Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So, as I did mention on the previous update, I previously went for THW with the bestfriend a few Fridays ago...
*Not gonna upload any photos, because it really wasn't all that fantastic*
To be honest, for something that was a Michelin star restaurant, I was quite dissatisfied with the food quality. Although the Char Siew Bun was good, that I'd give them, and the carrot cake was really quite spectacular, most of the other things on the menu was just alright, or something you could find at most other timsum place for less. Seriously, it's not anything that I'd be willing to queue an hour for again, although I wouldn't cross out going back there when the queue becomes almost non-existent.
Thankfully though, the lunch date was spent in good company, so I guess it really didn't turn out too bad.
It was a pretty short day out, considering that J had to go meet her mum for dinner, but no matter what, any time we spend together turns out good :)
Thankful to have you bbg! <3

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