Monday, 29 July 2013


For those who follows me on twitter, you would have seen my tweets from last night regarding school.
The first trimester is coming to an end already, and we were suppose to select our classes for next trimester's modules about 2 weeks back. So, being me, although I was out the day registration opened, I camped on my phone to choose the classes which I wanted so to minimise the days I need to go to school and stuff, and well, my efforts paid off.
But now, I'm not so sure if I really want to be in the class I'm in after all... My friends all couldn't manage to make their selection in time, and the slots ran out, leaving them to be put on the waiting list, and unfortunately for them, they were allotted a different time and class, which now becomes my misfortune. I won't have anyone I know in class at all!
How am I going to make it through the first two weeks (at least) of lesson alone, considering how difficult it is for me to make new friends unless people approach me first! :(
It's even to the point where I have half the mind to opt out of my current allotted classes to join the same class as the rest, but I don't know what are the days/timing of those classes yet, and it's even more worrisome if they are too spread out!
What should I do now?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The start of something new

Had loadsa fun yesterday!
'twas an impromptu decision to meet up for a movie from the previous night, but still really great!

Caught The Wolverine with Joey and Alvin, and spent like over an hour after that just catching up on one another's life over dinner!
Although it wasn't a really long meet up considering the fact that we only met in the evening, it was really good nonetheless.
And Bryan who joined us for just about an hour before the movie, thanks for coming all the way down even though you had other things on, and had to rush from the east to town, and back to the east again!

Never did think that such a group like us would have so much to talk about because honestly speaking, this is not the original clique we more or less split into after cliquers camp two years back.
But being able to come together like this and share with one another about our lives and even things that are so personal, makes me feel really happy deep inside.

Already planning for our next meet up, and it's just so much to look forward to!!!

Hopefully, we'd remain like this for a long time to come and that we can always share with one another truthfully about our ups and downs!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

tough week

Haven't had the luxury of time to blog for awhile now...
Was so caught up with school and assignments, I'm practically drowning in them.
Of the entire semester for this first school term, I've seriously just pulled through the toughest week ever.
Just completed and submitted 2 assignments in the last few days, and was staying up late and rushing through it for the past one week.
Not to mention the fact that I fell sick 2 days ago, it's been really tough, and all I can say for myself is that I'm proud of myself for being able to push through this trough.
I still have one last assignment due next week, but that's relatively simple... I THINK.
Exams will start in slightly more than 2 weeks time, and I haven't even gotten around to studying :/
I do hope all will go well, and that I don't screw up my exams like I did in poly, cos I really do not wish to extend my years required to complete my degree by having a need to remodule!!
So, wish me luck guys, and I'll come back with more to post soon as I'm done with my next assignment!!!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I want you back~

Err no, I don't mean a person, although there are quite a few people I would like back in my lives, that is another story for another time.
The you I am referring to here, are my old blogs.
I want them back, not because I want to leave them on the internet for all to see my unglorious past, but I really want to read them again, and see for myself how much I've grown and matured as a person.
I used to blog with BlogSpot for YEARS, in secondary school. Then because I felt the things I blogged about, were to incriminating upon myself, and allowing others to see too much into me, and also due to certain other issues and factors, I deleted that blog.
Than maybe a year or so? later, I started to blog again, still with blogger, under a different handle.
And then, I migrated to wordpress sometime when I was in polytechnic, and deleted the blogger account that I had once again.
Last year when I finally decided to make the move back to blogger, I left my wordpress blog around.
But what I really want to read right now, is my very first blog and the posts I made back then.
One thing though, I can't remember the handle I used back then, and even the email which I used back then has been deleted, along with the blog account and all. So even if the blog was still around, there's just no way I can find it anymore :(

