Friday, 1 May 2015

move on

Was feeling all sorts of happy. I had just came off a 1.5 hours worth of watching my idol interact with fans online. 

And then, my feelings dropped off the depths of the earth upon seeing a photo. I shouldn't be feeling this way. It's was pass time for me to still be, considering how I haven't actually spoken to said person the photo belong to in months. But it seems, my heart and my brain doesn't work hand in hand.

But, now, I can just confirm one thing. It really is time for me to move on. Because what use is there holding on to someone, if they can't see your worth. And I know, that I am worth so much more than I make myself out to be. One day, I will find for myself, someone who will love me more than I can ever love myself. That day may not be today, tomorrow or even anytime soon, but that day will come. And until that day comes, I should stand tall, and love myself more, because who else would do so, if I myself can't even.

No more putting myself down for other people. No more letting my feelings be taken over by people who don't see what I'm worth. No more of that.

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