Monday, 6 May 2013

My week in words

Last week was one of the weeks where, discounting the weekends which I spent in school, a week where I actually spent more time home then out compared to previous weeks. And truth be told, I enjoy it. The time spent at home is always good for me, to catch up on some reading, think through stuff and more.
Tuesday had me up earlier than most days so mummy and I could go visit grandmother. Went to Kovan to buy lunch first before going to pickup the aunt and baby D before heading back to hougang to see grandmother. Spent almost the whole afternoon there, and some time in the afternoon, the 2nd grandaunt came over, which made things so much more lively! Baby D had me running all around the house playing catching and hide and seek too~
And on Wednesday, since daddy didn't have to work, we had a stay home lunch of cheese and crackers coupled with fruits and salad! Lunches like these are always the best, seeing how we're home and can end up playing and having so much more fun then if we dine out! And although from the sound of it, we didn't seem to have a lot to eat, I was more than full at the end of it, and ended up skipping dinner and only having a banana much later in the night!
On Thursday however, I went out for some quality time with W. Hadn't seen her in more than a month what with her schedule being forever too packed for me to ask her out, and her going to Korea! Caught Ironman 3, and it was pretty good I must say, although as usual, where action packed films are involved, it had me squirming and squealing. Really lousy with action and gore...
Had Nihon Mura after, and then went window shopping for clothes! Totally wishing I had the moolah to be buying though! the spring/summer clothes are all so pretty and vibrant!
The later half of Friday was spent with JY, over at my place and just watching all the random movies we could find on MioTV, WGM global and a really OLD ep of RM cos she wanted to watch it. But still fun nonetheless! Hanging out with JY is always good on my pocket :) No need for spending! HEHE
And as I mentioned earlier, over the weekend, I found myself in school, for one of my bridging subjects: Business Law. For what I believed to be a dry subject, I am thankful for such a boisterous and loud lecturer to make the learning easier, and more enjoyable. It really is rather interesting to be learning about law, I must say.
And yes, I officially start school on the 13/05, which is next Monday, and I've also my orientation this Thursday, so I am looking forward to meeting new people and my classmates to be :)

And last night, we had a mini mother's day celebration at the paternal gram's. Done this early because the cousin is enlisting next Saturday! Being around family is always so joyous! We don't meet as a big group often, and to be able to is just really nice, always!

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