Wednesday, 27 November 2013

值得吗? (Is This Worth-It?)

School is making me really cranky nowadays.
I cannot stress enough how cranky and angsty I am now.
But, earlier this evening, this one thing flashed through my mind, and I can't help but think, is this all worth it? As it is, I am going through a shorter and faster track as compared to my peers in local or overseas universities by going through the private education route which ensures that I complete my degree in 20 months (or 24 months max). But is this really worth going through?
If you look at it the way I am, yes, a degree may guarantee you a higher pay than a diploma holder, but at this time and era, does it really make a difference? Ok, so you may say, now having a degree is now a basic requirement, and to at least stand out, a Masters would be required. However, what's the use of all these papers? It's just a certification to said that you have studied so much, which, in my honest opinion, is a waste of time really.
To me, what employers are looking for is experience and character, aptitude and capabilities over being able to study. Because, after all that you have studied, if you have a bad attitude, can't work well, and is inexperienced, why would they want to pay you that amount of salary when they can just as well offer it to someone who knows very well what they are doing in the palms of their hand, and has the capabilities to do even better than you.
Sadly, the world right now is very superficial, and it is true, despite what the ministers seems to claim, that a degree is in fact necessary. And so, all I can do is bury myself in books and assignments, and tough it out for the remaining 13 months, to receive that piece of paper which would determine my future, a future that seems pretty bleak at the moment.

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