Wednesday, 9 April 2014


//For those who can't read Chinese, the title to this post means (literally translated) hugging Buddha's leg in the last minute//

I've been lamenting to my friends, mostly my group mates how unmotivated I have been this semester, and it's just t getting any better. Down to literally the last 3/4 days before the semester comes to a close with the two exam papers I've to sit for.

Anyone who knows me well enough, would know that as a student, I rarely leave the studying till the extreme last minute. Because no matter what I would try and start my revisions at least 3 weeks before my papers to give me ample time for note making and memorising as much as my pea brains can hold. No really, I'm sure I have brains the size of a pea. /I always have issues when it comes to memorising school work. BUT none when it comes to memorising the lyrics to a song./ ok, but that's beside the point here.

So this semester, has proven to be the actual worst in my whole life as a student. I have been feeling soooo out of it I don't actually know how I managed to even pass my assignments. Seriously. I worked on my 2000 word report just he night before it was due to be submitted, and miraculously scored a 60/100. Missed my test because my brain remembered the wrong timing, and I failed to double check after a night of partying, and took a retest without much revision from what I initially studied and passed by the mere breadth of my hair.

And as I was saying, I normally start studying about 3 weeks before, but this time around, no matter how much I told myself to sit down and start, it just never did happened, until last Friday, where I only managed 2 chapters, and then spent Saturday lazing around before heading for SY's birthday party, and finally attempting again on Sunday. So you could say, my actual start where I managed more than just 2 chapters was actually Monday. Considering that I didn't pay much attention in class at all this semester, I mean like zero attention, there's actually A LOT that I have to study for especially since I have two papers on the SAME DAY!

I just pray that some higher being out there gives me the strength and super human memory that I so definitely need to pass these two papers. I don't need much, and I won't ask for much, but just a pass grade would be more than enough. I really cannot afford to fail a single module at all, because remoduling actually costs money, and that's just a definite no go. SO PLEASE PLEASE JUST LET ME PASS!

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