Tuesday, 15 October 2013

quick update

Haven't been back here for over 10 days now, and it's really more cause of the fact that I'm busy than anything else.
I've been wanting to post something up here for the longest time, but studies takes priority right now.
Can't afford to be failing in any of my modules because resitting for any one of them would just means additional school fees to be paid, and that just isn't an option!
I've a test this coming Sunday, and another report to be submitted the Monday after the test!
And that's just crazy, because, if you did see my instagram/twitter posts, you would realise that the test I'm sitting for is just no joke. How is it that Law student manages to remember all these sections, OH LORD, dying here, and this is only a mid-sems, which means less than 5 chapters/topics.
But the amount to be remembered is already overwhelming! :(
I guess the report isn't too bad though, so hopefully I can churn in out within two days max and be done with it/get back to studying after!
Sooooo much to update on what's going on in my life, since regardless of busy I am, I did still make out some time for my friends, to just meet up/catch up and celebrate birthdays...
Will definitely get around to posting up about all these as soon as I'm done with this test yea!
Things you can look out for:
Review on Tim Ho Wan from the previous Friday's date with BBG,
Last Friday's day out with Tai and his friend.
And, yesterday (Monday)'s meet up with the BBG for her belated birthday celebration
as well as abit more from here and there...
Till next time, XOXO.

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