Friday, 20 December 2013


I'm pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere before, though I'm not entirely too sure where, but one thing is for certain, is that thoughts of this has been in my heads for a good 3 years already at least.
Maybe, it's because I really lack that bit of self-confidence, and that I feel this would help it a lil, but I do believe, that the underlying factor, is more just that looking pretty really does makes a lot of difference to one's life.

So, this thing that I'm talking about here is plastic surgery...

Yes. I want to change my face so badly, it's almost ridiculous. It first started out with me just wanting to get double eyelids, what with me really disliking the hooded monolids that I have, all the whilst being immensely jealous of my younger sister who has double eyelids. Then, as I grew older, and gotten more aware of my face and the imperfections on it while I played around with makeup, I couldn't help but see that there was so much about my face that I disliked, and wanted to change.

There's the uneven jawline, where one side is more square and the other round, and I just want that V-line face so much, it's like an obsession. Then of course, there is my zygoma. Although not that obvious, my zygoma does stick out of my face that tiniest bit, and, it is also uneven. I have one zygoma bigger than the other, such that when I wear my specs, one side always sticks to my cheeks... And so,I would never leave out the bronzer and contouring when I do my face, just to attain a sharper jawline, and a more dimensional face.

Every time I come across programs that shows people who have new faces, and with that, improved lives, I really can't help but to long for surgery even more. I just feel, that if I look better, people would treat me better, and I would also be more confident about myself and all... And these programs really just justifies my thoughts... Truth be told though, if I have the money, I really would do it, no matter how fucking scary it may seem. What do you think though? If given a chance, would you go under the knife?

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