Saturday, 7 September 2013

Chasing Idols

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I LOVE JJ LIN! So, yesterday, bbyboy was back in Singapore for his concert ticket cum album signing event, and naturally, I just had to be there!
Ever since I heard about the event, I've been wondering day and night, if he would remember me from the google hangout event held by kkbox, and to my greatest excitement, he did!!!!!!!!!
I swear, I was so elated at that fact, I almost cried, like seriously! The dream of every fangirl is to just be recognised by your idol, and he did! He recognised me and remembered me!
Alright, so let's back track abit and start from the top.... He came, on time in fact, and fans just went cray! Everyone was just screaming, and without further ado, he got on stage and started everything of with a song. Sadly though, it was the only song he sang...
Nontheless, still perfect! Love him so much!
Then the host spoke with him some, things we could look forward to at the Singapore leg of his world tour, things he enjoyed about his Taipei World Tour... Me being me, couldn't resist, and shouted out Hebe's name when she spoke about Taipei, and he kinda looked at me, and I guess he might have had registered who I was at that moment, but still, I couldn't be too sure... Whatever it his, he totally dismissed Hebe, and went back to talking about the extension stage. HAHAHHA, shy bby is just cute!

Then, there was some fan interaction moment, where 5 fans was chosen prior to his arrival, 3 from the previous night's radio program over at YES93.3FM, and 2 before he arrived at the venue.
The one that left the most impression, was the one where he sang a love ballad with the fan. Mainly because, bby asked what would we liked to hear, and I mentioned, or rather, shouted 发现爱 which he for some reason couldn't decipher, and asked me to repeat myself, and still ended up hearing it as 波间带, and was all like "波间带不是情歌啊". Yea, I know, hahaha but that wasn't what I said afterall... But it's ok... Anyway, in the end he sang 小酒窝 which was pretty much expected I guess...
Fans choosing their fan service
Right after this he started signing albums... So, really, the interaction he had with fans was really too short, considering how this is his first official event he has back in Singapore after a year and a half! But I'd take what they give. It's better than nothing!

Yes, here's a picture of him looking and smiling into my camera, but yea, shaky hands! (I really do think on hindsight now, he must have had recognised me from some of my earlier shoutings, which thus made him look into my camera long enough for me tosnap a proper photo whilst busy signing!)
So finally, it was time for YanYing and I to go on stage to get our tickets and albums signed, and I swear, my legs were like jelly, I was so nervous and excited at the prospect of him being able to remember me, that I almost fell after taking one step up! Yes, it was that bad!
So like he was halfway through signing YanYing's by the time I walked over to him, and just like going OMGOMGOMG, and he looked up at me and smiled before turning back to signing. Then he shook Yan Ying's hand and turned back to me and said, "Hi, long time no see", and shook my hand! I died a little and went to heaven at that moment! All the while I was thinking to myself to ask him if he remembers me, but I was just too stunned at that point and started blabbering... I was like, OMG, I've been waiting for this day since May! And he smiled cutely and said, "since May huh" and I went, yea... since you said so on the google hangouts... Then it finally kicked in to say my name, so I went, I'm Aubrey, and he replied me with "Yea, I know!". At that moment I could have cried!!! Squealed a little in excitement, then collected my stuff and got off stage all wobbly before finally screaming in joy! I WAS JUST SO HAPPY!!!! Really couldn't contain my excitement, even if there was such a crowd around me!

Left the venue with a smile plastered on my face! I just couldn't stop smiling with all my happiness of a fangirl's dream come true! Really thankful for that, and seriously, this couldn't have happened without KKBOX, so I just gotta thank them for this too!

More photos on my FB if you're interested, although it's not very many since most looks just about the same...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Does time really heals all wounds?

As the saying goes time will heal all wounds. But does it really now.
I don't really think so though.
I honestly thought I had put down this issue already, and left it behind me, someplace I can look back and say, yes, this shit may have happened, but I toughed it out, and came out standing. But I guess deep down, the hurt I gotten never really did eased away...
But rather, It's more that I just managed to lock it up and not let it bother me.
That worked, but it isn't enough...
Although I can coolly talk about this matter to my friends, and just act as if I'm over it, at the end of the day, it just isn't so. I'm still hurting from the matter, and the hole is still going to be there years down the road.
What is this matter, you may wonder... Well, sometime last year during my internship, some things went south with someone whom I considered to be my best friend in poly, and this is in spite of all the other issues we've, or rather, said friend has put me through. But this really was the last straw. So badly affected I was, you can only just imagine the pain. (If you have any interest, I believe I did blog about this back over on my wordpress when it happened, though I can't be too sure right now if that post is locked or not...)
Anyway, the thing that proved me wrong, that I actually am still harbouring much hurt over this issue was that I actually saw a teacher a few weeks back while I was working at the Natas travel fair, and she casually brought up the issue about this 'friend'. And not having spoke to this person for a while, and still having the unresolved issue between us, I guess all the feeling just came back up, and I just couldn't help but to feel rather used/委屈 about the whole situation and all...
Really just hope that one day, I'd be able to walk out of the shadow casted upon me, and be able to trust someone for who they are and not have to put up this wall around myself to protect myself from my own naivety anymore. Really really hate how I always so easily buy into people's lies and give them all my trust, rather than see things for what it really is/people for who they really are.