Thursday, 24 October 2013


Celebrated Bryan's 21st in advanced last Friday, where he held a chalet over at NSRCC.

A great opportunity to finally meet up with the cliquers whom we were close with, and yet due to other reasons, not seen in such a long time.
Especially Jeph!

A really warm night, just hanging around and chatting, catching up on one another's lives. Talking about any thing, and everything...
Even ghosts stories, following which, something rather creepy did happen.

Took 2 polaroids with bbg, one self taken, which turned out fine, but the other one which Jeph helped to take, turned out entirely brown. Really kinda eerie, LOLOL.

Hanged for a little more after we left the chalet over prata at simpang.

All I wanna say though, is that we should really treasure our friends well, and not let distance and time cause us to drift apart!

Once again though, happy birthday in advance to you Bry!
Will do another one with you again when you book out nearer to the date though aye! ^^

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


By far the worse restaurant I've ever stepped food into.
Came across a few not too bad reviews, and decided to give it a try with Tai the other day after collecting our pay, but it turned out to be such a HUGE disappointment!
Upon entering the shop, we were left waiting for over 15 minutes for a seat, just because they were taking way too long to clear the tables that had been vacated from even before we entered the shop. But it's ok, that much I could understand since there was only 2 wait staff.
BUT, what I could not understand was how they left us seated there for another 15 minutes, and countless times of gesturing for their attention before finally coming to take our order.
So anyway, we placed our orders of a plate of the pandan leaf chicken, a mango salad, a beef green curry, clear seafood tomyum soup, 2 plates of white rice and a mango sticky rice to be served after the mains.
So one would definitely expect the mango sticky rice to be served quickly, considering how it is an appetizer. But no. That was the second last dish to come. OK, whatever.
But guess what, 12-15 minutes upon ordering, only then did they come out and inform us, that they had ran out of beef, and asked if we would prefer chicken instead. We agreed, because, I mean what other choice do we have right...
Waited yet another 8 mins before the first dish was served. Asked for our rice, and was told to wait a moment. At least 8 minutes had passed, and yet no sight of rice, or second dish was delivered. Asked after the rice again, and was told only 5 minutes later again, that THE KITCHEN RAN OUT OF RICE!
SOMEBODY PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME, WHICH CHEF EVER ALLOWS THE KITCHEN TO RUN OUT OF RICE HUH! /was fuming at this point already, and trying so hard to tame the fire.
Another 8-10 minutes later were we finally beginning to see the rest of our dishes appear, but by that time, the both of us was kinda to mad/waited to long to still be hungry anymore to eat.
So, if you add up all the time, that would be about 25 minutes from the time they told me they had ran out of rice, they doled up 2 plates of rice to us, and just one bite into it, my temper short-circuited.
Literally summoned the waiter back and shoved the rice back into his hands and tell him to take it away because it was undercooked.
Look, as if it was not bad enough that the chef ran out of rice, he still had the audacity to serve undercooked rice.
I was feeling like a dormant volcano that got triggered at that point!
AND, the mango sticky rice still took FOREVER to be served even though I asked for it to be prepared even before the dishes were fully served. Plus, it was served with the skin still attached.

Honestly the worse service I had ever came across, coupled with food that wasn't all that good even, it is definitely not a place I would ever recommend anyone to go. AT ALL!
At least though, the day didn't end to bad with a light dinner at 85 with Tai and his friend after I packed some hours in to study for my law test, and he ended his driving test, followed by a few hours of lounging and just chatting at the Gelato place near 85 where I managed to catch up some with LingHui who works there after not seeing her since FOREVER!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So, as I did mention on the previous update, I previously went for THW with the bestfriend a few Fridays ago...
*Not gonna upload any photos, because it really wasn't all that fantastic*
To be honest, for something that was a Michelin star restaurant, I was quite dissatisfied with the food quality. Although the Char Siew Bun was good, that I'd give them, and the carrot cake was really quite spectacular, most of the other things on the menu was just alright, or something you could find at most other timsum place for less. Seriously, it's not anything that I'd be willing to queue an hour for again, although I wouldn't cross out going back there when the queue becomes almost non-existent.
Thankfully though, the lunch date was spent in good company, so I guess it really didn't turn out too bad.
It was a pretty short day out, considering that J had to go meet her mum for dinner, but no matter what, any time we spend together turns out good :)
Thankful to have you bbg! <3

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

quick update

Haven't been back here for over 10 days now, and it's really more cause of the fact that I'm busy than anything else.
I've been wanting to post something up here for the longest time, but studies takes priority right now.
Can't afford to be failing in any of my modules because resitting for any one of them would just means additional school fees to be paid, and that just isn't an option!
I've a test this coming Sunday, and another report to be submitted the Monday after the test!
And that's just crazy, because, if you did see my instagram/twitter posts, you would realise that the test I'm sitting for is just no joke. How is it that Law student manages to remember all these sections, OH LORD, dying here, and this is only a mid-sems, which means less than 5 chapters/topics.
But the amount to be remembered is already overwhelming! :(
I guess the report isn't too bad though, so hopefully I can churn in out within two days max and be done with it/get back to studying after!
Sooooo much to update on what's going on in my life, since regardless of busy I am, I did still make out some time for my friends, to just meet up/catch up and celebrate birthdays...
Will definitely get around to posting up about all these as soon as I'm done with this test yea!
Things you can look out for:
Review on Tim Ho Wan from the previous Friday's date with BBG,
Last Friday's day out with Tai and his friend.
And, yesterday (Monday)'s meet up with the BBG for her belated birthday celebration
as well as abit more from here and there...
Till next time, XOXO.