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Honestly speaking, I've been trying to grow out my hair for the past 3 years at least.
But for some reason, my hair never gets past an inch or two below my shoulders.
And I can only blame my fickle mindedness for this really.
It's like no matter how much I yearn for my hair to grow, I can't help but to get bored with my hairstyle every few months.
What more, my hair stylist LOVES to cut short hair for people.
I don't know why, but he does.
But after trying to get me to cut my hair short for a year or two, with me adamantly refusing to let him cut any more than 2 inches off every time, he gave up.
Then why, you must be curious, for the reason that my hair is still not at my desired length, right?
Well, about close to half a year ago, I told him I was bored and wanted a change, and told him to cut my hair short. Like bob kind of short.
But am thankful he didn't cut it all that short after all, because he told me I would regret it like cray, and only cut till just above shoulder length for me.
And he was right you know. Within a week after that hair cut, I was feeling pretty regretful.
Come to think of it now, if I hadn't chopped my hair off then, my hair would most probably be around chest length now? Which would be so damn wonderful to style and play around with!

But guess what, I just chopped off 2 inches of my hair again. Cos of the dead and split ends. Sighhhh. 
But honestly, that's just part 1 to grow hair, grow.
What I need most, is not growth in terms of length, but rather, volume.
For some reason, I've been facing a serious case of hair loss for awhile now, and it's entirely upsetting really. Might be hereditary, but I cannot confirm that...
My hair right now, is so thin and little, it's depressing.

My stylist even mentioned how bad a state my hair is in right now. 😭
It took him less than 15 mins to be done with my hair because it was so thin and there's nothing much for him to cut!
Anyone has remedies or solution to hair loss?
As well as ways for hair to grow longer faster?
Please do share your knowledge! ^^

Monday, 15 July 2013

Hangout with JJ Lin

This is very much delayed, but since I did say I would upload the video of the hangout onto my blog, here it is!

So to my fellow JMs, enjoy~

And please don't be laughing when you see me aye

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Finally, there, at the bottom of their site, lies their corporate profile and SNS options for you to keep in touch with them!
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So wait no more, and head to Save22 for more savings now!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Cook A Pot Of Curry

So this post would be a brief review and also a why you should watch it Wild Rice's on going production of Alfian Sa'at: Into the Spotlight - Cook A Pot Of Curry
It is no secret that Wild Rice's production always tends to be on the wild side. What with their bold statements on local issues as well as the government. But then again, this is, in my opinion, what makes them stand out, and make the productions all the more worth watching.
Cook A Pot Of Curry, starts out with the controversial issue of the curry, wherein if you are living in Singapore, should have heard of it before. It is amusingly portrayed, and definitely one of the best scenes in the show.
This production is centred around the voices of Singaporeans, as well as those living in Singapore, through means of interviews, and monologues of it.
It is candid, how some of the speeches were very honest, and it reaches out to the audience, resonating with what we may feel about the things going on around us.
Some topics broached included that of the "6.9 million population", and then of course following that, "the birth issues regarding stop at two, grandaunt mother's scheme etc.", "over crowding on MRTs" as well as the "Hong Lim Park Protest" amongst others.
One thing for certain, is that a strong innuendo of racism and a definite dislike of migrant workers. Although some might argue and say that it is not just an innuendo, but plainly stated, really, I beg to differ.
A scene in particular which I really like though, was the scene of the taxi driver's voices. Crude as it may have been, considering the fact it was in Hokkien and Teowchew and slathered with profanities, it is scenes like this, that touches someone the most, because it is not everyday, we manage to see such happenings in plays, and definitely not on TV. Yes, there is a similar scene in Malay and Tamil, for those races as well. The play is very well covered in that aspect I must say.
So for anyone coming to watch this show, don't worry, because there will definitely be something you agree upon, and feel for. Honestly speaking, this production is really worth watching, and even if you watch it 5 times, believe me, each time you would come out with a new light, a new perspective.
Cook A Pot Of Curry is still showing in theatres for the next one week (till the 20th), so get your tickets from now!
Tickets are priced from $45-$60, exclusive of sistic fees, and it is showing at The Singapore Airlines Theatre, LASALLE, College of the Arts.

Monday, 8 July 2013

July; Week 1

As it is, I'll be skipping the days which I spent at home doing nothing and everything ^^
Tuesday! Caught up with my favourite vainpot!

