Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

And so, a year has gone by just like that. It's been an eventful year, with a few ups and thankfully, not so many downs. Got closer with people whom I treasure so very much, and love with all my heart! And, for once, made true on my new year's resolution.
Every year, my resolution would be to lose weight, and this year would be no different! Lost a whopping 10 kilos this entire year, and am hoping to lose another 8-10 more! It's not easy to achieve, considering how lazy I am, but I WILL GET THERE.
This year's goals include successfully completing my degree at the end of the year, with better grades than I am currently scoring. Just three more semesters to go, it's not a long way, and I know I can do better!
Further goals includes curbing my excessive spending, and saving money! Am always such a shopaholic, which totally leaves me with as good as no savings, and I really need to change this! Am going to complete my studies soon, and step into the proper world of adulthood. Can't honestly enter the working life without savings, so yes! I must start saving properly now!
And of course, adulthood. Am turning 21 this year, which makes me entirely legal now. This means I must be more matured, caring, understanding and independent. Some things may not be as easy as we think it is, but I will learn to manage myself well, and definitely be a better person.

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