Thursday, 14 February 2013


Well, it really isn't anymuch different from previous years, so to speak.
CNY has, been the same for years. The only difference being that we all grew bigger. HAHHAHA!

But this year, really has got me pondering. You see, with the end of my poly life, would bring about new challenges and decisions to be made.

The choice of whether to move on to university or to go get a job for now before pursuing my studies in further down the road... It's not an easy decision I must say. And all the conversations I've had, it's been messing with my brains! Too many differing opinions.

But in the end, it'll still be down to me to decide how I want my future to look like!

Daddy's quote for this year: 条条大路通罗马. (All roads leads to Rome)

Which then reflects. There are so many roads to get to the end, but it's how you do it, and the choices you make getting there. Whether or not you take the shortcut, and end up meeting travesities along the way, or do it the long way, but achieve it without any major problems.

OK, so enough said! Photo time! (Although, it is all on FB already!)


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