Spent time at the arcade, and for the first time in my life, I played a game that involved shooting. Was terribly inept, and our luck with the games were terrible! We kept ending up on machines which were faulty! >:(
Walked around window shopping, at cash converters and topman, before finally settling down in DTF for dinner! Mad love the food there, and to think, it was my first time there in close to a year! :(
But still, dinner was ultra satisfying!


 The chili crab XLB was mad love lor! Super good! I urge you to try it if you go DTF!
So then because by the time we made payment, our movie (White House Down) was starting we totally rushed to the cinema and went right in before TC went back out to get drinks, which caused him to miss the first few minutes of the movie!
Such a good movie, love how they managed to combine action and comedy all into one, and Channing Tatum was just AMAZING!
So grabbed ourselves a durian mcflurry after, and just sat to catch up on one another's lives and all, yea, it was a good night~


Wednesday saw me having girl time with mumsie, getting our nails done, and having cakes at TCC.
Lovely afternoon. It's always nice to be hanging out with mummy, and it's so regrettable that we don't do it often enough. And even more so when it comes to daddy!

Guess who's having which, although if you do follow me on instagram (handle: Aubrey_TY) you should already know! ^^~
Thursday was a slack day considering how school was reslotted to Sunday, and so I went and got my hair treatment done, and then came home to help mummy with cooking of dinner. It's not always where mummy wants to cook, so when she does, we're always in for something nice!
Dinner that night was WONDERFUL, with such a spread!
Taiwanese braised pork served with rice, preserved vegetables, silver fish egg omelette and  long-stemmed broccoli stir-fried with button mushrooms.
(Guess which were whipped up by yours truly!)
And well, Saturday and Sunday, as you should have already known, if you did read my previous posts, were spent celebrating my birthday with two special groups of people!
As little as it may seem though, this week was eventful for me, and I really cherish such moments like these!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

As narcissistic as the title sounds, this post is going to be anything but.
First, I gotta say, kudos to google!
I was quite shocked when I opened my browser (the homepage was set to google) and saw cakes on their banner. And when I hovered the cursor over:

Was so delighted by it! Totally made my day, and I'm all smiles now...
So anyway, as I did mention in my post last night, I had school this afternoon which was such a bummer! Like totally ruins the day, but oh wells, it can't be helped.
Thus made plans for dinner with the family.
To be honest, I was actually craving for some Viet food, but then daddy has to work (at Lasalle) so we decided to eat around the area, and I settled for Thai instead.
Had Porn's at Liang Seah Street for the first time, and am quite happy with the food, but not so much the service (which started from the reservation) and definitely the company.
As it is, I did not receive many birthday greetings this year, but then when I think about it, does it really matter? The answer is no. All I need, is my family, and close friends.
For those who had me in their minds, and remembered to wish me on this day of mine, I sincerely am thankful to you!
Especially more so, to those who did it personally through text messages as opposed to over sns.
Either way though, I'm grateful that I crossed your mind today!
And to end of this post, thanks Mum & Dad for having me, nurturing me, bringing me up and showering me with all the love you can!
I may not be the best, but I strive to be the best I can.
Love you both to the moon and back!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The little things that matters

Just got home and showered after a lovely day with some people whom I haven't met in a long while, and it's just amazing how a little goes a long way.
We first met during TPCliquers camp, and one thing I'd never forget, is how closely we had bonded as a whole.
That despite it all, we've managed, through little chats here and there on twitter and whatsapp, managed to still remain as friends!
Met up with Alvin, Bryan and Joey this afternoon for a belated celebration for Alvin's Birthday which fell on the 2nd, and also for mine, which is just tomorrow, 7th.
So, Alvin suggested Group Therapy, and the food was really not too bad, although I kinda regret not getting myself a cup of coffee to try...
And anyway, as usual, people were late and things got delayed, lunch was in fact after 2pm, it was still a wonderful affair, just chatting amidst lunch and enjoying ourselves.

