Friday, 13 December 2013

Midnight updates

Been having some pretty bad insomnia the past week or more. 
It's like I'm so ridiculously tired, but I can never sleep regardless. At least not till past 2am. 
The worse part is some weird body alarm that wake me up around 8ish most mornings, rain or shine. 
And then because I'd be so tired, I just lay in bed hoping to fall back asleep most morning for naught till like 11ish 12.
Sucha slob really. 

On a side note though, got 2 papers done, and just one more left to go on Saturday before I complete this semester.
Time flies... To think, it felt like I just embarked on my BA a while ago, and here I am, about to complete 40% of it already!
Just 3 short semesters left before I attain my bachelors, that's like a year! Gosh. It'd be in my hands before I even know it, really. 

And, I seriously need to do something about my broken arm. Every to it gets around to healing better, there's bound to be some shit to make it worse again. 3hours law paper just about killed it. I swear I walked out of the exam hall feeling like my wrist was rotten for good. Barely had any strength left in it to even type out a message on my phone at that moment. Which just shows how bad it really is. Hate that it's not healing/will never ever heal completely no matter how much I spend on it at the doctors. 
*i need to train myself to be ambidextrous, I really do. 

Anyhow, I shall get back to attempting to sleep. Yes. I've been attempting to do so the last maybe 3hours already. It's all sorts of ridiculous I swear. 

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