Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Life has been whizzing by in a blur for the month of November, and I honestly can't wait to wrap this month up. I've been having lotsa fun of weekends, as you may already know had you been following me on my instagram Instagram /twitter.

Each week has been going by like work/school/assignments/school/work/concert weekends for the last two weeks.This week onwards though, there's more assignments to be completing, and it's just ugh! I've also a cousin's wedding to attend this Saturday, and work on certain days, so I'm really not to sure how I'd cope with my assignments and stuff...

Can't wait for this month to be over, as I've already said, but once this month comes to a fullstop, it'd means EXAMS. And that's something I'm NOT PREPARED for entirely. Haven't gotten an inch of studying done, and I've three modules this semester, of which the 2 marketing mods are extremely content heavy. That and, I have absolutely ZERO idea what I should be studying for my tourism mod.

Life as a uni student in a private uni is really no joke if you don't have the discipline to sit yourself done and study. It's no longer like poly education where you get LOTS of help from lecturers and if you ask, maybe seniors even. And in comparison to regular unis where they have longer semesters for them to better absorb their lectures, and at least 1 lecture and 1 tutorial, in a private uni, it's all condensed, and mostly self-help. (Not trying to whine here, but just to breaking it down for you...)

Either way, this next 2 weeks will see me being really busy with my reports, and then the last minute mugging other wise known as 零时抱佛脚 will take place in the following 2 weeks, so this space would most probably turn barren.

Hence, bear with me for a little while here, and I'd be back as soon as I can with pictures from the concerts I've been too the last 2 weeks and also updates on the wedding and a few other stuff that I'd said I'd blog about but have yet to get around to doing so :(

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