Monday, 9 December 2013

mini update

Exams, are honestly such burdensome things to go through with. And, the fact that my subjects for this semester are more coursework heavy, has resulted in a very slack me. I just cant dredge up the mood to study even though I know, I really should.
Completed one paper already, and that leaves me with two, of which I guess, is significantly easier than the one I've already went through with, which just only makes me more lazy to study than ever. Which, really is just bad news for my grades.
On a side note though, what I really want to say is, when doing a good deed, there really is no necessity to broadcast it to the world, because it only means that you are showing off, which then offsets the deed you had done. It makes people think and feel that you are just looking for praises and recognition, and turns them off. ALWAYS, ALWAYS REMAIN HUMBLE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Keep your feet on the ground. /Mother Theresa didn't become famous for her deeds because she went around telling people she did them./

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