Monday, 13 January 2014

Not the nicest thing to hear

I might have mentioned this somewhere before, maybe here, or maybe on my wordpress back then, but just so you'd have a clearer picture of what I am going to be talking about, here's what happened.
Daddy gotten into an accident just months after I was born, and it was pretty bad. Bad as in even until today, 20 years later, he still has screws embedded in his bones in his leg; Bad as in the car was mutilated so badly, it had to be scrapped; Bad as in there was even newspaper articles about the accident when it occurred.

From what I know of it, from the age that I was able to understand things well enough, that the area where the accident occurred, was an accident prone zone, and he was not the first to have encountered such an accident, and neither is he the last.

However, he likes to (jokingly, as I am inclined to believe), put the blame of that accident on my shoulders. Because, as he says, he took care of me in the night after a long day of work to let mummy rest, and so was lacking the 精神 to drive that day, which thus resulted in the crash.

But, daddy, as much as I love you, there is a limit to such jokes. Because, don't you think, it would hurt? Once, twice, maybe three times, I can accept. But every time anything to do with the accident comes up, you'd just so conveniently say "It's all your fault lor..." Don't you think I'd be affected?

Do you think I would have wished that accident upon you? That I want you to have gotten so hurt that you were in hospital for such a long time? Honestly, each joke should have it's limit, and this has gone way past the acceptable line. When you mentioned it over dinner earlier, I was so terribly upset. To the point that I barely said a single word from that point. But, you didn't seem to realise at all. And to think, you are actually quite observant. I honestly didn't and would never peg you as someone to be so obtuse, and so I hope, for my sake and mental well-being more than anything else, that you'd just seriously drop this joke forever. Because, it really hurts to be labelled as the one at fault for an accident, one which I have no intention of causing, and also could not have in any way made happen. Really, it's not the nicest thing to hear, or even feel. Put yourself in my shoes, and I'm pretty sure you'd feel the same as I do.

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