Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A short one

I'm really tired and all, and I've been neglecting my blog for the past couple of days.
I know, I'm sorry! But I've just been so busy what with rushing out all my projects before I leave!

So I gotta get up at 5am later on, so as to leave the house by 6 for the airport!
I'm all raring to go, really! Been looking forward to this day where we can head back to Taiwan ever since we got back from out previous trip ther 4 and a half years ago!

It's gonna be a big family reunion this trip where one of the days, we'd be meeting up with an uncle, and a grandaunt and her family! So, I really can't wait for that day to come around!

Also, we'd be celebrating mummy's birthday in Taipei, so that's gonna be nice.
Well, who am I kidding, we've been celebrating her birthday overseas for as many years back as I can remember!

So anyway, I won't be bringing my laptop along with me since I did manage to finish up my part for them group projects. (Painstakingly).
Just did, and sent them out in fact!
BUT! I have yet to start on DPD and LRFM individuals which are due the wed and fri the week I come back! /slits wrist!

But when I've WIFI, I'd try to give mini updates from my phone yea! Or you could always follow me on twitter. I might try to borrow the sis's laptop though! She's bringing her's along. But she claims that she has a shitload of projects to be done, so I guess that depends... Well, we'll see how it goes while I'm there!

So that's about it for now! Really should try to get as much sleep as I can now!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Well, not exactly my favourite time of the year per se, seeing how my family never actually celbrates christmas, but well, who wouldn't love christmas gifts right!

So even though I wouldn't be in singapore during christmas to celebrate it with friends and all, but at least I'd be celebrating it with my loved ones in Taiwan!

Alhough, I'm really quite sad that I'd be missing KM's christmas BBQ! It would have been so much fun if I could spend christmas with them! They really are such wonderful people to be around, really!

So.. A mini list of what I would like for christmas this year? (Yea, MINI.. Get real. This list is never-ending).




4. Tickets to:

So basically, a load of cosmetics! hehehhe.

Monday, 10 December 2012

SHINee World 2

So anyway, if you have been following me on twitter (@Aubrey_TY) you would have known I went for SHINee's concert on saturday evening!

Finally, I was able to see all 5 of them up close and everything! TOTAL LOVE leh! :')

So spent the last 2 days trying to edit photos, and yet, I'm barely half way through. Of the 1500++ phtos I've took, I actually only edited about 102 so far, and have LOADS more to go, even though i did delete quite a substantial amout due to over exposure or the fact that I couldn't get it to focus when snapping!

So, I swear, I am such a lousy person with technical/computer stuff anyway. It's taking me forever to edit them photos, and I'm just dying. Don't think I'm doing a good enough job either, but that really can't be helped though...

Anyway, the boys had a pre-birthday celebration for Minho and ONew, whose birthday's were on the 9th and 14th respectively. Though JongHyun insisted that they were celebrating his birthday in advance (lol, his birthday's on April 8!).

They totally caked the both of them. It was pretty hilarious so to say! ONew had cake in his hair and all, and Minho even had cake in his nostrils :/ AND, there was cake ALL over the floor.And JongHyun was like a little boy at christmas, running around with cake in his hands after the both of them. How cute though. It's really fun to see that they enjoyed themselves like this!

Oh yea, got caught once, and was given a warning that if I get caught taking photos again, I'd have to surrender my camera! So, thankfully I didn't get caught again!

Really lucky though, that we were sitting first rows of where we were at, so it's easier to just place the camera on my lap and snap. Though, I ended up focusing more on my camera than on the boys, to try and focus and zoom, especially towards KEY! Heh. Yes, I do have extreme favouritsm issues lol. I know.

OK so, enough of the yakking. Will provide you some pictures now! :D

So that's a few of what I actually have edited and uploaded. For the rest though, I honestly have no idea when I can find the time to get it done and up seeing how I've about 5 projects to complete before I leave in 8 days to Taiwan. AND I've yet to start. FMLzzz.

