Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review: Stories Untold

JJ Lin has just released his 10th studio album after a year and 3 months, title Stories Untold.
I'm gonna come clean and say though, this review is 100% biased since I love him so damn much!

Stories Untold features 10 full tracks plus a instrumental track.
This album consists primarily of ballads, which as we all know, is his main singing style, with his smooth voice and all.

The title track "You and Me" though, is a light catchy tune, that anyone could easily fall in love with. The simple dance movements seen in the MV is also one that even a dancer with two left feets can follow. You can watch it (and fall in love with him) here below.


This album also sees many collaboration with artists that JJ is close with, namely Wang Lee Hom, Harry Chang of Da Mouth and Ashin of Mayday.
Here is the audio of the track where JJ collaborated with Ashin.
On a whole, I would rate this album a 4.5/5.
Yea, well, there is always rooms for improvement ^^~

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

wisdom tooth - extracted

So I had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted late yesterday morning, and was dying of hunger by 9pm, because the blood refuse to cease flowing, and hence I couldn't eat! Plus my last meal was like at 9plus in the morning... /faints!

So, woke up this morning and it has sinced stopped bleeding. And lucky me, I am not experiencing any major side effects from the extraction such as fever, numbness or swelling, THANK GOD! Which, actually means I can go out if I so wished too.

Only thing is, I can't exactly open my mout properly thanks to the stitches. Made campbell and garlic bread for lunch and tore the bread into chunks to dunk into the soup and had so much difficulty to just open my mouth and put it in! Was dying.

Then, due to sleeping so late every night, I was yawning incessantly a moment ago, and I swear, it hurt so much to even yawn. Have to support my jaws every time I try or have the need to open my mouth just to alleviate the pain! :(

Have to head back to the dentist next week to remove the stitches. And I hope alls well with no side effects or any issues arises. And well, speedy recovery to myself! :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

A new phase, a new chapter.

Am proud to announce, that I am unofficially done with my phase in polytechnic (tertiary) education as of last Friday. Well, that is, if I do not have to take any supps. HOPEFULLY NOT! Will be an official graduate on the 20th May, if I can een be bothered to go get my cert... Feeling all sorts of reluctant and unwilling to do so, mainly because then it would mean a real closure to all the happenings in poly! Which, for some reasons, I don't feel like parting with.
I must say, the transitions from primary to secondary and then from secondary to tertiary was pretty smooth, because the only thinking we ever had to do was just to decide which school we wanted to go, and then whether to take JC or POLY, and then which course.
But now that we're done with poly, it's a whole new world. JC kids may have it easier since they most definitely would move on to university. But what about us poly students. Especially those whose grades aren't as well off as our peers, and can't make it into and local U. It's a challenge even just deciding what course to study in U, much less, having to think about which U would be better, would be cheaper, would be more suitable.
Then again, there's the question on whether we should even study, or just go look for a job. And there's our second problem. Should we go for part-time or full-time. If full-time, honestly, what would even be suitable for me? I have zero inclination on what I want to do in the future, studies or work. How am I even supposed to start searching.
So much pressure from all around, asking me to study, and then to look for temporary jobs... Seriously, I want, no, need a job. But, part, or full time? And even then, what should I work as that would add credibility to my CV/resume? Why is it so difficult to even choose?
Help me out here please? Which would be a better choice?