Thursday, 28 November 2013


Ever since a young age, I've always had this love for make-up. Although, I must admit, not applying it on my own face, but for someone else. This was due to me being put into the make-up department over at my drama school from around the age of 13 to help out when there were performances.
It really was very amazing how a person face could be made up to be so many things and more with just a few strokes of a brush, and some colour here and there. The best part of all these was the fact that it was stage make-up. IT HAD TO BE DRAMATIC! I could go all out and play with the colours, extend the strokes way more than any normal person would, and the colours were all so intense. It was brilliant.
At first, though, I wasn't all to enthusiastic about being put into the make-up department, to be honest. But it soon grow into a love. Make-up is more than just an art. On stage, it does wonders to a character, bringing the character to life. While for a regular person, it beautifies and enhances one's look.
I could go on and on about how much I love make-up, but then I guess, you may end-up being bored of me. Honestly though, I haven't had much chances to work on stage make-up outside of the performances held by my drama school, and even then, they only have the big performances which requires it once every 2-3 years. It is my dream, to one day take on a course in professional make-up artistry, especially in that of stage make-up.
But for now, I shall focus on my studies, and work my way towards that goal.

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