Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So, It's been more than a week since I've gotten back from the trip, but I'm sure, if you have been following my blog/twitter/instagram, you would have known that I really did not get much of a rest ever since I gotten back. What with the 2 submissions, that test and SBML. But we'll save that for another post next time^^~ Even, if I'm so damn excited to be sharing about my experience there:)

Anyway, back to topic!
Early Saturday morning last week, we gathered back at KM's office before driving out to M'sia!
Got my "TEAM H" shirt! Made me feel so much like a part of the family even though I've left the company! :')
The drive up was actually pretty fun from the get go! Especially since Mad got up the car at Kranji!
The way she and Johnnie banter over the walkie talkie! Too cute, really!

So when we arrived in JB, it was actually earlier than we expected due to the lack of a jam at customs, and stopped by at Tesco, and went across the road for some good ol' herbal Ba Kut Teh! YUMS! Really love anything that is herbal! HEH^^

Check out those empty bowls and claypots! We ordered sooo much, and yet still finished it all! It was really very delish!

It was too early for us to head to Kota Tinggi cos Check-in's only at 3, so we went grocery shopping!!! Had Auntie Anne's for the first time as well! It's pretty good!

Finally, left for the chalet/resort... Fell asleep on the drive up! This is what you get for staying up late the night before, because I procrastinated on packing, insisted on getting a blog post up, and attempted work on my assignments, but failed at horribly. Yea, I was just soooo tired!

The place, had actually looked pretty good online and all, and the exterior was actually not bad. BUT, to be honest, the place is somewhat run down... Maybe from the lack of staff or something, but the place just wasn't as well kept as you would have imagined it to be. But still, not too bad.

Check-in was a headache really. Even though we arrived late(r). The rooms were all not ready and we had to sit around to wait for our roms for a good half an hour. Even if time flew by quick enough because of the company, it was really quite upsetting to have to wait though >:|

After we finally got to our rooms, which I might add, were the farthest from everywhere in the place, we headed to the pool... The pool though, was pretty gross. Though it has no chlorine in it (according to those who went in), the pool had like shit load of dead leaves in it, black specks floating in it, and the water was milky. Too weird for me to even get in. :/

Those that happily jumped in (James, Vincent, Johnnie, Ruth and Clarrise) really had fun though:) The rest of us had fun watching them! AHAHHA :D
Well, at least until the place suddenly got swarmed with the international students from JB that were here for a weekend trip. Then we sorta got up and went back to the room to wash up and get ready for dinner.

Everything was really tons slow at the resort.Too chilled. Dinner, which was promised to be served at 6, wasn't even ready till 6:30. The only things that we're actually moving real fast were the houseflys! They fly as if their life depended on it! It's just next to impossible to kill them! And they won't shoo away either! :( Nevermind about those. We were originally told, that the bus to fetch us to the Kota Tinggi Firefly River Cruise Area would come at 6:45, but was in the end told that we had to go for the second bus which would come around 7:30 so that the students could go first.

The bus however, did not arrive till past 8pm! By then, a few of us were already kinda sleepy. hehehe, must be the entire atmosphere. Being in a laidback area does make you want to rest more than you normally do. I can never explain nor understand why though.

HAD TO WAIT AGAIN WHEN WE REACHED! Those international students that left an hour before we arrived only just boarded the river cruise when we reached! OHGOD! What is this! :(
So the team decided to buy the prawn crackers to munch on, and they got hooked on the home made chili sauce (somewhat similar to belacan in taste/chicken rice chili in colour). It's damn spicy! ShiHui and I almost died! HAHAHAHA! And I only tried a super teeny dip! ShiHui actually took quite a fair bit... But Ruth really loved it, and bought a bottle, and had it with every meal from that day onwards! /SERIOUS!

Had more time still, and we bought the 孔明灯 to write our wishes on and light up! LOL, the colours they have all chapalang/anyhow only lor! But I told them to buy the purple one because I know for certain that it is one of the true colours of the light! Even though, I couldn't remember what it signified! teehee :>

It was really pretty when it finally went high enough into the sky! Looked like an extra bright star in the sky, and also a little like a shooting star! Hopefully, our wishes really do get fulfilled! :)

Back in 1993

I'm pretty sure I broached this subject back on my wordpress before, but if you had not read it back then, I'm here to talk about it again.

