Monday, 1 June 2015

project: feed myself

As always, when the parents travel, on their countless honeymoons, my siblings and I are left to our own devices at home, and being someone who gets really lazy about going out, because having to dress up and stuff sometimes requires too much effort, would just end up making myself food more often than not. And, if my siblings are home, then they'd get to eat whatever I decide to whip up that particular day.

So, the parent's aren't back yet, and they'd only be back tomorrow, but I start work tomorrow, so that means today would be the last of my needing to feed myself whilst they're gone. And without much further ado, here's a documentary of what I've dished up over the last 2 weeks.

salmon fillet and side of veggies + glass of pinot noir

fresh fruit on pancakes drizzled in honey

veggie + mushroom risotto cooked in chicken stock

beef, potato and tomato stew

potato pancakes with mushroom and ham

obviously cheat cooking where the only thing I actually had to make was the scrambled eggs

veggie + mushroom spaghetti

fillet of cod + sausages with a side of mash and fresh veggies

baked creamy macaroni with salmon chunks and carrot cubes

& that one meal my sister cooked, but I plated
There are one or two meals not pictured here, because I forgotten to photograph them, food items like what one could typically see on a Chinese family dinner table of stir-fried veggies and steam fish, and the likes, or other equally lazy/cheat cooking like oats or steaming myself some paos because I only had to feed myself, and just couldn't be bothered with cooking up a full meal...

But yes, looking at the above, I am pretty much qualified to be a housewife, no? I can do the laundry and more too :) HAHAHAHA
Alright, so jokes aside, what do you think? Not too shabby eh... But then again, I have been cooking meals for the three of us since the parents decided we were independent enough to leave us home and go travelling on their own since close to 8 years back, so I can definitely say, without a doubt that my culinary skills is pretty good!

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