Wednesday, 24 September 2014

one step closer

Final Semester of my 20 months stint in university.
So excited at the prospect of being that much closer to receiving my degree, yet at the same time, all sorts of worried for my future. But that aside though, looking at my near future, what I can say is, I'm gonna have to put in so much more effort this semester as compared to previous semesters.

As if it isn't enough that studying in a private university means having to be highly motivated, and having the drive to self study (which I obviously do not do enough of), I happen to be highly unfortunate this semester, and have the same lecturer for both of my marketing mods. The thing though, is that this lecturer is a total uncle, who can't seem to speak much less teach properly. Especially when I look at past modules, the concepts he teach doesn't even sounds the same half the time.

So my only hope, is myself, but that really doesn't sound to promising either. Which means, I can only pray. HAHAHA.

Ok, but my whining aside, I really have so much I wanna blog about, but can never seem to find the time and sit down to draft it out proper. Assignments are already piling up to my neck, and it's only week 2 >:( I'll try my best though.. We'll see how it goes.

And for now, it's back to report writing for me..

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