Back when I was just a few months old, my daddy gotten into this huge ass accident. It was on this desserted/ulu street where apparently, many others had gotten into accidents at the same spot before.
It was such that, most people who has had accidents at that  exact same spot, died because they were in a japanese made car. Luckily though for daddy, he was driving the citroen then, and it was more sturdy. But still, he broke his leg, and went into coma.

All along, i never knew about the coma thing, although I did know for a fact that he was hospitalised for over a month, and has nails stuck in his legs because apparently, the bone grew over it such that it could not be taken out anymore.

So for some awkward reason, I honestly don't even know how the topic gotten around to this even, while mummy and her cousin was chatting (on sunday) over the baby's full month celebratory high tea at Marriot, I learnt that daddy was actually in a coma back then.

Not sure why, but at that moment, I felt such a huge rush of guilt over me, because if daddy actually took time to sleep at night after getting back from work instead of taking care of me while letting mummy sleep, this accident might not have happened. Maybe because they did jokingly say it as such before, that's why it hit me harder, but that was exactly how I felt right then.

Even if I knew that the place/tree he had the accident at is a common accident spot, of which people even mentioned that it's because there are dirty things occupying that area. I just can't help but to feel that some of it, was partially my fault.

Mummy says that daddy believes he's living on borrowed time now, because he had visions and flashbacks of sorts then, like he was given a chance to live again, or to move on, and he chosed to continue living.

I wouldn't know what I'd be like now if he had decided to choose the latter option back then. Would mummy have had remarried? Would I have any of my younger siblings? Would I still be living as comfortably as I am right now?

But because of all these, I am even more determined to do better this semester, and even better in future. I will make sure I return to daddy what he has given to me double, triple and more!


Saturday, 17 November 2012

beyond tired

OK, so as the title totally implies, I'm so tired my eyes can barely open.
BUT, I'm going to write and post this now, because I'll be away for the next three days, and even when I come back, I'm gonna be way too busy to even think about this blog. Which, I totally feel upset about, but am left with no choice.

But then again, I can only blame it on myself for procrastinating and not starting my assignments on Sunday/Tuesday when I had the time! And then I came home late wed/thurs and today. Leaving for Malaysia the next 3 days, gonna spent tues and wed on tprawks, and then thurs cruise class test after which I've to rush off to MBS, and submission on Fri by 5pm.

Don't have a clue how I'm going to complete these 2 assignments as well as study for the test, but somehow, I have to.

Spent an entire day with WenLi today! Would have had caught 2 movies if time permits, but we really spent too much time at URA. Sigh, all them field trips is taking a toll on me. Coming home with sore legs everyday is like no joke at all :(

But still, today was totes enjoyable!

After URA, we walked down along Chinatown, and had like really yummy durian/mango crepes at only $1.60 eah. such a steal, for such a huge crepe with so much fillings! Damn good really. Can fight with my fave 717 Trading's lor!

Yea, then we were like just walking and saw this traditional desert shop, and so in we went for some.
Had a chendol snow ice. Yums! But couldn't finish it, lol. Waste money :/

Took a bus down to The Cathay to catch pitch perfect! We damn suay though... Only had second row or first row seats left! So took the second, obviously... The show was super funny and I totally loved it, BUT, the bunch of students seating next to me was just.. URGH!
They smelled of sweat and odour, and they were like munching on chips sooooo loudly it was just annoying. I mean, have no one taught you that you should not chew with your mouth open?

1: It's the most unsightly thing ever.
2: You make so much noise when you do so, it turns people off.
3: It's just plain rude.

But still, I enjoyed the movie. Oh, and the bitchy girl in the movie, oh god, we share the same name! HAHAHAHA. I don't know to laugh or cry though. Cos since young I've always had people telling me Aubrey was such a boyish name/unusual name and all...

