Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A little cray

So I just completed my freaking stoopz assignmant maybe less than half an hour ago?
Have decided notto sleep and wait for Wenli to get up before meeting her to submit the damn thing!

Hate that the teachers are so mad to put so many submissions together! It's beyond crazy >:(
We've like 6/7 submissions this month alone, not to count the tests and field trips and interviews and presentations. It's all just one mad hell hole this month!

At least February's gonna be better!
Just one other submission left.
Then it's CNY 10-12!
Then it'll be end-sems, and we're done with polytechnic!
HELL, I can't wait!~

Anyway, looked through some of the photos taken in TW... those that daddy took I meant.
I looked beyond terrible. It's depressing how fat I really am!
And so, I really am not gonna be just saying, I'm gonna make it happen!
I'm gonna lose the damn weight! Don't care how, but I will!

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