Sunday, 22 December 2013

UPDATE: Missed chance

Sibei sian I cannot :(
Today whilst having Tang Yuan (It's DongZhi today) Daddy was asking about next year's trip, and where we would like to go... So we almost decided on Tasmania, but ended up scraping it since it's Christmas period, and Aussie is infamous for not having shops open on holidays as well as closing early regularly.
So, we then were choosing between Taiwan and Okinawa, and daddy was prepared to let us countdown in TW, which would have been a total dream come true for me. I mean like HELLO, 6-8 hours of a countdown concert with all those mandopop artiste is seriously too good to let up on. But my vote got over written by the rest...
So we're most probably, if nothing else fails us, will be heading to Okinawa and Tokyo for our year end trip next year. Which according to the sister, is the best of both worlds, since we'll be heading to the beach for some sun, and then to the city for the winter, and hopefully, snow. But truth be told, I LOVE the sun, and would rather be in the sun all day then freeze my toes off. Not saying that it isn't going to be cold in Taiwan, but, shopping in Tokyo would be a tad pricier than in Taiwan.
Not complaining though... Just sorta upset that I won't get to countdown in Taiwan. Because, such family trips would be harder to come by in the future already, and it'll most probably be the last for a long time... That and the fact that we aren't going anywhere this year...
It seems, we will be going to Taiwan after all!!! Yes, because mummy dearest has decided, it'd be a waste not to go snorkelling if we go to Okinawa, and as such, the Okinawa trip is being put aside for a later date and we're heading to Taiwan again! Whooohooooo!!! And, I'm getting my countdown concert too! Totes excited, heheheh!

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