So anyway when the movie ended, we headed over to orchard central for our dinner at Covelli. The ambiance was really nice and all, but service was just a bit lacking, although they do try, and for that, thumbs up.
The food though, could have been better.
Had the black truffle ravioli, portion was slightly on the small side, and the dish was really close to being bad. I mean, you know how ravioli has cheese in it right, and with the cream sauce, it was just a tad bit too much for the taste buds to handle. A little too overwhelming, whereby any more than half the plate, you start to get really sick of the taste already.
The vanilla panna cotta was a little too sweet for me as well. And it really did not complement the ravioli, thus making the end not as great as it could have been.

Took a stroll to cineleisure after that, so I could buy my $2 handphone cases! Got a really bimbz hot pink one, and a slightly translucent not so neon yellow one. HEHEHEH, love my bright colours:)
And of course, when we're at cineleisure, I just had to go to SMG! I mean like, it's JJ Lin's shop, so how could I not, right!

Really love their fall collection, although the shop still isn't carrying everything from the collection. Saw the baseball jacket that I really liked on the mannequin though, but yet, couldn't buy it cause it's just so ridiculously expensive, and I wouldn't be able to afford it:(

Stood there for close to 10 minutes in total just looking at it! Went like 3 separate times back and forth between the other shops and SMG. Until the staff came out to look at what I was up to :/

But you see, it's just so pretty, how could I not like it. Much less to say, it's GREEN! My favourite colour ehhhh! :'(

Man, why does it have to cost so much, at $184.90...

Alright, so it's 2:00am now as I'm writing this sentence. Not sure if I should work on my assignments or just head to bed seeing how my alarm is set to go off at 7am tmr for the trip...
But either way, my excitement level for the trip really dropped so much thanks to all the assignments and test! :/

Monday, 12 November 2012

The need for foreign talent

And so during APEL today, we were on the topic of prejudice, and one of the things we talked about was "Singaporeans vs Foreign Talent"
And there was like a group of them in class totally lamenting and sorta being against them foreign talent. Not too sure why I chose not to speak up, but it made me feel so upset, the things they said.
So just take one step back, from hating on the foreign talents in Singapore and just think on the following:
1. If these foreign talents did not come, who would take on all the "shit" jobs they work in.
For some reasons, Singaporeans have a "I'm high and mighty" mindset, which actually does not even come close to the truth. But because of this mindset, many of us are then unwilling to work the "so-called dirty" jobs such as cleaners, coffeeshop staffs, nurses etc.
2. If the foreign talents did not come, who would then take on the big titled jobs?
Honestly, Singaporeans seem to not want to make decisions, or for some reason are unable to make sound and just decisions. Even if they were capable of doing so, many would rather not take on that position, and leave it to someone else to do so, because they are afraid of things going wrong, and would not want to take the blame/be at fault for it.
3. Competition.
Without these foreign talents, we honestly would have nothing to spur us on to work harder and outdo ourselves. But the arrival of these foreign talents, we actually, albeit unknowingly, work harder than we normally would so as not to lose to them.
Then, you might claim that they take up so much space, leaving us with less; fight with us for houses when we already do not have enough, especially when they apply for permanent residentship/singaporean citizenship. However, without them then who would help to increase our slowly dying population because we are so unwilling to have children due to the high expenses. But then again, that's another story for another time la.

So, we really should not be hating on them foreign talents. You don't have to embrace them, but at least just accept them, and know that they are here for a good cause.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The long awaited badminton date!

Finally our third badminton date after more than a month, because trying to book a court was just so ridiculously difficult happened!

I was so excited for it to happen from the moment I finally managed to get my hands on booking the court. However, I ended up being unable to play, which totally dampened my mood beyond words. Yes, the wrist injury being the cause of my not being able to play. Why of all places to get injured, my right wrist.

The fact that it gives me trouble writing, eating and all really just sucks so bad.

Well, back to topic anyway!
So, for some weird ass reason, I declined Shi Hui's offer to pick me up. I honestly don't knowwhy I did that though, because it was s difficult to just find the correct bus to board, being that the was 2 291 going in different loop directions. Luckilythough, I boarded the correct one. And that was like after 15 minutes of trying to find the correct bus/location to board from.