So that's all for now then. If you wanna see more photos, do look for me on facebook yea. I've the photos there^^

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Always did love the pantomimes that W!LDRICE puts up! They never fail to inject their take on local happenings, which makes the audience laugh greatly!
Shan't really mention so much about what they did throw in this time around, but if you do follow the local news, you'd definitely enjoy it!
You know how we've been embroiled in many scandals recently? Well, there's one that's slightly religious (if you get who I mean), then another one (or two, if you wanna see it that way) that refers to FT, and a few others not to mention!
Major love for Nicki Minah's (Nicki Minaj) character! OH WOW! She's just plain awesome! heheheh! Totally pulled off the minah-ness like BOOMZ! LOL
So, please do go catch the show if you have yet to! Do support local theatre yea!
And while you are there, do pick up a copy (or two) of their original soundtrack! Every $5 of the proceeds would be donated to the "Emma Yong Foundation", set up to help local theatre practitioners who are suffering from critical illness like Emma's! So please do show your love and support!
They'll be on till the end of next week, so there's still time to get tickets if you've yet too!
Some pictures of the decorations outside the theatre!

The kueh bahulu really very cute ok! But the ondeh ondeh abit weird? hahah!

Friday, 7 December 2012


Well, technically I've still another 3hours till school officially ends today(typing this up on my phone while I'm having lecture right now).

But, seriously cannot contain my excitement anymore! Like hello holidays!!!!!!~ Finished my last test of the term and I've only another one more consultation later on. But seriously, have no mood for anything else right now!

Gonna head to kbox with Wenli (and Jy if she actually wakes up) after consultation, and I honestly can't wait.

Even if it means I'd be spending money! Heh. But whooo~~ heheheh fun fun fun!

Only, the fact that I've all my projects to start work on come Monday before I head of to Taiwan the following Tuesday morning is totally daunting and stuff. But at least I still have happy things to look forward to next week like JL's Birthday BBQ, and the GC clique's BBQ as well!

Will contact the office daddy to meet for dinner soon too! Heh! And also my KM girls, Claire, LingHui and Joyce! Yea! Shall totally make sure I meet all these people before flying off:)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


OK, really, of so many things I should be doing, the last thing I should be doing right now is updating my blog.

I'm running a fever, have the flu and may be a tad to whiny, which may reflect in here.

PLUS, have a peer teaching assignment I should do cos it's due tmr, and a test on fri morning to study for.

Haven't had lunch yet either, and the fact that my laptop crashed on me just now (while I was doing my online tutorial, no less) pissed me off so bad I almost cried! So I'm kinda cranky.

Haven't fallen sick in so long, and was supposed to go get a flu jab for the TW trip but I can;t anymore now, because I'm sick. This really sucks. :(

OK, actually, I wanted to blog. Really. Like a proper post and all wih pictures and everything. But I think I can't do a prper one right now cos it'll be way too whiny.

So, I'm just gonna cut it off right here, right now.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

missing cliquers so bad!

Out of coincidence, took the stanchart volunteer shirt from last year out to wear, and realised, that in a few hours time, this year's stanchart would commence!

And so, was brought back to the past - last year this time, us cliquers was tonning in sch right at this moment, awaiting the bus to ferry us to the location in a few hours time...

We were all so bonded back then, unlike the state cliquers is in now, unlike how we are right now. Back then, we were all a family and everything, everyone just got along well! But sometime along the way, everyone just got too caught up in their own things. Studies, friends, life.

We started loosing touch. Not helping out with cliquers as much anymore.

How I miss this bunch of friends, and how we really could just sit around and spend hours talking and doing nothing! :(


Saturday, 1 December 2012


OK, joking! But I was really mesmerised and charmed beyond words!
Went for Tim's showcase on Thursday night (courtesy of UFM100.3) at Hardrock Cafe!

