Monday, 6 January 2014


Dreading this moment oh so much, but then there's nothing I can do to delay it any longer. Not unless someone has the ability to stop time at this second, and freeze it for an eternity. School officially begins again for me tomorrow, and I'm just sooooo not prepared for it.

On the bright side though, infinitely thankful for the fact that I managed to grab classes with my friends for this semester unlike the previous one, so I definitely won't be alone/have to worry about finding project mates for group work! Also, the fact that I only have two mods this sem is really quite a good thing.

So, stepping into my third sem now, and that means, I'm left with only 2 more after this! Can't wait! Gonna be a graduate by the end of the year! This is actually all sorts of exciting, other than the fact that it means I'm going to have to step into the working world REAL SOON, and that also means less play time, but still, BRING IT ON!

Ok. I'm just really trying to find things to do, because I don't feel like sleeping, and there's nothing that seem to be interesting to do/watch. Recommendations, anyone?

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