So anyway, I thought I was gonna be one of the latest to reach y'knw.. Cos ShiHui said they were all meeting at KM at 6! and we were supposed to meet at the venue at 7. And it's like max 15mins drive from KM. So when i reached slightly 10mins after 7, I was actually quite shocked to see only Boss there.

Either way, they played, and I just sat and watched. Quite upset la, cos I see them play until so fun and I really wanted to, but jiejie and Claire kept saying no. Cos it is after just recently aggravated again, and my working hand so... Bopian :(

But I still perspired alot eh. HAHAHHA, it was like a sauna in there ohmaigod!

Yea, then went off to siglap for dinner/supper at Mas Ayu! Rode with daddy in the car, and had a mini catch up!

Really miss them all so much ever since I left KM! So yesterday was really fantastic, even if we didn't chat so much since they were all so busy working out. But at least we still did over dinner, and had so much fun and laughs in the process!

Major looking forward to the coming weekend for the team retreat! Still feel major contented/loved everytime I thinik about it. Because of the fact that they asked me along even though I've left KM, and also how they take care of me so well, knowing that I'm just a student and all, and let me pay so much lesser than the rest of them!

Till then anyway!~

Friday, 9 November 2012


Wednesday was really rushed, yet sooooo fulfilling, I LOVE!

And when I say rush, it really was rushed.
Cabbed to school cos I was running late for lessons and all, after having spent too much time dolling up. SIGH... Shouldn't have had lazed in bed that much.

Completed E-Biz assignment during tutorial, so I was already feeling real accomplished, because for reasons unknown, I just couldn't focus and do it whenever I wanted to on the nights prior to Wednesday. So being able to complete it in less than 2 hours was really great!

Had a super late lunch (3pm) with WenLi and Karin during our break. Actually wanted o get a wrap, but Subway actually ran out of wraps. What even, oh god. So I had no coice but to settle for bread instead. Had my fave parmesan oregano with teriyaki chicken, LOADS of veggie and ranch sauce ^^

Yea, then headed for Spa tutorial, and had our online forum. Quite happy with the group's progress eh. We really ran through so many aspects and everything. Good job guys!

Yea, from then on it was rush again, hahaha... tabao-ed MacD's for Joyce and Claire then rushed off to meet them to watch LingHui's performance!

Had such fun on the bus ride there despite the fact that it was unbearably long due to the jam. Talked about like everything, and anything. Office stuff, TV shows, WGM... hahhahaha, it was just great!

Then met SiangYee at RP and went in for the show in just the nick of time!

Honestly, I never ever really enjoy myself at dance performances. I'm just to perusive/judgemental of it... Like how if they're in sync/on time. And the lighting effects. And seriously, this was just... mediocre? Other than the modern dancers, all of them were really out of sync it was kinda painful to watch. The dance just lost it's flow and symetry. And the lighting design didn't even do anything to help. It was just messy and all over the place. I really wonder if the designer knew what he was doing. Sometimes, the tone of the light totally clashed with the music as well.
But, one thing I must give credit to, is that the Hip Hop IG's wacking was really very good! Yea, totally loved it like OMG! Fantastic beyond words.

So that's about it basically. LingHui was damn pretty la!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Just some thoughts

Totally love the song 不敢哭 by Lara.
Watched the mv that just recently got released for it, and some word inside the movie really makes so much sense.
As much as this is a sad love song, the context just basically about applies anywhere.

得不到的就该放手 就算哭了 还是勇敢的

Which translated means, if you can't get the thing(person), you should let go. And even if you cry, you are still brave.

Honestly, be it love or not, this really should be adhered to!

Just some food for thought anyway:)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things to brighten up an otherwise dull week!

Monday dinner with Wenli at ajisen yesterday evening!
Catching LingHui's dance with the other KM girls tmr:)
Thursday afternoon spa with JY!
Lunch on Friday with TingLe!
Badminton on Saturday evening with KM Family! <3
Sunday shopping with Le sister and Cally, with Faith joining us for dinner!