In all honesty, we were close to one of the last few to get in... BUT, Cass was so brilliant, she saw an empty spot by the corner of the stage, and managed to get us standing there! And guess what! It was the side that Tim enters and exits from!

I must say, I wasn't the biggest of fans, and even though I know a few of his songs and all, I was just a baby fan, which only started after I watched him appear on variety shows... But this showcase, totally changed it. Yea, read on to find out why:)

So anyway, we waited for quite a fair bit before he finally came out looking every bit as handsome, if not more dressed in a casual tee, blue blazer and a pair of torned white jeans. God! looking so damn fine I couldn't! And when he walked out, he was literally an arms length away, I almost died.

After some really redundant talks from the emcee, Tim finally started his showcase with the Secret Garden soundtrack, Unnecessary Words! Followed by a self-penned song.

I swear, this emcee, really talks too much, and it's not as if he was very intriguing, or even interesting really... But, ah well, what to do.

It was then followed by a Q&A session from the floor, where Tim chose 5 questions (which were written prior on post its) from fans to answer. Somehow, Singaporeans bore me with their choice of questions. It never fails to be the same at every kind of fan meet. What food do you like? Do you like durian? What is your ideal romance? Stuff like that. Well, but I must thank the fan that actually asked him what food he liked, because it gave me a chance to interact with him ^^.

He mentioned that he had chicken rice, liked a coconut based noodles (Laksa), and wanted to try black pepper crab. Then me, being at the front, told him to go for chili crabs instead, and he actually looked over at me, and replied me directly! /swoons~

Yea, and the next question! Wow! How unique. Apparently, it said: Can you serenade me? And, without hesitation, Tim lifted his mic, and began singing while looking at her "You are so beautiful to me~~" Yea, he was that spontaneous! Excellent fan service ok!

And as the Q&A came to an end, a video was played, and Tim went backstage, or rather back to the room, since there wasn't even a backstage area, lol.

He came back out with a change of outfits, and...
Cass: "Eh, he changed clothes."
Me: "Lol, yea, but only the blazer la..."
Tim: [Looks at us and smiles] "Uh-huh! Quick costume change!"

HEHHEHEHE! The perks of just being right in front, and standing where he walks in and out! And even if we weren't talking very loudly, he still heard, and replied us! We weren't even aiming the 'question' at him, but just talking amongst ourselves at that!!! :D

This time round, another OST was sang, and it was from the soundtrack of 49 Days, titled Andwaeni (I Can't).

Following this, selected fans we're (pre) chosen to go up on stage to hand him gifts they had prepared. WOW! A lot of auntie fans leh! Like 70% that went up we're older than him ok!

*warning - be prepared for some major fangirling*
The next song he sang, was an English song, Just the two of us, by Bill Withers.
Well, originally, he was seated on a stool, and just singing. Then he got up and headed to the other side of the stage, shook a few hands, and then headed back to the centre. During a break in the song, I decided to cheer, and screamed quite a bit. TBH, I was already screaming a lot the whole night. Like really, almost non-stop! But then again, I had to, especially since I was standing like front row, OMG!

So, the break ended, he continued singing like normally, and then, he started walking over in my direction (*^*)~
So, I actually thought, similar to previously he would just shake the fans hands and go back.
BUTTTTT! He actually stopped in front of me, looked into my eyes, held his hands out, which obviously I then took (AHHHHHHH), and sang straight to me! (WAHHHHHH-AHHHHHHHH).
Ok, totally throw face until cannot, because I just could not compose myself!
Like he singing singing, then I like blushing like crazy. Then I look back up and I'll have a minor (well, maybe not so minor) spasm and scream... And the cycle continues... For like close to a minute!


