Wednesday, 23 October 2013


By far the worse restaurant I've ever stepped food into.
Came across a few not too bad reviews, and decided to give it a try with Tai the other day after collecting our pay, but it turned out to be such a HUGE disappointment!
Upon entering the shop, we were left waiting for over 15 minutes for a seat, just because they were taking way too long to clear the tables that had been vacated from even before we entered the shop. But it's ok, that much I could understand since there was only 2 wait staff.
BUT, what I could not understand was how they left us seated there for another 15 minutes, and countless times of gesturing for their attention before finally coming to take our order.
So anyway, we placed our orders of a plate of the pandan leaf chicken, a mango salad, a beef green curry, clear seafood tomyum soup, 2 plates of white rice and a mango sticky rice to be served after the mains.
So one would definitely expect the mango sticky rice to be served quickly, considering how it is an appetizer. But no. That was the second last dish to come. OK, whatever.
But guess what, 12-15 minutes upon ordering, only then did they come out and inform us, that they had ran out of beef, and asked if we would prefer chicken instead. We agreed, because, I mean what other choice do we have right...
Waited yet another 8 mins before the first dish was served. Asked for our rice, and was told to wait a moment. At least 8 minutes had passed, and yet no sight of rice, or second dish was delivered. Asked after the rice again, and was told only 5 minutes later again, that THE KITCHEN RAN OUT OF RICE!
SOMEBODY PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME, WHICH CHEF EVER ALLOWS THE KITCHEN TO RUN OUT OF RICE HUH! /was fuming at this point already, and trying so hard to tame the fire.
Another 8-10 minutes later were we finally beginning to see the rest of our dishes appear, but by that time, the both of us was kinda to mad/waited to long to still be hungry anymore to eat.
So, if you add up all the time, that would be about 25 minutes from the time they told me they had ran out of rice, they doled up 2 plates of rice to us, and just one bite into it, my temper short-circuited.
Literally summoned the waiter back and shoved the rice back into his hands and tell him to take it away because it was undercooked.
Look, as if it was not bad enough that the chef ran out of rice, he still had the audacity to serve undercooked rice.
I was feeling like a dormant volcano that got triggered at that point!
AND, the mango sticky rice still took FOREVER to be served even though I asked for it to be prepared even before the dishes were fully served. Plus, it was served with the skin still attached.

Honestly the worse service I had ever came across, coupled with food that wasn't all that good even, it is definitely not a place I would ever recommend anyone to go. AT ALL!
At least though, the day didn't end to bad with a light dinner at 85 with Tai and his friend after I packed some hours in to study for my law test, and he ended his driving test, followed by a few hours of lounging and just chatting at the Gelato place near 85 where I managed to catch up some with LingHui who works there after not seeing her since FOREVER!

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