Tuesday, 26 November 2013


You don't have to read this, because I'm just here to let off some steam/whine.
Seriously, I think my period is coming, and coupled with the stress of the last few assignments which are all heavy weightage and exams in like 2 weeks which I haven't got time to study for in the least bit, YES, I can say that I AM beyond stressed.
Getting so ticked off at the littlest things recently, and I like just wanna slam some doors and kick some walls more than half the time. It doesn't help that I work at some kids playground where it's just noise, chaos and mess all the time.
Things are just not going as smoothly as I would like it to, and I can't seem to get a single word, much less a sentence out for my events report that's like 30% worth of the module! That's like A LOT, and it's due Friday noon, meaning I have like under 4 days to wrap it up.
This is only just the tip of the ice berg really. So under prepared for my exams it's not even funny. 3 papers, and the only one I'm confident in is an open book, so that really is just a giveaway anyway. But not all that much, since it's Law we're talking about. I could still make it for events, since I can bring cheat sheets in, so as long as I can find the time to prepare the cheat sheets, I should be safe. What I'm worried for though, is MRA. The teacher is really one useless fella, and I have no idea what is going on in class half the time, and even less of an idea what to study for the exam. So honestly, just a pass would be more than enough for me. I don't expect much of it, just let me pass.
Yes, and on a side note, I'm typing this and working on assignments at the same time IN THE DARK because someone was being inconsiderate as hell, and turned the lights off just because she needed to sleep. Seriously, and I still always wait up for her when she gets back late to let her blow dry her hair before I sleep. Talk about 好心没好报.

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