Totally regretted my pathetic fan girl behaviour after that for not trying to compose myself more, and find a way to take a selca with him or something! /slash wrists/
But I swear, he was just so charming and perfect and everything you can imagine! And he has like such pretty eyes. Totally 水汪汪 sort! How to not want to faint OMG! And, He's real tall! :o

For the next few minutes after the song ended, I had a fried brain and was unable to process anything else at all! HAHAHAHAH FML!
This was him walking towards me. /Ok, I can't even! AHHHHHHHH~~~
And, it was some talking, pardon me for I really could not process what went on then! :/ Then a video played, and he went off to the back again!
Coming back out again the next time, we had an entire costume change, even the shoes! And Cass, commented on it again, and he acknowledged us again! How lucky can we get? /squeals!
This time, the emcee made a comment about it, saying how with so much time to change, it must have been nothing compared to his modelling days right? And Tim laughed and said yea... It was another fan segment, and a question was to be asked to choose a fan to go up on stage to "perform" with him.
So the question originally asked was actually "What town is Tim from" People kept throwing the state/city as the answer, so they changed the question to "What is Tim's blood type". This lady that got chosen, hahahah, I think she could be casted! LOL, she has a performing streak in her!
Well, basically, it was a reenactment from a scene in one of the musical Tim did before, and all she had to do was sit there and pretend to be angry at him, and he would try to appease her anger, stuff like that. She really threw the "I'm angry at you/don't wanna talk to you" feels out uh!
Yea, and that's Tim giving her a hug after it ended!

Then, he performed a medley of Rihanna's We found love and Bruno Mars's Just the way you are! What perfect songs to be singing! HEHEHEH! It was just so perfect and mesmerising and all! TIMMMMMMM! WHOOOOOOO~!
He went back in, while a video of artistes covering his debut song Sarang Hamnida (I Love You) was played. Featured singers like: Fly To The Sky (Brian Joo), Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior (Ryeowook & Yesung), SHINee (Taemin), Block B (Zico), Beast (Yoseob) among many others!
When he came back out, along with him were two fans, who was to sing the chorus of the song! And they sang it beautifully, in acapella mode no less! Brilliant!
And after they left the stage, he sang it as his final song! But he sang the new version, rather than the original.
Finally, as he was about to leave, they mentioned that there would be a HIGH-5 session!
Us being us, we waited till we were one of the last ones before finally going over to get our high-5s. And in the process of waiting, were crazily 比手画脚ing with AhKen, who was on the second level! LOLOL! It was quite hilarious to be honest! Too noisy to be heard over the crowd, so the both of us doing crazy hand movements to communicate! AHAHAHHA, what is this please! so embarrassing /digs hole and hides!
Anyway well, finally made our way over to get our high-5s. But it seems, the high-5 was no longer a high-5 anymore but more of a hand shake! AHAHAHAH, what we're the fans even doing!
Well, I insisted on a high-5 anyway. So, despite his hand being down, with his palm facing up for fans to touch and go, I sorta stood in front of him for awhile, and said high-5, but since he didn't react, I just high-5ed him in that position while saying high-5 again! Then it kicked in, and he lifted his hands up and went "Yo wassup wassup" and high-5ed me another 2-3 times! How wonderful! HEHEHHE! And his staff we're so cute to say "Oh! Somebody that listened to instructions" HAHAHAH! So i just awkwardly smiled back at them, then headed up the stairs to look for Ken!
Chatted with him for quite awhile! He really damn cute, lol! Keep saying I became prettier, and for me to just accept his compliment, even though I told him, it's really just the makeup! HAHHAHA, like really! We talked like as if we were long time friends eh! Quite cool lor, if you think about it! HAHAHAH! Took a few photos with him as well, for keepsake! Can you imagine! I was his first batch of listeners when he first started out at UFM100.3 leh! It's already been 6 years! (According to him). Time flies doesn't it!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So, It's been more than a week since I've gotten back from the trip, but I'm sure, if you have been following my blog/twitter/instagram, you would have known that I really did not get much of a rest ever since I gotten back. What with the 2 submissions, that test and SBML. But we'll save that for another post next time^^~ Even, if I'm so damn excited to be sharing about my experience there:)

Anyway, back to topic!
Early Saturday morning last week, we gathered back at KM's office before driving out to M'sia!
Got my "TEAM H" shirt! Made me feel so much like a part of the family even though I've left the company! :')
The drive up was actually pretty fun from the get go! Especially since Mad got up the car at Kranji!
The way she and Johnnie banter over the walkie talkie! Too cute, really!