Friday, 4 October 2013


A Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Youth Troupe Production 新加坡福建会馆青年团 呈现: FAT HOPE 赘肉无罪
I don't normally watch the productions except for 学生剧场, but I'm more than glad I did purchase the tickets to this production!
It's extremely close to heart as well, being that I am a "fat person", someone who lacks in self confidence greatly and knowing what it is like to be lonely/not have many friends through periods of my life that I never want to revisit, I guess I can relate to the story more than most.
But even more than the story of a fat person whining, what really got to me about the show is that it touches upon the fact that no matter how good you are, you will never be good enough to others, even if they themselves are not up to your standard.
I.E, scoring 99/100 but being expected to score 100/100 by parents who barely made it through O'levels; being slim, and yet having people around you who are obviously fatter than you telling you that you are not slim enough etc.
This I guess, is something about life that we can never escape. People will always be there to judge you, and how well you are doing. Nothing will ever be good enough just because.
I shan't say much more now since there's still another 4 more acts over the next 3 days, and as much as I would encourage you reading this to purchase tickets, I am sorry but tickets have already been sold out!!!
//On a side note, I kinda miss being involved in productions and theatre works. Having been rather actively involved in such stuff since young, not limited to HKHK acts I mean, I really do miss the fun involved in productions and all. AND, I really long to be back on stage! Not just involved behind the scenes like I normally am, but on stage and performing for the world to see. YES.
Alright, that's all for today, till the next time~~

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm back

SO, I have not updated this space in FOREVER (3 weeks actually), and seriously, it's not that I don't want to, but more like there's nothing worth putting up here at all!
My life is a big bore I swear.
But.. It's looking up, slightly at least since last week, and I'm glad.
Quite a few impromptu meet ups last week, and last minute decisions for this week even, but all's good, since I'm getting to meet people I haven't seen in EONS.
Fine, I'm exaggerating, but still, some I haven't seen for one month, and others WAYYYY more.
Monday, had dinner with the Kwan siblings over at the ramen place at Tamp 1, heed my advice, it's not worth it... Even if you think it looks good! The worse thing though, is who even adds hard boil eggs in ramen?! I WANT MY SOFT BOILED EGGS!

Cakes at Bakerzin after since Tris didn't finish her noodles and wanted more food!

Thursday had me spending a day out with the precious Melly! Glad to have found such a friend after just 3 days of work at the NATAS fair!!!
Spent a bomb that day on lunch & my superga, but I had fun being with her, and I guess that's what counts most!
Lunch at The Sushi Bar was really good, and yea, I would definitely go back if I'm not too broke that month!
Just about half of what we ordered, heh! Yea, we're such gluttons :P
Really enjoyed walking all around orchard window shopping from mall to mall with you my dear!
Impromptu Saturday lunch date saw me having chicken rice balls with Cally! So proud of this girl for not being late and actually waking up early!
Didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have liked to with her, but still, a great mini catch-up nonetheless!
Missing Faith though! We need to get back together and gossip and talk cock together with my sis as well soon!!!!
Sunday was spent at the HKHK road show at Changi City Point with the lil ones, and to support Dekyi's act. Then I realised, Doctor JiaJia was Dekyi's classmate too!
Ok, anyway, that's beside the point. It felt nice to be around the HKHK people again.
My only disappointment is that once again this year, I would be unable to help out with huibao again. Sighzzz, clashes with school is pulling me away from doing what I love:(
Really miss being surrounded by those lil kids, and applying the makeup for them, and seeing them do well on stage.
Kinda can't wait for the next big performance to come round so I can do this all again... SBML seems so long ago right now.
Dekyi's the lil girl in the polkadotted leggings. She really reminds me of myself eh. Lacking in so much self-confidence and all, and constantly hiding behind her classmates.
(spot her hiding!)
Hopefully though, with all her extra curricular activities like HKHK and ballet, she'd be able to grow out of it soon!
And, there he is, the 小明星! So adorable ok!
AND finally met up with the bestest earlier today, or well, considering the time, you can say yesterday! But who cares about specifics right now!
Really glad to finally have the time to meet, since we haven't seen each other in a month!
And as always, 2 broke people over spending on food again! Had dinner at the imperial nan bei place at tamp 1, then aimlessly walked around whilst passing time waiting for our movie.
Bought Ritz Mango strudel to bring into the movie too! Yes, we are such pigs /oinkoink!
The movie though, was such a big disappointment in comparison to it's trailer. Caught runner runner, and seriously, the only plus points of the movie was the fact that Justin Timberlake and Ben Afleck were the leads! Second and a half wasted movie that I've caught this year!
Good trailers can be seemingly deceptive, sighzzz.
At least though, we had a good time catching up and just spending time with each other!
Super glad to have a friend in you, Tai! XOXO!!!!
Remaining plans for the week would be Fat Hope this thurs to support HKHK with the sissy, hopefully, the date on fri with the BBG, and dinner with cliquers on Saturday! mmm, good things to look forward to despite the many assignments due.
I'd be in such a rut if not for the fact that I have all these to look forward to!