Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'm back!

So, I've not posted anything for quite awhile now, and the only reason I can offer, is really just due to the fact that I've been REALLY busy.
It was examination week, and immediately after that ended, I've been working for 2 events, natas fair as well as Night Festival, which is still on going, which explains the long hiatus I had on blogging.
Really wanted to update some stuff, but I didn't even have the energy to turn on my laptop during this whole time, and it wasn't until Sunday, of which I spent the entire day sleeping till I had some time to myself!
Honestly speaking, I'm really worried for my papers, and I'm not too sure how I'd fare, but right now, as long as I get a pass, I'd be more than happy. As long as I don't have to remodule, all would be fine!
Not exactly looking forward to the new semester, because that'd mean the start of an awkward time again, because my friends all got into a different class than mine, and that's just, urgh!
Still contemplating if I should change my Tuesday morning class to Friday morning though, considering the fact that I have 2 classes on Tuesday, of which one, is supposedly damn heavy content, and that I'd have a whole 3 hour worth of break in between lessons.
But classes on Friday would totally mean not being able to work for ad-hoc event jobs as much as I would like to! Although really, I could just go look for some perm-part-time job. But that thought kinda scares me, what with being the fact that I haven't held a proper job post since late 2010, and only working for events instead...
Well, Natas fair was not too bad for a first time experience working at a travel fair, but to be honest, the company I was with, was just not as great as some of the other companies I've worked with before. BUT, came out of it with new friends (especially Melly), and that's just swell!
Night Festival though, is really something of a disappointment this year. The acts are just not comparable to last year's, and after the success of last year's, this year's just don't cut it. Audiences come expecting better things then last year, but honestly, nothing seems to be able to beat the Argentinian act. The foreign act for this year is a little to solemn and slow placed, and just not as exciting. And the local acts, well, lets just say I've seen better.
One more weekend to go, and I hope this weekend, my body clock won't be as screwed up as last weekend! And, all the best to a good show ahead!

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