Saturday, 30 November 2013

GZ's Wedding

The third cousin on my mum's side to get married, and I must say, they really are a stunning pair!
Zen is just so pretty, and she is really nice, so Gary Korkor is really just so blessed to have her!~

So, we got up all bright and early to go for the tea ceremony... It really is different when it's a Groom's side versus a Bride's side eh.

Giving tea to grandma

Giving tea to parents

Family photo~


With the cousins who went that morning

#OOTD for that morning

Super nice, OMG! They had their photos taken in Bali!
With the groom, I honestly never seen him looking happier!
/Congrats Kor!/

Table with the cousins, Yes, just imagine how loud we must have had been, and how much more fun it is this way, as opposed to sitting by family, hehe

As what the host said, this must be the best champagne they've ever popped in their life. It can't be any truer, looking at the happiness that was on their faces that night
#OOTN for that night
And once again, congratulations to the happy couple, and may you have a nice little baby soon!

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