So when we arrived in JB, it was actually earlier than we expected due to the lack of a jam at customs, and stopped by at Tesco, and went across the road for some good ol' herbal Ba Kut Teh! YUMS! Really love anything that is herbal! HEH^^

Check out those empty bowls and claypots! We ordered sooo much, and yet still finished it all! It was really very delish!

It was too early for us to head to Kota Tinggi cos Check-in's only at 3, so we went grocery shopping!!! Had Auntie Anne's for the first time as well! It's pretty good!

Finally, left for the chalet/resort... Fell asleep on the drive up! This is what you get for staying up late the night before, because I procrastinated on packing, insisted on getting a blog post up, and attempted work on my assignments, but failed at horribly. Yea, I was just soooo tired!

The place, had actually looked pretty good online and all, and the exterior was actually not bad. BUT, to be honest, the place is somewhat run down... Maybe from the lack of staff or something, but the place just wasn't as well kept as you would have imagined it to be. But still, not too bad.

Check-in was a headache really. Even though we arrived late(r). The rooms were all not ready and we had to sit around to wait for our roms for a good half an hour. Even if time flew by quick enough because of the company, it was really quite upsetting to have to wait though >:|

After we finally got to our rooms, which I might add, were the farthest from everywhere in the place, we headed to the pool... The pool though, was pretty gross. Though it has no chlorine in it (according to those who went in), the pool had like shit load of dead leaves in it, black specks floating in it, and the water was milky. Too weird for me to even get in. :/

Those that happily jumped in (James, Vincent, Johnnie, Ruth and Clarrise) really had fun though:) The rest of us had fun watching them! AHAHHA :D
Well, at least until the place suddenly got swarmed with the international students from JB that were here for a weekend trip. Then we sorta got up and went back to the room to wash up and get ready for dinner.

Everything was really tons slow at the resort.Too chilled. Dinner, which was promised to be served at 6, wasn't even ready till 6:30. The only things that we're actually moving real fast were the houseflys! They fly as if their life depended on it! It's just next to impossible to kill them! And they won't shoo away either! :( Nevermind about those. We were originally told, that the bus to fetch us to the Kota Tinggi Firefly River Cruise Area would come at 6:45, but was in the end told that we had to go for the second bus which would come around 7:30 so that the students could go first.

The bus however, did not arrive till past 8pm! By then, a few of us were already kinda sleepy. hehehe, must be the entire atmosphere. Being in a laidback area does make you want to rest more than you normally do. I can never explain nor understand why though.

HAD TO WAIT AGAIN WHEN WE REACHED! Those international students that left an hour before we arrived only just boarded the river cruise when we reached! OHGOD! What is this! :(
So the team decided to buy the prawn crackers to munch on, and they got hooked on the home made chili sauce (somewhat similar to belacan in taste/chicken rice chili in colour). It's damn spicy! ShiHui and I almost died! HAHAHAHA! And I only tried a super teeny dip! ShiHui actually took quite a fair bit... But Ruth really loved it, and bought a bottle, and had it with every meal from that day onwards! /SERIOUS!

Had more time still, and we bought the 孔明灯 to write our wishes on and light up! LOL, the colours they have all chapalang/anyhow only lor! But I told them to buy the purple one because I know for certain that it is one of the true colours of the light! Even though, I couldn't remember what it signified! teehee :>

It was really pretty when it finally went high enough into the sky! Looked like an extra bright star in the sky, and also a little like a shooting star! Hopefully, our wishes really do get fulfilled! :)