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Mikawa Japenese Sake Bar and Restaurant

Mikawa Japanese Sake Bar and Restaurant
It's my second time here now, and I really love how the food is so well prepared, and how the service staff are all so attentive and well-versed in their food knowledge and also how they treat each customer with so much care that I had to share about this place!

Sat ourselves at the counter and had an omakase for dinner today so we could interact and watch the chef at work. Everything was just so full of flavour, and complements one another so well.

Irish Oyster with Ebi Roe
We started of with this oyster which was really fresh despite being covered in sauce. I must say, the lightness of the sauce even added to the taste of the oyster, and brought out the freshness of it further!

Fruit Tomato served with Bamboo Salt and Yuzu Wasabi Dressing
 Fruit tomato really is one of the sweetest tomatoes around, and this works really well with the bamboo salt which gives it a zing, and the yuzu wasabi dressing which gives it that mix of refreshing and slight kick of spice you get with wasabi. Overall just amazing!

L-R: Scallop, Shrimp, Tuna Belly, Amberjack, Yellojack, Flounder
Sashimi rounded up the appetisers brilliantly. The freshness of the fish and seafood could be tasted in every bite, each oozing with sweetness. My favourite would be the shrimp, which was really thick and sweeter than any other raw shrimps I've ever had!

Shrimp Head from Sashimi deep fried to perfection
 The shrimp head was then brought into the kitchen to be deep fried (according to the chef at a minimum temperature of 180 degrees). It was so crunchy, and it literally disintegrates in your mouth. You wouldn't feel like you are chewing on shells at all.

Pitan Tofu

 Homemade tofu with crabmeat that was so tender paired with the pitan sauce and sprinkled with ebi roe which gave the added crunch to an otherwise really smooth mouthful of tofu. I had to refrain myself from picking up the bowl to lick every last bit of that sauce!

Horse Mackerel
 Mixed with spring onions and chopped ginger with white sesame seeds, it was a perfect mix of spiciness for the fish. Chef likened the taste of the fish to that of the yusheng found in your raw fish porridge, but obviously fresher!

Wagyu Beef
 Seared only on the outside, the inside was still raw, and while chef actually prepared this dish a few dishes ago, he mentioned that it tasted best when left to cool so that the outside and inside temperature is the same. In fact, it was even slightly cold when it was finally served to us.

L-R: Salmon Mentaiko, Scallop + Foie Gras, Sea Urchin
 The sea urchin was so fresh it still tasted of the sea! And who ever knew, that scallop and foie gras would go so well with one another. It was the perfect combination, especially with the teriyaki sauce! And of course, one can never go wrong with salmon mentaiko!

Somen fried in Japanese Whiskey
 When it was first placed in front of me, all I could smell was just the alcohol. But the clean taste of the spring onions combined with the springy noodles, made this simple dish a winner.

Musk Melon; Front piece drizzled in 12yr Japanese Whiskey
What is a Japanese meal without fruits, right! Known for their sweet musk melons, this definitely did not disappoint! The slice placed directly on the plate was a chef's special, drizzled in a 12 Year Japanese Whiskey while the one placed on the husk is the original melon. Both was really sweet, but the whiskey really did gave it an additional kick!

Our friendly and humorous chef at work
The cost of an omakase ranges between $100-160, and the above costed $120/pax.

Mikawa is definitely a place I'd visit again often in future, for both the wonderful service and mouth watering dishes, and I strongly suggest you do too!

You can find Mikawa at UE Bizhub North Tower, 6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, 486017.
Open Daily
LUNCH -  11:15AM to 2:30PM
DINNER -  6:00PM to 10:00PM

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