Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I don't know how many times I've said this on my twitter and what not, but it still happens all the time and it irks me.
People who know me through school and everything, would generally know me by my birth name, Tay Ying.
Which, I am not at all bothered by.
What actually bothers me is the fact that maybe few years down the road, even if we don't keep in contact, and you for some reason decide to ask on facebook or twitter for my help to like/share/followback/retweet or anything of that sort, and instead of addressing me by the name you knew me by, you decide to go for the name which I introduce myself to a select group of people with, and in doing so, get it wrong.
Firstly, the name's auBrey, not auDrey!
I'm fine if you "forgotten" who I am, and decide to go for the obviously English name I have on my SNS, but at least have the decency to get it right, hello?!
It's not as if Aubrey is all that rare of a name either...
Some of you should have at least heard of Aubrey O'Day and/or Aubrey Plaza.

In fact I was christened Aubrey by my parent's after the song Aubrey by Bread.
(See Music Video Below)

So like I've been saying though, it is basic courtesy to check that you are getting people's names right. It is SO RUDE, to be getting someone's name wrong. I just can't imagine how offended for example if I were a "Dillon" but addressed as a "Dylan" or a Rachelle" addressed as a "Rachel".
You get the drift I'm sure. And since the name is already written there, why don't people just double check to make sure they've gotten it right?
It really perplex me so.

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