Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Korean lookalike

So, ever since I chopped my hair off and permed it just before CNY this year, I have been receiving comments on how Korean I look especially coupled with my make up. But those was just some really rare comments I heard here and there, and it really wasn't till month of April, that I've been hearing that comment pretty much. Like more than 10 times in the span of just mere 30 days.

The most unbelievable one that I heard, just last week in fact, was that someone here at KM (where i'm working temporarily for a month) said that I look more Korean than the Korean designer seated upstairs. Like WHAT??!?!! How can that even be so. It's honestly quite amazing to hear that I look like a Korean, considering that they are pretty damn popular and stuff, and mostly on the pretty end of the scale.

 And so, as much as I cannot see the resemblance however much I look into the mirror or in my photos, I suppose there has to be some sort of a semblance at least for me to be hearing so much that I look like one of them. And, I could take it as a compliment too, cos like I said, they are really mostly pretty and pretty good looking.

SO, do you think I look like a Korean? Let me know your thoughts! ^^~
 XOXO, Aubs!

Sunday, 27 April 2014


This may apply to anyone with a long torso in general, but since I'm a female, I'm writing this in the perspective of one.

1. Dresses always ends up shorter than it's meant to be.
It's always kinda annoying that dresses ends up shorter than it would be on any other ladies. What's worse is that you'd be at risk of zao-geng more easily than anyone else. Mini dresses ends up as tops.

2. Maxi Skirts are always too long for you.
Actually most any skirts and bottoms ends up longer because the longer body means shorter legs, and thus clothes always needs to be altered

3. Wearing pants actually makes you look shorter.
As mentioned, proportion matters a lot when wearing clothes, and the shorter legs just tends to make you look shorter when you're wearing pants, especially those cropped at the ankles. But at least there are high waist clothes to make you look like you have slightly longer legs.

4. Rompers never fit
They somehow always gets jammed at your crotch, because it's made for regularly proportioned people. I.e. the body is of the clothe is short and it's never enough to cover up your chest.

5. Shirts sometimes are just too short
They tend to end up looking weird if you're wearing them with low waist bottoms. There'll be some skin flashing and all, and it just doesn't look good. Crop tops only ends up accentuating the fact that you have an extremely long body even more.

These are just the main issues I face when it comes to clothes. *let me know what are some of the problems you face with a long torso!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


//For those who can't read Chinese, the title to this post means (literally translated) hugging Buddha's leg in the last minute//

I've been lamenting to my friends, mostly my group mates how unmotivated I have been this semester, and it's just t getting any better. Down to literally the last 3/4 days before the semester comes to a close with the two exam papers I've to sit for.

Anyone who knows me well enough, would know that as a student, I rarely leave the studying till the extreme last minute. Because no matter what I would try and start my revisions at least 3 weeks before my papers to give me ample time for note making and memorising as much as my pea brains can hold. No really, I'm sure I have brains the size of a pea. /I always have issues when it comes to memorising school work. BUT none when it comes to memorising the lyrics to a song./ ok, but that's beside the point here.

So this semester, has proven to be the actual worst in my whole life as a student. I have been feeling soooo out of it I don't actually know how I managed to even pass my assignments. Seriously. I worked on my 2000 word report just he night before it was due to be submitted, and miraculously scored a 60/100. Missed my test because my brain remembered the wrong timing, and I failed to double check after a night of partying, and took a retest without much revision from what I initially studied and passed by the mere breadth of my hair.

And as I was saying, I normally start studying about 3 weeks before, but this time around, no matter how much I told myself to sit down and start, it just never did happened, until last Friday, where I only managed 2 chapters, and then spent Saturday lazing around before heading for SY's birthday party, and finally attempting again on Sunday. So you could say, my actual start where I managed more than just 2 chapters was actually Monday. Considering that I didn't pay much attention in class at all this semester, I mean like zero attention, there's actually A LOT that I have to study for especially since I have two papers on the SAME DAY!

I just pray that some higher being out there gives me the strength and super human memory that I so definitely need to pass these two papers. I don't need much, and I won't ask for much, but just a pass grade would be more than enough. I really cannot afford to fail a single module at all, because remoduling actually costs money, and that's just a definite no go. SO PLEASE PLEASE JUST LET ME PASS!