Monday, 10 June 2013


As opposed to the title though, this post will begin from Saturday night.
Had Faith and Cally over at our place to supposedly, watch movies.
We ended up gossiping through the night though.
Major fun, I must say.
We don't meet often, so it was nice just sitting/lying around and catching up on one another's life more, knowing what's been going on, giving advices to one another etc.
It's amusing though, how I've managed to forge such a friendship with this two considering how they were my sister's classmates to begin with...
But I guess it all started when I met Cally at some JJ Lin fansign a few years back.
Never regretted having asked her and Enya to join me back then!
As for Faith, well, it just happened, and the four of us ended up hanging out as and when, and our friendship just built from there!
So as I was saying, we were like gossiping till the wee hours and stuff, and like only went to sleep close to 5am, before waking up again around 7 to head out to 85 for breakfast!
Mad tired, but I managed to get my porridge, so was quite satisfied!
Headed home to grab some shut-eye (but ended up over sleeping -.-") before I headed over to gram's since they were wrapping the bazhangs (which I had for lunch today)
Lounged around for about 2?hours before Fred kor arrived!
He brought me my Mango Sticky Rice straight from Thailand immediately to grams upon departure! /touched! Thanks kor!
HAHAHA, but that aside, was quite amused by how he actually ended up pulling his vein in his neck after going for a Thai massage! Like how did he even?!
Stayed at grams till after dinner cos Fabian kor said he'd come down after his classes ended and so, was home much later than I expected.
Was mad tired and thus ended up sleeping at like 10plus last night?
Hahahah! First early night in weeks!!!!! But, that totally made it a good sleep.
That's all for SUNDAY folks!

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