Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top Table!

So, feeling quite bad cause I've been neglecting this blog for a reallyyyyyyy long time now. But I really can't help it. Projects are such a pain in the ass, and I barely have time to breathe. It's just annoying how many there are, BUT, we're finally down to the last 2 reports, and we'd only be left with the presentations and subject interviews.

Sadly though, it's these 2 reports that are the most burdensome. I just don't understand how it can even be so bad. But I must say, from these 6 group projects, I have came to a decision, I will NEVER work in anything remotely related to marketing, EVER! It's such a chore and just OMG.

Well, anyway, took some time off, before settling back down to work on projects and had lunch at Top Table with the group on Tuesday afternoon! Made a booking for 11:30, and not surprisingly though, there were late comers. HAHA...

Set meal of the week:

Mocktail of the day: Orange Candy, it's actually a mix of orange and mango juice.

 The Bread; Pumpkin seed with cranberry, and well, I've never seen the other before even while I was in the kitchen, so that, remains a mystery.

Jicama Salad; Basically, turnip, green apple, capsicum, lettuce and rocket in a lemon-yoghurt dressing garnished with pine nuts. (The portion became much smaller than when I was in kitchen... Maybe it's just the HTM students? LOL)

Pumpkin soup with wolfberry seeds; something went wrong somewhere. Should be served with fried wanton skin on the side, but well, like I said, most probably it's just the HTM students...

Pan fried sea bass in dill cream sauce; I'm not too sure of the standard of this since I didn't try it, BUT, it's definitely a little over done looking at the colour. Shouldn't be so black.. :/

Beef striploin served with red wine sauce; Totally over done... Dry beyond believe :( But the potato was done really well.

Praline Mousse served with coffee ice cream and hazelnut biscotti; The ice cream was really super fragrant, and the biscotti was perfect. Loved the biscuit at the bottom of the mousse too!

Overall, a really enjoyable meal still. Loads of fun and all. Relieving our SSM/Culinary days, trying to help the LRM juniors stealthily and totally comparing our culinary skills to the HTM people's. Our's was DEFINITELY better! hhehehe...
And, well, the teachers were still assholes to the students as usual.. Way too nit-picky. But it's funny seeing them getting all flustered.
That one boy, Bastion especially, damn funny and all when serving! But, GOOD JOB LRM Tuesday Top Table batch!

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