Crazy packed, but it'll be definitely enjoyable:)!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

le weekend~

So yea, basically here to post about the weekend I've had.
Somehow, this weekend just seemed to fly by in a whir.
Without me even realising, it's already close to the end of Sunday already.
Yea, but at least I have it good for me on the weekends!
Early end on Fridays, and late start on monday, although it is quite dreadful when I have PE.

Let's start with Friday evening.
So, it was the parent's wedding anniversary, so we went out for dinner, but truthfully, we're always eating well, so, it's really just an excuse, lol.
Had dinner at Paradise inn.
Yea, I just love chinese food! Especially herbal soups! :)

Then went for mummy's favourite past time, haha.. Watch shopping!
Our favourite watch shop is like closing real soon, because Eastpoint will be closing for renovations and all, so went over to take a look.
HEHE, manages to snag myself a watch(from Titan) as well! And it's just love! Especially the rose gold, and the pearl face.
Mummy got herself a Charles Jourdan one.
They even bought one for grams, a Pierre Cardin.

But yea, Saturday, woke up real late, had a great lunch cooked by mummy!
Baked macaronni with LOADS of cheese. Really is love lor! Damn shiok! hahaha

Then I nua-ed for awhile, before finally heading out to run some errands and all, and also to pre-order the SHINee fan goods package for ShiHui and myself :) And, successfully spent yet more money again on make up.
So that totally makes it close to about $130 in 2 days that I spent on make up items. Seriously, I've no control:/

Oh, and while out at Tamp, I actually lost my EZ-Link and Matric card! SO, if anyone does pick it up, would you kindly return it to me? :(

Went out for supper with the parents after that, and had the pig liver/kidney meesua at 501! Is really super good la! Love the soup especially lor:)

So, we went out for lunch with Grams, and XiaoYan gugu and family today.
Had lunch at crystal jade kitchen, and we ordered soooooo much for like 10 adults and 3 children, they had to constantly clear the table to make space for the rest of the food.

But still, lunch was really good. It always is when you are in good company.

Oh, and we had Anderson's Almond Bar as well for dessert! <333333!!!


Saturday, 3 November 2012

End of the school week

Was gonna post this earlier on this afternoon, but just never gotten around to it.
It's only the 'official' first week of school since last week was only just lectures, but it feels as if I've already been back a month.
The workload is immense, and having just came back to school after like what has to be more than half a year of not studying/doing projects, I just can't seem to cope as well. I don't have the drive or momentum at all.
But, even so, that's not the main issue, because I believe that it'll get back to me soon. Though I hope sooner rather than later.

What's actually bothering me, is the fact that there are just to many things to be done, and that there are other unnecessary issues arising. I really don't need all these right now, serious. If it really were to carry on, I wouldn't know how much more longer I can last. From May till now, things have really taken a toll. It's not been easy on me, and I'm just fighting to keep the flame alive. It's as if just a wisp of wind can fuse it; the string tethering on it's edge, just ready to fray and fall apart. I can't quite explain it, but it's not been smooth, and I really need to get this edge out of me.

Whats more, projects are really one too many! E-biz is really no joke, but seeing how individual assignments plays a HUGE role, and there's no examination for it, I'd better work my ass off at those assignments to score better. I really can't visualise how to get through this semester, but it's the final lap already! I just wanna score, pass, and get my diploma and hightail it out of here.

Seriously contemplating overseas university to further my education. Though, before I can even think of where I want to go, I should at least know what I want to study. But I do have a rough idea... I guess? Not so sure about it yet, but shall sleep on it for a few days.
Thinking about Taiwan/US for furthering my education though, since I'm pretty apt in the languages used there, though if I were really to go to TW, I need to work on my 繁体字 and definitely, my level of chinese is still abit lacking and all, but it'd be super advantageous to me!
Or maybe though, a country like Korea/French where I can hone my language skills would be not bad too, right? hehehehe. Well, I've still got another half a year to decide, so not that much of a rush, though it really isn't a lot of time if you come to think about it...

Anyway, I just hope that this semester wouldn't prove to be too much of a challenge, and I can sail through it smoothly. Just letting me get through it without any major hiccups is fine enough!

Tomorrow will always be a better day.