assignmant maybe less than half an hour ago?
Have decided notto sleep and wait for Wenli to get up before meeting her to submit the damn thing!

Hate that the teachers are so mad to put so many submissions together! It's beyond crazy >:(
We've like 6/7 submissions this month alone, not to count the tests and field trips and interviews and presentations. It's all just one mad hell hole this month!

At least February's gonna be better!
Just one other submission left.
Then it's CNY 10-12!
Then it'll be end-sems, and we're done with polytechnic!
HELL, I can't wait!~

Anyway, looked through some of the photos taken in TW... those that daddy took I meant.
I looked beyond terrible. It's depressing how fat I really am!
And so, I really am not gonna be just saying, I'm gonna make it happen!
I'm gonna lose the damn weight! Don't care how, but I will!

2013's arrival

Okay, so well, I know I'm a day late, but then again, I'm really a bit out of it right now.
Spent the first few hours of 2013 unpacking my luggage, changing my sheets and sweeping the bedroom floor halfheartedly.
Went to bed close to 3am with the intention of sleeping till at least 10:30, but kept waking up intermittently in the morning, I just gave up and woke up at 9ish instead.

Been spending the rest of the day trying very unsuccessfully, even till now, to complete the assignment I've to submit by tomorrow morning.
Am ridiculously tired, and my eyes are dry beyond belief, and yet, I've to complete this thing.
I don't have the slightest clue how to do it, and I've been bull shitting my way through whatever I have actually managed to get out.
But I've still another half more to go, and I am just brain dead.

Someone, save me please!

Will update about TW soon as I can! Another submission on Fri, and internal submissions as well.

2013 didn't exactly start of well... Urgh, projects just killed it! 5 submissions this month alone!

But new Year in about 40days, and graduation in about 2 months! CAN'T WAIT!