Sunday, 27 April 2014


This may apply to anyone with a long torso in general, but since I'm a female, I'm writing this in the perspective of one.

1. Dresses always ends up shorter than it's meant to be.
It's always kinda annoying that dresses ends up shorter than it would be on any other ladies. What's worse is that you'd be at risk of zao-geng more easily than anyone else. Mini dresses ends up as tops.

2. Maxi Skirts are always too long for you.
Actually most any skirts and bottoms ends up longer because the longer body means shorter legs, and thus clothes always needs to be altered

3. Wearing pants actually makes you look shorter.
As mentioned, proportion matters a lot when wearing clothes, and the shorter legs just tends to make you look shorter when you're wearing pants, especially those cropped at the ankles. But at least there are high waist clothes to make you look like you have slightly longer legs.

4. Rompers never fit
They somehow always gets jammed at your crotch, because it's made for regularly proportioned people. I.e. the body is of the clothe is short and it's never enough to cover up your chest.

5. Shirts sometimes are just too short
They tend to end up looking weird if you're wearing them with low waist bottoms. There'll be some skin flashing and all, and it just doesn't look good. Crop tops only ends up accentuating the fact that you have an extremely long body even more.

These are just the main issues I face when it comes to clothes. *let me know what are some of the problems you face with a long torso!

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