Monday, 20 May 2013

Pretty face?

*No names will be mentioned in this post!

So I was talking to the sis, and we ended up stalking certain people and all and I just kinda came to the conclusion that yes, having just a pretty face is not gonna get you anywhere in life. 

You may be so pretty and have people liking you because of that, but then it's just that. There's only so much being pretty can do for you... There's no way I can stress this any more, but if all you have is the fact that your pretty, and your attitude is just 10 feet down under, you really are not up to par. 

So said person we were stalking has an anti-fan page dedicated to her, because the person manning the page cannot stand how "fake" the former was. 

I can't just judge based on what I read, but I guess after even watching videos and also reading a few different blogs, I guess said person we were stalking is kinda pitiable. 

My only advice for said person would be to stop wallowing in self pity like that, and stop thinking that you should be lifted to high heavens. 

You may not believe that you are behaving as such, but then as the saying goes, 旁观者清 (which means: the bystander knows best[has a clearer picture]). 

You are still very young, and to be facing life with such a viewpoint is really unhealthy not just for yourself but also the people around you. In fact, it would not look good for any future employers even, because trust me, employers ALWAYS look at your social media account before deciding if they want to hire you. 

Not saying that I am very much in a position to be talking about stuff like wallowing in self pity since I did go through a phase like that, but I guess I grew up and saw things for they really are. 

Because at the end of the day, the only people that would truly be there for you is yourself and your family. Period. 

Whatever it is anyway, really, don't for one second ever use your looks to get you places and stuff because they really can only get you that far in life. Because in the end, it's always your personality and character that truly counts alright. 

And I'm saying this not only to the person I happen to have stalked, but to everyone in general. 

Signing off, 
Aubs 😘

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