What was amazing, was that somehow, I did not expect that there would be a cake, although, I should have known, considering the fact that Joey did ask me if we should get one for Alvin and stuff.
It's all quite a laugh considering we were all having our own convos outside of the group chat with one another...
Joey and Alvin to get me a gift, Bryan and Joey over the cake, and Joey and I over Alvin's gift...
Yea, but it turned out nicely in the end! ^^

We actually intended to watch Monster's University, but us being lazy, neglected to book the tickets yesterday, and today over lunch when we tried to book, the page was FOREVER LOADING! :<
Then we just headed off to cine and guess what! ALL THE MOVIES FOR THE TIMING SOONEST WAS SOLD OUT!!!!! Then we decided to just watch Vehicle 19, since the only other available movie was The Lone Ranger, which Bryan already has tickets to for later tonight...
Well, heads up for those who intend to watch it, that one star rating it's given is not a lie. It really is that bad. Like Bryan even fell asleep through the movie when it's supposedly an action film! Really not worth to be paying the money for I guess.
Well, all I wanna say, is that I'm glad to have this bunch of friends to have spent the day with celebrating my birthday even if it's a day in advance. It totally makes the notion of school tomorrow a little more bearable, and makes me all warm inside! Thanks for today guys! Love you'll!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Just my opinions

*disclaimer: What is going to be in this post is my thoughts, and does not represent anyone else's. If you are not going to like what I say, feel free to leave this blog :)
So as per my previous post a week ago, I was in Bintan, and all I can say is that, Singaporeans totally are a hard to please bunch, and very much definitely one of the top ranking contenders in the world for most kiasu (/kiah-soo, ˈkiɑsuː/ n. & a. [Hk. kia fear + su loss; Mand. pàshū]  Also kia suA n. One who is afraid to lose out to someone else, often to the point of selfishness; an over-cautious person.) people. Although I must say, the Chinese and Indians follow behind very closely, or if not are on the same line.
On that point of Singaporeans being hard to please, it really is true. I mean anyone would be able to tell you how much an average Singaporean is known to complain. I do too, and I'm not going to deny that fact.
But this man I came across whilst waiting for the shuttle bus to get us back to the hotel resort after finishing dinner at the Kelong, seriously brought it to the next level. It left me feeling so annoyed, and even embarrassed for him.
Here's what happened. Everyone was congregated at the entrance of the restaurant, and we've been waiting for the bus for a good 10 minutes already. So there were some cars here to pick up their passengers to bring them back to whichever resort it is they came from, and so out of courtesy, a staff member of the restaurant came out to just check with the patrons if any of them were waiting for their car, and to make sure they did not just wait blindly and miss the fact that their car was already there.
This fella, obviously Singaporean could not stop complaining from the moment he was asked, and even till we alighted the shuttle bus at the resort. And honestly the words that came out f his mouth when he was complaining was really making him seem so petty. Some of the things he said, not word for word are: "Why he ask us whether we got call for car? He purposely call the car and want us to get on and have to pay for it one, right." "I'm obviously taking the shuttle bus what, why he so kaypoh?" And he just kept repeating his complaints over and over to his companions, who at first were responding to him, but within minutes of the ride, just kept quiet and let him rant.
Hey, the staff was just trying to do his job, and be helpful. You don't have to kick such a big fuss over such a small issue alright. It's not even as if he forced you up that car. All he did was ask if you were waiting for one.
Ok, so that was that. The issue on kiasu-ism is really big though. I get that you would like to board the shuttle bus which gets you to the ferry terminal, but is there really a need to be shoving your way up the bus just to get a seat? Honestly though, the resort would definitely provide enough busses to bring everyone to the ferry terminal, so there really isn't that need to shove your way past the elderly, and mothers carrying their babies alright. This totally applies to the Indians and Chinese as well. All pushing their way forward with disregards to everyone around them. What if someone falls because of your unruliness!
This is just the tip of the ice berg though. It was mayhem at the ferry terminal. What with the terrible no-queue system, people were literally rushing forward to get onto the ferry just so they can sit in "good" seats. It's appalling really, how some people behave.
I could go on, about how sometimes I feel ashamed to be a Singaporean, outside of this trip to Bintan, but I guess that's another story for another time.
And till then,