Friday, 4 October 2013


A Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Youth Troupe Production 新加坡福建会馆青年团 呈现: FAT HOPE 赘肉无罪
I don't normally watch the productions except for 学生剧场, but I'm more than glad I did purchase the tickets to this production!
It's extremely close to heart as well, being that I am a "fat person", someone who lacks in self confidence greatly and knowing what it is like to be lonely/not have many friends through periods of my life that I never want to revisit, I guess I can relate to the story more than most.
But even more than the story of a fat person whining, what really got to me about the show is that it touches upon the fact that no matter how good you are, you will never be good enough to others, even if they themselves are not up to your standard.
I.E, scoring 99/100 but being expected to score 100/100 by parents who barely made it through O'levels; being slim, and yet having people around you who are obviously fatter than you telling you that you are not slim enough etc.
This I guess, is something about life that we can never escape. People will always be there to judge you, and how well you are doing. Nothing will ever be good enough just because.
I shan't say much more now since there's still another 4 more acts over the next 3 days, and as much as I would encourage you reading this to purchase tickets, I am sorry but tickets have already been sold out!!!
//On a side note, I kinda miss being involved in productions and theatre works. Having been rather actively involved in such stuff since young, not limited to HKHK acts I mean, I really do miss the fun involved in productions and all. AND, I really long to be back on stage! Not just involved behind the scenes like I normally am, but on stage and performing for the world to see. YES.
Alright, that's all for today, till the next time~~

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