Monday, 10 March 2014



If you haven't already saw, I had shared this maybe quite a few days ago on tumblr, and fed it to my twitter as well. But here's the news!


Finally getting my wish come true~ We'll be counting down at the 101 in Taipei. Yay to spectacular fireworks, and 7-8 hours of concert with mandopop artiste (although I don't yet know who the line up is, I really don't give two hoots even if there isn't someone I remotely like performing that night right at this moment)! I honestly can't wait! It's like gonna be the most exciting, EVER!

We'll be headed to Kaohsiung; Kenting; Yilan; Taipei & Taoyuan this time around. /It's gonna be our third time in Taiwan this year end. First time was what seemed like a gazillion years ago, back in summer of '08, and the previous was also during the Chirstmas period in '12. Missed the countdown then by like a mere half a day. Our flight was on the morning of the 31st. It was really upsetting, considering 2013's countdown saw major acts like Aaron Kwok!!!

And although the itinerary is still really loose yet, all that matters, is that the hotel in TPE has been booked, and we're all set to spend two nights (30 & 31 Dec) there, before heading off to Taoyuan for some major R&R time, most probably gonna book a hot spring resort or something, and come back on the 3/4 of January.

Oh, and... Daddy just happily tasked me to set the plans for Kenting on my own. Like, he just threw me free reigns to do what I want entirely, from booking of the hotel/resort to the day's plans, including where we will eat, and how we will drive there from Kaohsiung, to the point we reach Yilan. But then again, it's just one night in Kenting, so it shouldn't be that bad. Just have to find a reasonably priced accommodation in a convenient location to the places worth looking at... 

On a hindsight though, Kenting in winter. HAHAHA. Prepared to freeze my butt off. Sea winds are literally no joke.

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