Thursday, 21 February 2013

stop being so judgemental

Am taking the time right now to blog about this topic since I'm sick, and in no mood to study at all despite the 4 papers I have next which, which sorta explains for my lack of updates.
So this is a topic,that has been widely broached, and yet something that will never be solved or settled just because. People are widely known to be judgemental, even on people they have never seen or met before. Even on passerby. It's really sad to say, but who am I, who are we to judge others like this.
Sure, we all make passing comments on the strangers we see on the street, judging them for a terrible fashion sense, overly made-up face, having a body-odour etc etc. But these, are all just superficial, and won't exactly hurt anybody since we do not know them, and they us.
BUT, what happens if it is a case of family members judging family? It has been an apparent issue in my family, although not immediate, and although I may not be in the position to say much, I can't help but to feel extremely irritated at the person.
Sure, that family may not have such a good background but that is just unavoidable. All we can do is show our support to them. But no. Instead of that, you have been doing the complete opposite, and going around belittling them. Sure, no to their face, but you tell other family members about it. Don't you see how despicable this act makes you?
It's not that you're very much better than them now that you are behaving as such you know. Seriously, with all that you have done, and being as hypocritical as you are, I am slowly losing all respect I've ever had for you.
And, seriously, what that family chooses to do, and how they behave is really not for you to judge. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and as different as it may be from yours, they are still right, as long as it is nothing against the law.
Don't go around making up ridiculous statements when we all know that it isn't true, especially when even you yourself know it isn't true. It just makes you look so terribly ugly on the inside.
I know no matter what, everyone is prone to judge someone. But even so, please do keep it to yourself especially when it comes to family! Because sometimes, the things you say, may cause shit you never want happening to happen. And by then, it would be too late to take those words back, and you may not even have the chance to remain on talking terms anymore.
Seriously, to anyone reading this post, do take note, Always be careful with what you say, because, I know what it's like to have said something wrong on impulse, and lose a friend because of it. I am not proud to admit it, but at least I know I've done wrong, and am willing to work on it. Being judgemental about people, especially those close to you really will bring you no where good.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Well, it really isn't anymuch different from previous years, so to speak.
CNY has, been the same for years. The only difference being that we all grew bigger. HAHHAHA!

But this year, really has got me pondering. You see, with the end of my poly life, would bring about new challenges and decisions to be made.

The choice of whether to move on to university or to go get a job for now before pursuing my studies in further down the road... It's not an easy decision I must say. And all the conversations I've had, it's been messing with my brains! Too many differing opinions.

But in the end, it'll still be down to me to decide how I want my future to look like!

Daddy's quote for this year: 条条大路通罗马. (All roads leads to Rome)

Which then reflects. There are so many roads to get to the end, but it's how you do it, and the choices you make getting there. Whether or not you take the shortcut, and end up meeting travesities along the way, or do it the long way, but achieve it without any major problems.

OK, so enough said! Photo time! (Although, it is all on FB already!)



Alright! So, I'm here to blog about the NIKON 1 J2 which you can find out about from this link:, or, of course  read on to know more as I shamelessly try to win myself this fantastic camera!
This wonderful camera comes in a total of six colours, as you can see here!
Personally, I always loved my electronic gadgets in white, as is evident from my previous iPhone 4 which I bought in white, and my current iPhone 5, which is white as well. I mean, even my Polaroid is white! TEEHEE :)
BUT, I must say, the maroon (oxblood, for some of you) is just so gorgeous, and I can't seem to keep my eyes off of it! Well, it is my new current favourite colour anyway!
So, this baby here, is equipped with an advanced hybrid AF system, which does wonders in focusing and speed capture, so you would never have to worry about shaky hands or missed moments ever again! I personally, love it for this particular reason! Can never seem to have the power of not shaking my hands if i am trying to single-handedly take a photo, so this would come to great use, what with it's superior precision!
The fact that this little one here weighs but just a mere 363grams is also a wonder! With my bag always being so ultra heavy, having something lightweight as this would compel me to use i more often, rather than just relying on my phone for pictures as I do now, which has comparatively lower quality photos. :(
With 8 effects available for you to choose from under the creative mode function, you would also fine yourself not needing to edit your photos as much anymore (other than to get rid of those blemishes you cannot conceal or maybe photoshop some fats away:))!
Some examples of the effects would be the ultra cool miniature effect, which turns things to look like as if the picture was taken in a town made of toys!
Other effects would range from selective colour, night landscape and even an easy panorama for shoots that extends horizontally r even vertically!
THIS, though is really the icing on the cake!
Words just cannot come close to explaining how much love I have for this! Remember what I said about shaky hands, well, this would definitely solve that problem! And taking motion photos would be a breeze! You never need to worry about blinking eyes, unfocused images or anything, for that matter ever again!
What more, there is also a full HD video recording function, which allows you to take still images at the same time! Perfect for when you want to take both photos and videos at the same time without using 2 gadgets huh! I LOVE IT!
Another cool function about this little one would be the fact that with a turn of it's lens, it can turn the camera on or off all without having to press the power button! It's all about the convenience!
The built in flash also allows for better photo quality when capturing, especially at night!
Finally, when buying a camera, you obviously cannot miss out on this fact! With a 10.1million effective pixel, you can be sure that any photos taken by this little one will turn out sharp and gorgeous!
So, to sum it all up, taking photos with this baby, would definitely make you look fabulous, especially in all your outfits with its sharp colours, wonderful pixels, and well, everything!
Come learn more about this camera here!
And, since I can't decide which colour, to pick, I ended up snapping myself in an outfit which reflects both of the colours I would love to get my hands on!

Although, in all honesty, I myself can only see the oxblood as the lighting really made my white sweater disappear...