Thursday, 24 October 2013


Celebrated Bryan's 21st in advanced last Friday, where he held a chalet over at NSRCC.

A great opportunity to finally meet up with the cliquers whom we were close with, and yet due to other reasons, not seen in such a long time.
Especially Jeph!

A really warm night, just hanging around and chatting, catching up on one another's lives. Talking about any thing, and everything...
Even ghosts stories, following which, something rather creepy did happen.

Took 2 polaroids with bbg, one self taken, which turned out fine, but the other one which Jeph helped to take, turned out entirely brown. Really kinda eerie, LOLOL.

Hanged for a little more after we left the chalet over prata at simpang.

All I wanna say though, is that we should really treasure our friends well, and not let distance and time cause us to drift apart!

Once again though, happy birthday in advance to you Bry!
Will do another one with you again when you book out nearer to the date though aye! ^^

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