Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm back

SO, I have not updated this space in FOREVER (3 weeks actually), and seriously, it's not that I don't want to, but more like there's nothing worth putting up here at all!
My life is a big bore I swear.
But.. It's looking up, slightly at least since last week, and I'm glad.
Quite a few impromptu meet ups last week, and last minute decisions for this week even, but all's good, since I'm getting to meet people I haven't seen in EONS.
Fine, I'm exaggerating, but still, some I haven't seen for one month, and others WAYYYY more.
Monday, had dinner with the Kwan siblings over at the ramen place at Tamp 1, heed my advice, it's not worth it... Even if you think it looks good! The worse thing though, is who even adds hard boil eggs in ramen?! I WANT MY SOFT BOILED EGGS!

Cakes at Bakerzin after since Tris didn't finish her noodles and wanted more food!

Thursday had me spending a day out with the precious Melly! Glad to have found such a friend after just 3 days of work at the NATAS fair!!!
Spent a bomb that day on lunch & my superga, but I had fun being with her, and I guess that's what counts most!
Lunch at The Sushi Bar was really good, and yea, I would definitely go back if I'm not too broke that month!
Just about half of what we ordered, heh! Yea, we're such gluttons :P
Really enjoyed walking all around orchard window shopping from mall to mall with you my dear!
Impromptu Saturday lunch date saw me having chicken rice balls with Cally! So proud of this girl for not being late and actually waking up early!
Didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have liked to with her, but still, a great mini catch-up nonetheless!
Missing Faith though! We need to get back together and gossip and talk cock together with my sis as well soon!!!!
Sunday was spent at the HKHK road show at Changi City Point with the lil ones, and to support Dekyi's act. Then I realised, Doctor JiaJia was Dekyi's classmate too!
Ok, anyway, that's beside the point. It felt nice to be around the HKHK people again.
My only disappointment is that once again this year, I would be unable to help out with huibao again. Sighzzz, clashes with school is pulling me away from doing what I love:(
Really miss being surrounded by those lil kids, and applying the makeup for them, and seeing them do well on stage.
Kinda can't wait for the next big performance to come round so I can do this all again... SBML seems so long ago right now.
Dekyi's the lil girl in the polkadotted leggings. She really reminds me of myself eh. Lacking in so much self-confidence and all, and constantly hiding behind her classmates.
(spot her hiding!)
Hopefully though, with all her extra curricular activities like HKHK and ballet, she'd be able to grow out of it soon!
And, there he is, the 小明星! So adorable ok!
AND finally met up with the bestest earlier today, or well, considering the time, you can say yesterday! But who cares about specifics right now!
Really glad to finally have the time to meet, since we haven't seen each other in a month!
And as always, 2 broke people over spending on food again! Had dinner at the imperial nan bei place at tamp 1, then aimlessly walked around whilst passing time waiting for our movie.
Bought Ritz Mango strudel to bring into the movie too! Yes, we are such pigs /oinkoink!
The movie though, was such a big disappointment in comparison to it's trailer. Caught runner runner, and seriously, the only plus points of the movie was the fact that Justin Timberlake and Ben Afleck were the leads! Second and a half wasted movie that I've caught this year!
Good trailers can be seemingly deceptive, sighzzz.
At least though, we had a good time catching up and just spending time with each other!
Super glad to have a friend in you, Tai! XOXO!!!!
Remaining plans for the week would be Fat Hope this thurs to support HKHK with the sissy, hopefully, the date on fri with the BBG, and dinner with cliquers on Saturday! mmm, good things to look forward to despite the many assignments due.
I'd be in such a rut if not for the fact that I have all these to look forward to!

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